Sites to Download Free Music

Are you looking for songs to use as background music for a video but you don't want to spend money and, above all, you don't want to run into problems related to copyright? Are you looking for a quick and easy way to enrich your music library? Would you like to customize the ringtone of your smartphone na you don't know how to do it? No problem. You have come to the right place at the right time!

I'll introduce you to gods shortly sites to download free music thanks to which you can find everything you need: “free” songs to reuse in your personal and commercial projects, works by emerging artists, cell phone ringtones and much more. I'll also tell you about a couple of search engines dedicated to MP3 that allow you to find songs of all kinds around the Net. What are you waiting for to start? There are tons of songs that are just waiting to be downloaded.

ATTENTION: Illegal downloading of copyrighted music from the Internet is illegal. This tutorial has been written for illustrative purposes only, it is not my intention to encourage piracy and therefore I do not take any responsibility for how you will use the information contained therein.

Bee MP3s

Let's start with a search engine for MP3, a site that, that is, allows you to find music "scattered" around the Net and download them in a couple of clicks. I am referring to Bee MP3s which is very easy to use and can rely on the databases of numerous online services, including social networks and file hosting services.

To find an MP3 with Bee MP3s, connected to the home page of the site and type the title of the song or the name of the artist of your interest in the search bar at the top. Then press the button Submit on your PC keyboard, locate the file you want to download in the search results and click on its title.

On the page that opens, click on the button Proceed to download located in the right sidebar and the MP3 download should start automatically. If there are any problems (e.g. file not available), try selecting another file from the search results. If, on the other hand, the song is streamed from the browser instead of being downloaded to the PC, right-click on the player and select the item Save with name give the menu check if you press.


DownloadAnySong is another music search engine that I recommend you keep as a bookmark. To use it, connect to its home page and type the title of a song or the name of an artist in the search bar on the left.

Then press the button Submit on your PC keyboard and you will be offered a song: if it is the one you are interested in, click on the button Download present under its cover to download it to your PC, otherwise scroll down the page and click on the button Download relative to the other tracks found on the site.


Define SoundCloud a site to download free music it would be wrong. Rather, it is a musical platform through which musicians and deejays from all over the world share their works online. Inside you can find original productions and remixes of many famous songs, but unfortunately not all of them are available for download, some can only be listened to in streaming (except using third-party services or applications, which I won't deal with today).

To “browse” the works on SoundCloud, connect to the home page of the service and click on the button Explore our top 50 which is located in the lower center. In this way you can have a complete overview of the most clicked songs of the moment, also selecting a musical genre from the drop-down menu All music kinds (top left) you can limit the selection only to the musical genres of your interest.

To listen to a song streaming on SoundCloud, all you have to do is hover the mouse cursor over its title and press the button Play which appears on the left. To download it, instead, you have to click on the icon of arrow which appears on the right (when available). Songs are almost always downloaded from sites outside SoundCloud, so don't be "scared" if you are automatically redirected to other "digital shores".


Jamendo is a real point of reference for the world of independent music online, hosting the works of artists and bands from all over the world who are looking for a way to spread their works to as many people as possible. All the songs available on Jamendo can be listened to and downloaded freely, but some of them, those distributed under the Creative Commons license, can also be reused in personal projects. To reuse the songs in commercial projects, however, you can contact the Jamendo Licensing service which for a few euros a month allows you to access a vast catalog of songs and soundtracks of all kinds.

To “browse” the music available on Jamendo, connected to the home page of the site, click on the icon magnifying glass located at the top right and select one of the musical genres listed in the center of the screen (press the button Other communities to view the complete list of musical genres available on the platform). Alternatively, you can also search for a song or artist using the search bar located at the top or consult the rankings by Jamendo, by selecting the appropriate item from the side menu (which you can open by clicking on the hamburger icon located at the top left).

Once you have identified a song of your interest, to download it to your PC, first click on arrow placed in front of its title and then on the button FREE DOWNLOAD FOR PERSONAL USE MP3 QUALITY present on the page that opens. If you intend to reuse the song in your own project, make sure you can do so by reading the license conditions listed on the download page.

