Utorrent ā€“ Download

uTorrent is one of the most popular clients for downloading files from the BitTorrent network in the world. Its standard version is completely free and is compatible with all major software platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux and even Android. Unlike other P2P software, it does not require long configurations to be used: you give it the torrent file or magnet link to download and then it does all the work automatically. You just need to avoid the router hindering its operation by unlocking the ports, that is the communication channels, that the application uses to receive incoming connections.

After installing uTorrent on your computer and opening the ports used by the program in the router, you can start downloading music, movies, applications and any other content from the BitTorrent network simply by clicking on a link or opening a small file with the .torrent extension. In short, it is a solution that is truly within everyone's reach.

Obviously it's not all roses and flowers, uTorrent also has its nice flaws, for example the latest versions of the software have become a bit too full of advertisements: there are advertising banners inside the application and during the initial setup it comes proposed downloading of various promotional content, however it is not anything that cannot be avoided by paying a pinch of attention. If you want to know more, keep reading, you will find everything explained below!

How to Download UTorrent

If you want to download uTorrent on your PC, connected to the program's website and click on the button Free Download for Windows twice consecutively or on the button Free download for Mac for one time only (depending on the operating system you use).

When the download is complete open, double clicking on it, the file you just downloaded (uTorrent.exe) and, in the window that opens, first click on the button OK and then Yes e forward for two consecutive times. Then accept the conditions of use of the software by clicking on the button Accept and always click on forward to conclude the setup.

During the installation process, uncheck the items related to toolbar for the browser e music albums to download for free to not install promotional content. It also refuses the installation of Iminent or other software you are offered to download (usually just click on Skip/Decline Offer e Reject or, in the case of music albums, uncheck the item Yes, Iā€™d love to check out this download!).

If you are using a Mac, you can install uTorrent by opening the file you just downloaded on your computer (uTorrent.dmg) and throwing the package uTorrent.app contained in it. In the window that opens, click on the buttons apri, Continue, Decline e Done and the app installation will be completed quickly without downloading promotional content.

How to Configure UTorrent

To make uTorrent work properly and the files are downloaded at maximum speed, you need to enter the administration panel of your router and you must open doors used by the program to accommodate incoming connections. This is a fairly simple operation, but first you have to find out which port is used by uTorrent to communicate with the outside.

Then go to the settings by uTorrent (via the menu options located at the top right) and select the item Connection from the window that opens: you will find the port number in the field Port used for incoming connections.

If you are using a Mac, to get the same result you have to go to the menu uTorrent> Preferences and select the tab Network from the window that opens (the value of your interest is the one you find in the field Inbound TCP port).

At this point, open your browser and access the control panel of your router by connecting to the address If neither address seems to be the correct one, find out what the exact coordinates of the device are by following the instructions you find in my guide on how to find the IP address of the router.

To access the configuration panel of a modem / router, you need to enter your username and password. If you haven't customized the default combination (bad, you should!) You should be able to enter by typing admin / adminadmin / password. In case of problems, consult the manual of the device or follow the suggestions contained in my tutorial on how to see the modem and router password.

Now, the procedure to follow changes depending on the model of router in your possession (as each device has menus structured in a different way). In principle, you must enter the section relating to firewall, To virtual server or alle advanced configurations, create a new rule for the 'port forwarding and fill in the form that is proposed to you as follows.

  • Local port and P.public garden - in these fields you must enter the number of the port used by uTorrent.
  • Destination IP (or Server IP address) - in this field you must enter the local IP address of your PC. If you don't know what your computer's local IP address is, check out my tutorial on how to view your PC's IP address.
  • Name - in this field you can type any name for the rule to be created in the administration panel of the router (eg uTorrent).

Once you have filled out the form, click on the button Save And that's it. If any step is not clear to you, read my tutorial dedicated specifically to how to open router ports for uTorrent or take a look at the guides I have dedicated to the various router models.

