Play Store Download

After having retired your prehistoric mobile phone, have you purchased a latest generation Android smartphone and, despite being tremendously intrigued by it, you don't know how to access all the apps and content on the Google Play Store? No problem!

If you need a hand to break the ice with Google's digital showcase and download your first app (or your first game), know that I'm here for it. All you need to do is read the guide to Play Store download that I am about to propose to you and try to carefully follow all the steps. You will see that, in no time at all, you will be able to use this terrific service and enjoy all the apps available on it.

How do you say? Can't find the Play Store icon on your new Android smartphone or tablet? Unfortunately it happens. In some cases, for issues related to software licenses, smartphone and tablet manufacturers are not allowed to insert the Play Store within their devices, but don't worry, there is a solution to this too. You can download the files you need from the Internet and “manually” install the Play Store on your device… it's not easy, this must be said, but you can try. Find all the instructions you need in the second part of this post.

How to Use the Play Store

Google Account Setup

The first step you need to take to use the Play Store on an Android smartphone or tablet is to pair the device with a Google account. If you haven't done so yet, go to the menu Settings Android (the icon of thegear located on the screen where there are the icons of all the apps installed on the device) and select the item Account.

At this point, scroll down the screen that opens to the end, press the button Add account, select the logo of Google and choose whether to use an account existing by typing in your Gmail address and pressing on forward or whether to create one new, pressing on the voice Or create a new account and filling out the form that is proposed to you. You can follow this procedure even if you have already set up a Google account on your device and want to add a secondary one.

Download Apps and Games from the Play Store

Once your account is set up, download applications, games and other content from the Play Store. How? Nothing easier. Paigia on the icon Google Play Store present on the home screen of your smartphone / tablet (the white shopping bag icon with the play symbol "printed" in the center), presses thehamburger icon located at the top left and choose an item between Apps and Games, Videos, MusicBooks ed Newsstand (newspapers and magazines) to browse all items available for download.

In each category you can view a list of the most downloaded or most purchased content and new releases using the appropriate tabs located at the top of the screen. Also, by selecting the item Categories you can "browse" apps and other content based on gender. Of course you can also select the icon of the magnifying glass located at the top right and search for applications, books and so on directly.

Once you have identified the app, the game or any other element to download, select its name and first press the button Install and then Accept to complete the download. In the case of paid items, you must provide your credit card details to complete the purchase (required only once). A prepaid credit card is also fine.

To enter your card details on the Play Store, try to download a paid app by first pressing the button with yours price and then Accept. Next, hit the button Continue, select the voice Add credit or debit card from the screen that opens and fill out the form that is proposed to you with your credit card details.

Alternatively, you can manage the payment methods associated with your Google account by opening the Play Store, pressing thehamburger icon located at the top left and selecting the item first Account from the bar that appears on the side and then the options Payment methods(+) from the screen that opens.

The Other Services of the Play Store

As mentioned earlier, from the Android store it is possible to download a wide range of different content: applications, games, books, music and movies. To this end, Google has decided to create separate applications that allow you to better organize the Play Store download based on the type of items downloaded or purchased.

  • Google Play Books - allows you to browse all the ebooks on the Play Store, download them, buy them and read them both online and offline. It also supports advanced functions, such as adding bookmarks and highlights in the works you are reading, adjusting fonts and much more.
  • Google Play Newsstand - allows you to collect all the main news on sports, technology, business, cooking, entertainment, fashion and any other topic in a single, convenient interface for easier consultation (even offline).
  • Google Play Games - to more efficiently browse all the games on the Play Store, keep track of your scores and participate in fun multiplayer matches with your friends.
  • Google Play Movies - allows you to buy and rent movies to view directly on tablets and smartphones, even in streaming.

How to Update the Play Store

Have you discovered that your friend has a more updated version of Google Play than yours and you want to find out how to force the download of the new Store on your phone too? No problem.

Start the Play Store, pigia sull 'hamburger icon located at the top left and select the item Settings from the sidebar. At this point, scroll down the screen that has opened up and down and press on the wording Build version.

If a new version of Google Play is available, Android will notice it and invite you to download it, otherwise the message will appear Google Play Store is up to date. For more details read my guide on how to update Play Store.

Common Mistakes

Can't download or update applications anymore? Maybe there is some component of the Play Store that has been removed or "corrupted" in some way. The first attempt you can make to solve the problem is to clear the cache of all processes related to the Play Store. Then go to the menu Impostazioni> App of your device, select Google Play Store, Google Play Services e Download e pulsing sul pulsating Clear cache. Then delete your Google account, restart the terminal and re-associate the account with the phone / tablet to make the Play Store operational again (or at least hopefully).

If you don't find the component Google Play Services (the one who takes care of keeping the contents of the phone / tablet synchronized with the Google account and updating the apps), you have to reinstall it on your device. How? In theory you could open the Google Play Store, search for Google Play Services within the latter and download it as if it were a very common app, but unfortunately this procedure almost never works. To solve you have to download all components of the Play Store and install them "manually" on the device as shown below.

How to Install the Google Play Store

Do you need to reset the Google Play Store on your device? Have you purchased a smartphone or tablet on which, for licensing reasons, there is no Google Play Store? I don't deny that it's a big problem, but with a little effort you should be able to solve everything.

What you need to do to solve the problem is to download the APK packages of the Play Store, Google Play Services and Google Services Framework, install them on your device and convert them to system applications. To perform this operation, however, you have to submit your device to the root procedure and you have to resort to two external applications: one is called ES File Explorer and allows you to easily manage files on Android (including system ones), the other is called Link2SD and allows you to convert applications downloaded from the Internet into system applications (this is necessary for Android to correctly recognize the Play Store and Google Services and not to display error messages relating to the latter).

In my guide on how to install Google Play you will find all the steps of the procedure to follow but, I repeat, there may be more or less slight changes depending on the device used. My advice, therefore, is to do a Google search and look for a specific tutorial dedicated to your device (eg. [tablet name] install play store).

Apps and Games to Download for Free on the Play Store

Have you finally managed to correctly install and / or configure the Google Play Store? Then I bet you would like some advice on the “must have” apps and games, maybe to download for free. No problem, I can help you with that too!

Run to read my posts dedicated to the green robot system and find out which are the best Android apps and the best Android games that can currently be found on the Google Play Store, you will really be spoiled for choice!

Another very interesting thing you can do is find out the apps installed by your friends (i.e. your contacts on Gmail) and see if there are any applications of your interest among them. To “browse” the apps installed by your friends, open the Play Store, pigia sull 'hamburger icon collocata in alto a sinistra and selects the voice People from the bar that compares di lato.

Then tap on the item Other placed next to the wording People you follow (to see the apps installed by the people you follow) or next to the wording From people you know (to view the apps installed by your contacts) and discover the applications of your interest.

Store Alternativi a Google Play

If you don't want to waste too much time and don't want to "go crazy" behind installing the Google Play Store, you can contact third-party stores, such as AppBrain, ApkMirror, TorrApk and Amazon App Shop that allow you to download the APK packages of the apps and install them without going through the Google store.

To install APK packages "manually", you need to set your device to accept applications from unknown sources (ie from sources other than the Google Play Store). Then go to the menu Settings> Security of Android, activate the option Unknown origin and respond affirmatively to the warning that appears on the screen.

When the operation is complete, download the APK packages of the apps you want to install on your device and open them from the Android notifications menu, from the application Download or from a file manager such as ES File Explorer. Then press on the buttons forwardInstall e end And that's it. If you need help installing applications in APK, check out my tutorial on how to open APK files.