Programs for Xml

Your boss sent you an email containing a type file XML, necessary to get the job done. After trying to open it several times, you realized that you didn't have the right program to do it and, eager to learn more, you searched for information on Google, stumbling upon right here on my website.

If things are exactly as I have described, then know that you are in the right place: below, in fact, I will list a series of XML programs able to handle and manipulate this type of file without any problem. Before we go any further, however, let me give you some more information on the format of the files in question: XML documents generally have the function of "container" and are designed to hold data that can be used by other software.

That said, we can finally get into action: all you have to do is get comfortable and take a few minutes of your free time to read this guide. I am sure that, in a very short time, you will be able to find the program that best suits your current needs. Seeing is believing!

Free XML Programs

XML files can be conveniently opened using a large number of text editors, more or less advanced, including those included "standard" in Windows and macOS: read on to learn more and discover the best ones free XML programs.

WordPad (Windows)

One of the free XML programs available in Windows è WordPad, a slightly more advanced text editor than the classic Notepad, with which it is possible to view documents of various types, including XML files.

Using it is really simple: first, move to the folder that contains the file XML of your interest, right click on its icon, select the item Open with from the proposed context menu and then click on the option WordPad, to see your file open immediately.

If WordPad is not present in the list of predefined programs, do this: after right clicking on the XML file icon, go to the menu Open with> Choose another app, click on the item Other apps placed at the bottom of the proposed panel and select WordPad in the list of available software. Finally, press the button OK And that's it!

TextEdit (macOS)

Also TextEdit, the text editor included “standard” in MacOS, is able to read files in .XML format correctly. The steps to view an XML file using the aforementioned program are very similar to those already seen for Windows: after positioning yourself in the folder that contains the file to open, right-click on its icon, select the item Open with from the proposed context menu and click on the item TextEdit, in order to start viewing the file immediately.

Sublime Text (Windows/macOS)

The solutions I have indicated to you so far are able to open and edit XML documents, however they do not offer tools suitable for the complete management of this type of file (version declarations, nested tags, and so on).

If you need a program that can offer something like this, I recommend that you consider Sublime Text, an advanced text editor capable of correctly handling various types of code, including the XML scripting language, thanks to a series of plugins made by the community. The program is completely free and is compatible with Windows, MacOS e Linux.

To get it, connected to its home page and click on the button Download for Windows/Download for Mac, to download the installation file to your computer disk. Once the download is complete, launch the file obtained previously (eg. Sublime Text Build XX x64 Setup.exe) and take the steps that best suit your operating system.

  • Windows - click on the buttons YesNext twice and then on install Finish. Finally, launch the program via the icon added to the menu Start of Windows.
  • MacOS - using the window shown on the screen, drag the icon of Sublime Text in the folder Applications Mac. Once this is done, go to the latter, right click on the program icon you just copied, click on the item apri attached to the on-screen menu and press the button apri to overcome the restrictions imposed by macOS (you only need to do this on first boot).

Once the program has started, you just have to install the plugin to correctly indent the XML files. To do this, go to the menu Preferences > Package Controlclick sulla voce Package Control: Install Package located on the next screen, type XML in the text area located at the top and click on the item Indent XML to install the plugin.

At this point, you can proceed with opening the XML file of your interest: click on the menu Fillet (located at the top), then on the item Open ... and, using the File Explorer / Finder panel displayed on the screen, select the document of your interest. To format it, go to the menu Selection of Sublime Text and select the voice Format> Indent XML.

Other Free XML Programs

Those that I have listed are just some of the free XML programs currently available: below is a list of some alternative software to consider.

  • Web browser (Windows / macOS / Linux) - as things currently stand, XML files can be opened using any browser for browsing the Internet (eg Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Edge). In this way, however, the files can only be viewed and not modified.
  • Notepad + + (Windows) - it is a text editor with advanced functions, oriented to programming and scripting, capable of handling XML files correctly.
  • Oxygen XML Editor (Windows / macOS / Linux) - this is an advanced solution, capable of 360-degree management of XML files and entire projects based on them. The program can be tried for free for 30 days, after which a license must be purchased.

Programs for XML to PDF

You need to convert an XML file to PDF? No problem: even in this case, I really think I have something for you. Here are a number of programs that should be able to meet your needs.

Print to PDF (Windows / MacOS)

The first method I recommend you to consider is to take advantage of the PDF printer available “standard” both in Windows 10 than in all versions of MacOS.