I have often talked to you about It is a site that has the ambitious purpose of allowing universal access to knowledge, a mission it seeks to accomplish by collecting, and thus making available to the public, cultural contents of various kinds: books, films, music, video games websites and much more. Its music section hosts thousands of songs and albums no longer protected by copyright, old radio recordings, live concert recordings and many other interesting contents.

To get an idea of ​​the content available on, connect to the music section of the site and choose one of the categories listed in the center of the page: Live Music Archive for recordings of live performances, Radio programs for radio recordings, Community audio for “scattered” pieces of music and so on. Alternatively, select a genre of music or a "topic" from the right sidebar.

When you find a song of your interest, click on its title and start the download by selecting one of the file formats listed in the right sidebar (eg. FLAC VBR MP3). The contents that carry the wording Stream only unfortunately they are not available for download.

Free Music Archive

among the sites to download free music that I suggest you keep in your favorites there is also Free Music Archive, which, as the name easily suggests, hosts hundreds of songs that can be downloaded freely from the Internet as they are no longer protected by copyright or granted free to the public by the respective authors.

To “browse” the works available on FMA, place the mouse cursor on the tab Genres and select the musical genre you prefer. Alternatively, go to the tab Charts and choose whether to display the ranking of the last week (past week), last month (past month) or of all time (all time).

When you find a song that might interest you, click on the button play placed next to its title to stream it or the icon of arrow to download it to your PC.


Incompetech offers dozens of royalty-free songs that can be freely listened to, downloaded and reused in other projects (within the terms of the licenses provided by the authors). To "browse" all the music contained in the site, connect to it and select one of the available collections: Electronic and Rock, Film Scoring Moods (soundtracks from films), Lighter Make (light music"), World (music from all over the world) or Everything Else (a bit of everything').

Next, find a song that might interest you, click on the button Listen now to start streaming it and, if you are convinced you want to download it, click on the button Download [nome brano] as mp3. To know the details on the license to use each work, click on the button CC (Creative Commonslocated at the bottom of the download page.


If you don't need music to use in other projects but simply go in search of good songs to download for free, connect to NoiseTrade which hosts hundreds of songs produced by independent artists and bands looking for visibility. On the main page of the site, you will find a selection with the most downloaded albums (Top downloads) and a collection of the most interesting news (NEW & NOTABLE).

Then select the cover of a "disc" you would like to download and, on the page that opens, click on the song titles to listen to them in streaming or on the button Download music to start the download. In order for the download to begin, you must enter your email address in the box that appears and click on the button Email my download code, the download link of the work will be sent to you via email.

You can also “browse” the songs according to their genre, just place the mouse pointer on the menu Music placed at the top. I would like to underline that the free download of the songs hosted on Noise Trade is allowed so that free and spontaneous donations are made to artists who consider themselves deserving of an economic incentive to continue in their work.


Do you need a ringtone for your cell phone? Then I suggest you visit Zedge, one of the most famous sites dedicated to the personalization of mobile phones. It contains not only ringtones, but also wallpapers and themes suitable for all major smartphone models.

To find a ringtone on Zedge, connected to the home page of the site and click on the tab Ringtones located at the top left. Then choose whether to view the ringtones recommended by the Zedge staff (Featured), the most popular ones of the moment (Popular) or those added more recently to the site (Recent). Alternatively, you can also expand the drop-down menu All categories and choose a genre of music or a topic from it to view only ringtones of a certain type.

When you find a potentially interesting ringtone, click on the button play which is next to its title and listen to its preview in streaming. If your interest is confirmed, click on the title of the ringtone, press the button Get ringtone present on the page that opens and start the download of the song by clicking on Download.

Zedge is also available as a free application for Android, Windows 10 Mobile and iPhone, unfortunately, however, the version for iOS no longer allows you to download the ringtones directly to your phone (alternatively you can use Audiko, which however costs € 1,09) . If you need help setting a ringtone on iPhone or downloading ringtones on Android, read my tutorials about it.