Programs for Pdf

Are you looking for some nice little program that can allow you to view PDF files on your PC? Would you like to get acquainted with some software to add signatures, annotations, arrows and so on to PDFs as well as make any other changes to your documents? Would you need a tool to transform your PDFs from one format to another but don't know which one to use? Then you have just landed on the right guide, at the right time. In fact, with this article of mine today I intend to point out to you all those who in my humble opinion represent the best PDF programs currently present on the square and that are able to satisfy any need relating to the opening and editing of the files in question.

There are several software belonging to the category: free and paid; for Windows, for Mac and also for Linux; very easy to use and with more advanced features. In short, as you can see for yourself, the choice is not lacking at all. Just think, there are even solutions that can be used directly from a Web browser, without having to download and install anything on your computer. Beautiful, is not it?

Then? What are you still doing standing there? Take a few minutes of time all for yourself, put your trusty computer in front of you and immediately start focusing on reading this post. I assure you that in the end you will surely be able to find what you need. Good fun!

Adobe Reader (Windows E Mac)

Let's start this guide dedicated to what are the best PDF programs talking about Adobe Reader, the program par excellence in the category, at least in terms of fame. The software is available in two versions: one at no cost with some basic functions for editing documents (eg the ability to insert signatures, add annotations and export texts in plain text format) and one for a fee (Adobe Acrobat which costs € 24,74 / year) which instead includes advanced features such as editing texts, creating PDFs starting from Office files and images and so on.

The software is perfectly compatible with both Windows and Mac and compared to the versions a few years ago it is decidedly more “agile”. In addition, it is completely in Italian and integrates perfectly into all major web browsers to open PDF documents found on the Internet “on the fly”. For more details, I recommend that you read my guide on the subject.

To connect to the Adobe Reader website and download (and possibly also purchase) the software on your computer click here.

Foxit Reader (Windows E Mac)

Another software that deserves to be included in a guide dedicated to the best programs for PDF is Foxit Reader. It is in fact a very practical and light resource which is an excellent alternative to the aforementioned Adobe Reader. It is available for Windows and Mac and is usable in both free and paid versions (which can be tried at no cost for a limited time).

Among its standout features are the ability to view multiple PDFs at once (via a convenient tabbed interface) and edit documents with annotations, form filling, and other interesting features. The Pro version also allows you to edit PDF text, perform OCR recognition, develop PDF forms and include other advanced features.

To connect to the Foxit Reader website and download (and possibly also purchase) the software on your computer click here.

Bullzip PDF Printer (Windows)

PDF documents are now widespread and it is not uncommon for a customer or colleague to ask to send them a file in this format. In this sense, free software Bullzip PDF Printer therefore it turns out to be a real "manna from heaven". It is in fact a virtual printer for Windows that allows you to obtain PDF files starting from any printable document.

It works with all programs and, unlike other similar solutions, despite being free it has no limitations whatsoever and does not watermark the generated documents. The print settings and the quality of the PDFs obtained can be adjusted from time to time through the internal software panel (in Italian).

To connect to the Bullzip PDF Printer website and download the software to your computer click here.

PDF-Xchange Viewer (Windows)

PDF-Xchange Viewer is another program used to open and view files in PDF format that I invite you to try. It is free, it is specific for Windows operating systems and does not have an interface as well as that of the resources already reported but has a series of advanced features that make it preferable to many paid solutions.

It allows you to view multiple PDFs at the same time thanks to tabbed browsing, to add annotations, to highlight and copy parts of text and to perform many other operations. Eventually, it is also available in a Pro version including some advanced features such as the ability to merge multiple PDFs into one, insert pages into existing PDFs and much more.

To connect to the PDF-Xchange Viewer website and download (and possibly also purchase) the software on your computer click here.

Free PDF Compressor (Windows)

As its name suggests quite clearly, Free PDF Compressor is a free and no-install program (which does not require installation to work) thanks to which it is possible to reduce the size of PDFs without altering their content. It is only available for Windows operating systems and to use it just select the document to be compressed, put the check mark next to the type of compression to use and click on the button to start the compression procedure. Basically, it's much more complicated said than done!

There are four compression methods with increasing compression / speed ratios, the one that compresses the most is also the slowest. It can reduce the weight of documents even by 20-30%. Furthermore, it is extremely flexible, intuitive and manages to keep all the characteristics of the original documents practically intact.

To connect to the Free PDF Compressor website and download the software to your computer click here.

Nitro Reader (Windows)

Nitro reader is without a doubt one of the best free programs for reading and editing PDF files. It is only for Windows, it is free and it has a very neat and easy to use user interface (Office style). The software not only allows you to open any type of PDF file without problems but also to copy its content, add notes, writings, highlights and make other types of changes to documents (which can then be saved).

Also worth noting is the ability to create PDF documents starting from Office files, images and other types of documents. Eventually, the software is also available in a paid version (which can still be tried for free for a limited time) that offers the functions to sign PDFs, scan documents and much more.

To connect to the Nitro Reader website and download (and possibly also purchase) the software on your computer click here.

PDFill PDF Tools (Windows)

PDFill PDF Tools it is a must-have for all those who want to edit PDFs without spending a penny and who need a tool that acts as a "Swiss army knife". The software, in fact, consists of a collection of free tools through which you can merge, split or cut PDFs, encrypt or decrypt documents, create new files in PDF format starting from images or scans, add watermarks, footnotes to PDFs and much more.

All the tools are accessible through a convenient unified interface in which there are buttons to perform all the operations described above. The only flaw is that it is only in English but it is still easy to understand and use for those who chew the language a little.

To connect to the PDFill PDF Tools website and download the software to your computer click here.

PDF Toolkit+ (Mac)

Those who use a Mac and are looking for a specific tool for Cupertino computers through which they can edit your files in PDF format should really take a look at PDF Toolkit +. It is in fact a small but extremely powerful software that allows you to merge, divide and optimize PDFs in a very simple way. In short, it's a bit like the Mac counterpart of the aforementioned PDFill PDF Tools.

Unfortunately it is not free but fortunately it has a practically negligible price considering the features offered: 1,99 euros. For the rest, it is very simple to use and does not require special technical skills.

To connect to the Mac App Store online page dedicated to PDF Toolkit + and run software on your Mac click here.

Online2PDF (Online)

As an alternative to all the above PDF programs, you can turn to a tool that can be used directly online without having to download anything on your PC: Online2PDF. It is in fact a web service compatible with any browser that allows you to edit and convert PDF documents in various ways as well as merge multiple documents into a single file.

The service is free but has some upload restrictions: it is not possible to process more than 20 documents at a time and it is not possible to upload files larger than 50 MB, 100 MB for multiple uploads.

To connect to the Online2PDF website and start using the service on your computer, click here.

SmallPDF (Online)

Another online resource to be seriously considered for making various types of changes to PDF files by acting directly online is SmallPDF. This is a site that offers a bunch of useful tools for compressing, signing, splitting and rotating PDFs, converting files from one format to another and doing a bunch of different other operations, all very easy and from the browser window Favorite web.

You can use it free for 14 days (upon registration), after which it costs 10 euros / month or 90 euros / year. The data uploaded to its servers are deleted within 1 hour. The only important limitation to take into account is the fact that it allows you to process only two files per hour (to deal with this you can subscribe to a paid account).

To connect to the SmallPDF website and start using the service on your computer click here.