If you were using a previous version of Windows, you can still get a virtual PDF printer, by installing additional software, such as doPDF: to obtain it, connected to this website, click on the button Download DoPDF (Free) and wait for the program installation file to be copied to your computer.

When the download is complete, start the package downloaded previously (eg. dopdf-full.exe), remove the check mark from the item Send anonymous usage statistics (located at the bottom right), to avoid sending anonymous statistics on the use of the program, and click on the buttons install NowYes e Launch & Visit site, to complete the setup.

In any case, converting an XML file using the integrated system printer is very simple: first, open the aforementioned file using one of the programs compatible with this format (which I told you about previously) and access the Print integrated into the program of your choice, using the most appropriate menu (eg. File> Print File > Print), or key combinations Ctrl + P (For Windows) or cmd + p (via macOS).

Come to the program's print window, if you're using Windows, locate the drop-down menu for your printer and set it to the item Microsoft Print to PDF (on Windows 10) or doPDF (on other versions of Windows), so press the button Print and, using the File Explorer panel, select the folder in which to save the generated PDF file.

If, on the other hand, you find yourself on MacOS, click on the drop-down menu PDF located at the bottom left of the print panel, choose the item Save as PDF and specify the folder to save the converted file. Happy?

Other Programs for XML to PDF

In addition to the system printer, you can easily convert XML files to PDF using software that provide this functionality: here are some of them.

  • AssoInvoice (Windows / macOS / Linux) - is a Java-based software that allows you to sort, view and print XML files related to electronic invoicing. It's free.
  • LibreOffice (Windows / macOS / Linux) - the programs included in the LibreOffice suite allow not only to open XML files (this is the case of Writer and Calc), but also to export them in PDF format, using the menu File> Export As> Export to PDF format. More info here.
  • Aconvert XML to PDF (Windows / macOS / Linux) - this is not really a program but an online service, which can be used to convert XML files to PDF through any browser. It's free.

For more information on this topic, I invite you to read carefully my guide on how to convert an XML file to PDF.

Programs for .XML.p7m

Let me guess: you received an invoice in .XML.p7m and, unfortunately, you have not been able to open it properly using the solutions proposed so far. Don't worry, it's completely normal! This type of file, in fact, has the characteristic of containing information regarding the person who issued the invoice, unlike simple XML files which, on the other hand, contain only the invoice (or other relevant information). In any case, there are special ones programs for .XML.p7m which, within a couple of clicks, allow you to correctly view the content of the documents in question.

Dike GoSign (Windows / MacOS / Linux)

A great XML program for electronic invoice, for example, it definitely is Dike GoSign: it is a free software for Windows, macOS and Linux, able to correctly manipulate .XML.p7m files. There is also a paid Pro version (costs € 49 + VAT), which allows you to perform operations on multiple invoices at the same time but, for the purposes of this guide, the free version is more than enough.

To get it, go to the official Dike GoSign website and click on the button Download placed in correspondence with the operating system you are using, in order to download the program installation package.

Once the download is complete, launch the file obtained (eg. Dike-Gosign-installer-win32.exe) and act following the procedure that best suits your operating system: su Windows, for example, you need to put the check mark next to the item I accept the terms in the License Agreement and then click on the buttons install Finish.

Su MacOSinstead, you have to drag the icon of Dike GoSign in the Mac applications folder, access it and, after right clicking on the icon you just created, press twice on apri (the first time in the context menu, the second time in the dialog box), in order to authorize the opening of the software.

Once you are at the program's home screen, press the buttons Cancel Yes, to skip the initial presentation phase, then click on the wording Drag or select a file attached to the box Verifica and, using the panel that is proposed to you, choose the .XML.p7m file to open. Alternatively, you can directly drag and drop the file into the aforementioned box.

After a few moments, you should be shown a message confirming the validity of the document signature (click on the Details to read more about it). Now, to view the attached XML file, click on the button View placed at the bottom; to save it on your computer in XML format (so that you can then read it with a special program), click on the button instead Save.

Other Programs for .XML.p7m

In addition to the solution I mentioned earlier, there are several other software dedicated to viewing documents in .XML.p7m format. Below I list the ones that, in my opinion, are the best.

  • ArubaSign (Windows / macOS / Linux) - is the Aruba solution that allows you to read the contents of .XML.p7m files, but also to create new signed files. It's free.
  • MnlSignVerifier (Windows) - it is a small program that can read the contents of any signed file, in .p7m format. It's free.
  • View Invoice (Windows 10) - is a universal application that allows you to open files in .p7m format in a very simple way. A Pro version is also available which, at a cost of € 1,99, allows you to eliminate advertising banners.