PC Game Programs

The best programs dedicated to PC games.


Steam è the most popular online video game store which allows you to buy latest generation computer games at cheaper prices than boxed versions through digital delivery. This means that the games are not sent by post but downloaded directly to the user's computer in real time (as if they were programs). The service was developed by Valve and is available for both Windows PCs and Macs. A version for the free Linux operating system will soon arrive. Download from here.

Daemon Tools Lite

Many games require you to insert a CD / DVD into your computer in order to play. Daemon Tools Lite eliminates this boredom by making the loading ISO image files (not just games) on virtual drives that simulate the presence of diskettes inside the PC. The program is completely in Italian and supports all major image file formats. There is also a paid version with additional features but for the simple execution of the games the features of the free one are enough. Download from here.


When you download games from the Internet, they are often distributed in the form of CD and DVD image files (eg ISO, NRG, BIN, etc.). ImgBurn è one of the best free burning programs which allows you to quickly and easily burn all major CD and DVD image file formats. It also includes other advanced features, such as creating image files from existing CD / DVDs and burning data discs. It is in Italian, but to activate the translation you need to download the language file separately and set Italian in the options. