Programs for Bittorrent

The BitTorrent network is one of the most used P2P networks in the world. It allows you to share, and therefore download, any type of file: videos, music, applications and much more, all for free. To use it, you can rely on various clients, all more or less valid depending on what your preferences and needs are. If the topic interests you, read my guide dedicated to programs for BiTorrent to immediately start discovering which are the best software in the category currently on the market.

There are plenty of programs for BiTorrent: some are very famous, others a little less; some are usable without problems on all operating systems (Windows, macOS and Linux) while others are only for some platforms; some are free, others are also available in “enhanced” paid versions. In short, as you can see for yourself, the choice is not lacking at all.

Then? Are you ready? to find out with me which are the best programs for BitTorrent currently in circulation? Yes? Fantastic! So I would say not to waste any more precious time, to ban the chatter and immediately take action. I am sure that in the end you will be able to tell yourself more than satisfied with the "knowledge" made and that if necessary you will also be ready and happy to provide some useful advice to your friends interested in the subject. What do you say, we bet?

uTorrent (Windows, MacOS and Linux)

The first among the BitTorrnt programs that I want to suggest you to use isuTorrent. It is one of the best-in-class software available on the web. It is light, fast and easy to set up and includes a number of advanced features that have made it one of the most popular P2P clients in the world.

It supports downloading Torrent files also via magnet link and remote control. It is available not only for desktop computers (Windows, macOS and Linux) but also for mobile devices (Android). There is also a paid Pro version that includes antivirus support, video conversion for mobile devices and other features.

To connect immediately to the official uTorrent website and download it (and possibly also purchase it) on your computer click here.

BitTorrent (Windows, MacOS and Linux)

Impossible to talk about programs for BitTorrent without mentioning, in fact, BitTorrent, the official client to download files from the Torrent network. It has functions and interface practically identical to uTorrent and represents one of the main choices in this area.

It is available in two versions: one free with basic functions and one paid with antivirus support, remote access, built-in media player, speed optimizer for downloads and much more. It is available for Windows and macOS and for Android smartphones and tablets.

To connect immediately to the official BitTorrent website and download it (and possibly also purchase it) on your computer click here.

Vuze (Windows, MacOS and Linux)

Vuze is an all-in-one program for downloading Torrent files, playing and managing multimedia contents. It includes a search engine for Torrent files and allows you to play all major video formats downloaded within the program. It supports content synchronization with portable devices and allows you to control downloads remotely. It also includes a subscription system for RSS feeds.

It is very easy to use even if a little heavy compared to other "pure" Torrent clients. There is also a paid version available that includes virus checking, playback of files being downloaded and DVD burning. It is compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux.

To connect immediately to the official Vuze website and download it (and possibly also purchase it) on your computer click here.

Deluge (Windows, MacOS and Linux)

Deluge is the perfect solution for those looking for an essential and lightweight Torrent client that can do its job without affecting too much computer performance. It supports remote browser control, private torrents and can be configured down to the smallest detail.

Its basic function park can be enriched through the use of numerous plugins that add new features and new features to the application. It is available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

To connect immediately to the official Deluge website and download it to your computer click here.

qBitTorrent (Windows, MacOS and Linux)

qBitTorrent is a free Torrent client characterized by a user interface similar to that of uTorrent and by the presence of an internal search engine that allows you to find files on all the main Torrent sites on the Net. The program is quite easy to use and allows control absolute on trackers, peers and torrents, meeting the needs of even the most experienced users.

It supports remote browser control, magnet links and IP filtering. Its features can be extended through additional plugins. It is available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

To connect immediately to the official qBitTorrent website and download it to your computer, click here.

FrostWire (Windows, MacOS and Linux)

Another good free program for downloading files from the BitTorrent network is Frostwire. It is a software that allows users to easily exchange files among themselves and to search for files to download with a convenient search engine integrated into the program.

Those who believe that the other software already proposed are too, so to speak, "bare", is the ideal solution. Just be careful to skip promotional software during the installation process. It is available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

To connect immediately to the official FrostWire website and download it to your computer click here.

Tixati (Windows E Linux)

Haven't the programs for BitTorrent that I proposed in the previous lines been able to attract your attention in a particular way because you are looking for a "no-install" solution? So why don't you take a look at Tixati? It is a software belonging to the category in question that can be copied to any hard disk or USB key and used without facing tedious installation processes.

It features a user interface very similar to that of all the other software mentioned above, is quite simple to use and is only available for Windows and Linux operating systems.

To connect immediately to the official Tixati website and download it to your computer click here.

Transmission (macOS and Linux)

Another good software belonging to the category in question that I want to suggest you pay attention to is Transmission. It stands out from the others for its extreme simplicity of use (it requires practically no configuration) and its lightness in terms of performance.

It supports link magnets, traffic encryption, remote browser control and even terminal control. It is available for macOS and for Linux.

To connect immediately to Transmission's official website and download it to your computer, click here.

What to Do After Downloading a BitTorrent Program?

Now let's move on to the operations to do before starting to download files from the BitTorrent network. First, I would suggest you install a service VPN, thanks to which you can use the BitTorrent network anonymously and relying on many foreign servers. This also allows you to bypass censorship and access foreign catalogs of streaming services. There are many VPN solutions to turn to: among the most reliable, I recommend you NordVPN (which I told you about here) e Surfshark, which offer an advanced degree of encryption and compatibility with a wide range of devices: PC / Mac, smartphone, tablet etc.

Configure the Modem / Router

After downloading and installing one of the aforementioned BitTorrent programs, you need to configure the modem / router you use to connect to the Internet so that it frees the ports used by the latter to receive incoming connections.

Then start your favorite navigation program and access the modem / router control panel by connecting to the address oppure all'indirizzo In case neither of these two “coordinates” turns out to be exact, read my guide on how to find router IP address to find the correct one. Then type in the username and password combination needed to access the modem / router administration panel (if you haven't changed it it should be admin / admin or admin / password, in any case check the device manual) and proceed as follows.

Look for the entry for port mapping o all 'port forwarding (usually found in the advanced settings screen), create a new one rule (or a new one virtual server) and fill out the form that is proposed to you. You must specify theIP address of your computer within the local network (eg. and enter the port number used by your Torrent client in the fields inner door e external door. Enter as type of door TCP.

Unfortunately I cannot be more precise in my indications as each brand of modem / router has an administration panel structured in a different way but in my tutorials on how to open the router ports for uTorrent and how to open the router ports you will find practical examples related to all the most famous modem / router brands.

To find out which port the BitTorrnt program you are using to accept incoming connections is using settings of the same and check the parameters related to the network. For example, in uTorrent you have to go to the menu Options> Settings I will select the voice Connection from the left sidebar, while in qBitTorrent you have to go to the menu Tools> Options> Connection.

Find Torrent Files

In addition to configuring the modem / router as it should, in order to be able to use the BitTorrent programs that I have indicated you must obviously find files to download. To search for movies, software, music and other content on the BitTorrent network you have to rely on one of the many sites that index them.

One of the best is Zooqle, which can count on a very large database that is continuously updated. To use it, linked to its main page, search for the file you want to download, click on the result that has the number of seed higher (the greenest graph, in front of its name) and start downloading the file into your BitTorrent program. You have two ways to do this: download a small file with the extension .torrent and open it with your client or click on the item related to magnet link.

The .torrent file is a few KB document that contains all the coordinates to get the files from the BitTorrent network through a support server called tracker. The magnet link, on the other hand, is a link that allows you to start downloading data from the BitTorrent network instantly, without downloading files that act as intermediaries on the PC.

In case Zooqle does not completely satisfy you, you can read my guide dedicated to Torrent sites in which I have proceeded to point you to different portals and search engines that allow you to find files on the BitTorrent network in a practical and immediate way.