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How to Use UTorrent

After being installed on your computer, uTorrent it is automatically set as the default application for downloading torrent files. This means that to use it, all you have to do is download a file .torrent from the Internet, open it with a double click and select the folder in which to download the files it refers to.

Alternatively, since uTorrent supports i magnet link, you can start downloading content from the BitTorrent network without using .torrent files (and server trackers) as intermediaries. How? Simply clicking on the magnet link icon, which is usually represented by a red magnet.

From the user's point of view, it changes little if the download is done via .torrent file or magnet link. The latter take a little longer to "carburet" but are potentially longer-lasting because they do not rely on server trackers to find the information necessary to start the download, but from the point of view of download speed and privacy there are no noteworthy differences.

To quickly download a file from the BitTorrent network it is necessary that the file in question has a high number of cedar e peer, that is, people who own the full (seeder) or incomplete (peer) version of the file and share it with others.

To find a file on the BitTorrent network you can rely on various sites. For example, I recommend Zooqle and TorrentSeeker which allow you to easily locate any type of file and allow you to quickly discover those that have multiple sources to their credit.

After searching for the file of your interest on one of the sites I have just recommended, then click on the option to arrange the results according to the number of seeders and choose the file that has the most complete sources. Next, choose whether to download the item via file .torrentmagnet link and wait for uTorrent to do its job.

For added security, I highly recommend using one VPN, that is, a virtual private network. If you had never heard of it, it is a tool that allows you to use the BitTorrent network and browse online anonymously, without being tracked by ISPs or malicious people, to overcome regional blocks and censorships and to access foreign catalogs of streaming services. There are many VPN solutions available: among the most and cheapest ones, I point out NordVPN (which I told you about in depth here) and Surfshark, which have many servers around the world and work everywhere: PC / Mac, smartphone, tablet and other devices.

If you need it, I remind you that I made a post in which I collected the best free Torrent search engines: if with the sites mentioned above you are unable to locate the files to download, it could be useful.

How to Speed Up UTorrent

If despite the high number of sources uTorrent fails to download files quickly, you can optimize the download and upload parameters of the application according to the Internet connection available to you. It is a very simple operation, as the program includes an automatic optimization function that detects the actual speed of the Internet connection and sets the software parameters accordingly.

All you have to do is select the item Configuration Wizard from the menu options uTorrent, select a nearby location from the menu at the top and click on the button Start testing to start the connection test. This should take a few seconds. In case of errors, try to repeat the procedure of opening the ports in the router or to follow my tutorial on how to speed up uTorrent.

Unfortunately the Mac version of uTorrent does not yet include a function for the automatic optimization of the download parameters. This means that you have to turn to external solutions and you have to configure the software manually: just as I explained to you in my tutorial on how to speed up uTorrent on Mac.

How to Download UTorrent for Android

Do you have an Android smartphone or tablet? Then know that you can use uTorrent even on the go. All you have to do is open the Google Play Store, search for the application and download it to your device by pressing the buttons Install e Accept.

When installation is complete, start uTorrent, press the button No, open the app and selects the magnifying glass located at the top right to search the files of your interest on the BitTorrent network. If you are asked which app to complete the operation with, choose the browser you usually use to browse the Internet (eg Chrome).

A Google page will open with the list of sites offering the download of the torrent file of your interest. Then select one of the available sites, press the button download for free (or on the magnet link) and choose to open the link in uTorrent.

In the screen that opens, select the folder in which to save the file to download with uTorrent, press the button Add and wait for the application to do its duty. The download will go on in the background while you use the other apps installed on your device.

Alternative a UTorrent

As mentioned at the beginning of the post, the free version of uTorrent is becoming more and more full of advertisements. Advertising that, in the long run, is invasive and annoying. If you feel you have had enough, you can try qBitTorrent, a free and open source torrent client with no ads. Includes all the functions of uTorrent plus a convenience internal search engine which allows you to quickly find files on the BitTorrent network. I told you about it in detail in my post on how to download Torrent files.

On Android, however, you should give a chance to Flud: an excellent free BitTorrent client capable of intercepting all .torrent files and magnet links selected in the browser.