Programs to Download Free Music in Italian

You would like to be able to enrich your music library with new songs but the idea of ​​having to put your hand to your purse does not go down well and you would therefore like to know if I can recommend some good software to do everything at no cost and possibly also in Italian ? Yes, of course! You just landed on the right guide, at the right time. If you allow me a few minutes of your precious free time I can in fact show you the ones that, in my humble opinion, are the best programs to download free music in Italian of the moment.

In fact, below you will find listed and explained a slew of software useful for the purpose that I am sure you will be able to appreciate. These are resources that can be used on both Windows and Mac (as well as Linux), simple enough to use even by less experts in IT and new technologies and through which you will certainly be able to enrich your music library as best you can. believe.

I already anticipate that among the software I am about to tell you about there are download managers useful for downloading music files from hosting services, P2P programs and streaming music services which, upon subscription of a monthly subscription, allow you to download locally and therefore listen offline any song in full compliance with the law. Having said that, I would suggest not to delay any longer and immediately get to the heart of the matter. I wish you, as usual, good reading and, of course, also a good download.

Caution: Illegally downloading copyrighted music can be a crime. I wrote this tutorial for illustrative purposes only, it is absolutely not my intention to encourage piracy and, consequently, I do not take any responsibility for the use that will be made of the information contained in it.

eMule / AMule (Windows, Mac E Linux)

Let's start this excursus among the programs to download free music in Italian talking about the evergreen eMule. Haven't you ever heard of it? Strange, it is very famous and was also "popular" until a few years ago. However, there is no problem, we immediately relate. It is a fairly simple and intuitive P2P software to use that can be useful for finding albums and music tracks that are not very popular in circulation.

It's free and compatible with Windows only. For Mac and Linux, a dedicated variant called aMule which has the same features and functions as eMule.

To use it, first download eMule on your computer by connecting to its website and clicking on the link Download present under the heading Install When the download is complete, open the file eMulexxInstaller.exe that has been downloaded and click on first Yes, Then OK, Then forward and Acceptanchor your forward per due volte di segito, su Install, again on forward forward and finally presses on end.

So follow the initial configuration procedure that is proposed to you (if you need detailed information you can read my guide on the subject) and start downloading the songs you prefer by clicking on the button Log in at the top left to establish a connection to the eMule eD2K and Kad networks, by accessing the card Search and typing the name of the individual audio files or albums you want to get. When you find something that interests you, double-click on its title to start downloading.

As for aMule instead, as I anticipated it has a good or bad functioning identical to that of eMule but the download must be made from the appropriate page of the SourceForge site, by clicking on the link next to the item Looking for the latest version?.

Please note: Both eMule and aMule need to open the ports in the modem / router in order to function correctly and smoothly. For more details on what to do, I suggest you read my tutorial on how to open the doors of eMule.

Spotify (Windows E Mac)

Other software that they strongly suggest you to consider, especially if it is your intention to find the hits of the moment (but not only) is Spotify. This is the desktop client for Windows and Mac of one of the most popular music streaming services ever. Why am I talking about it in this tutorial if Spotify is a streaming solution? Well, it's simple: because it also allows you to download the songs and albums of interest locally and therefore to play everything even without using the Internet connection.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that to do this you need to subscribe to the paid service plan (9,99 euros / month for the single user, 4,99 euros / month for students or 14,99 euros / month for the family plan that supports a maximum number of 6 users) which would still have very little to do with this article were it not for the fact that it can be activated without spending a cent for a trial period by all new users . In short, why not take advantage of it now?

To download the Spotify client on your computer all you have to do is connect to the service's website and click on the link Download top right.

Once the Spotify installation file has started and finished downloading, if you are using Windows double-click the file SpotifySetup.exe, tap on the item Run and wait for the completion of the download and installation procedure. If you're using a Mac instead, extract the contents of the ZIP file just downloaded, launch the executable Install Spotifyclick your apri and wait for the completion of the Spotify download.

When you see the program window on your desktop, click on Sign up to immediately create an account through which you can use the service and then you can activate the trial of the Premium subscription by following the instructions on the screen (for more info on what to do you can follow the instructions contained in my tutorial on how to download Spotify Premium).

You can then download the content of interest offline by searching for albums and songs via the search bar at the top or by consulting the various sections of the client by clicking on the button (...) present next to the title of the chosen content and choosing the option Save to Your Library from the menu you buy. Alternatively, select the option Add to playlist to save the content in a custom playlist.

You will then have to go to the section The library Spotify by clicking on the relevant item in the left bar, you will have to select the album or playlist to keep locally and you will have to move to ON l'interruttore Download. Once this is done, you will find all the downloaded content in the section Local files always accessible from the left sidebar of the software that you can play directly from there at any time you want.

Apple Music (Mac E Windows)

Another streaming solution that deserves to be mentioned in an article dedicated to programs to download free music in Italian is Apple Music, the number one competitor of Apple's Spotify. It allows you to listen to all the great musical hits of the moment and not via the Internet and locally and even in this case to be able to download and play the songs offline you need to sign up for a subscription (which costs 9,99 euros / month or 14,99 euros / month if you choose the Family plan for 6 users) after an initial 90-day trial (which is why I'm talking about it here).

It is usable on Mac and Windows but does not offer a dedicated client. To access the service it is necessary to use iTunes that on OS X / macOS is already available "as standard", while on Windows it must be downloaded and installed separately from the dedicated page attached to the Apple website, by clicking on the appropriate button, starting the file obtained and following the guided procedure ( for more details you can see my tutorial on how to install iTunes).

To download your favorite music locally via Apple Music you must first start the aforementioned iTunes. On Mac you find the icon (the one with the muticolor musical note and the white background) on the Dock as well as in the folder Applications and in Launcher, while on Windows it is present in the menu Start/Start Screen or on the desktop.

Once the program window appears, check that the item is selected Music from the menu at the top left (otherwise selected you) then activate the free trial of the service by pressing the appropriate button and search for albums, playlists and songs of interest using the search bar always at the top. Alternatively, you can access the sections For you o Discover to discover new audio content based on your musical preferences and current news.

Then click on the relevant title, then on "+" button (in the case of single pieces) or on that + Add (in the case of albums and playlists) to add the selected content to the music library and finally click on the icon of nuvola you see appear in place of the add to library button. You will then find the contents selected in the section library on iTunes.

MP3jam (Windows)

Other software in Italian that in my humble opinion you should consider if you want to download new music at no cost is MP3jam. This is a free downloadable program available only for Windows operating systems that allows for the legal download of public domain songs. It will therefore not allow you to find the greatest hits of the moment, this is little but sure, but this does not mean that you cannot run into some pleasant surprises. In short, I advise you to try it now.

The only thing you need to take into account is that the program limits the download of songs to a maximum of 3 within a certain time frame (to get around it you have to pay, but I don't think interest). If you're not particularly in a hurry, I don't think it's a big deal.

To use it, connected to the program's website, press the green button free Download and then start the file MP3jamSetup.exe obtained. Then carry out the software setup procedure by pressing first on OK, Then forward three times in a row and to conclude on end.

Once the software window appears on the desktop, type the title of songs, artists or albums in the search bar at the top and click on the button Search to search immediately. Alternatively, you can discover new music based on the mood of the moment or genre by clicking on the various reference categories found on the main screen.

On the search results page that will later be shown to you, press on freccia rivolta verse il basso that you find next to the name of each proposed album and wait for the download procedure to start and complete. If you want, before downloading what you are interested in, you can listen to a preview by clicking on the relevant button Play. To view more songs from a given album, just click on the relevant item multiple songs.

The completed downloads will then be visible in the tab Chronology of the program as well as in the reference folder (by default it is that Music).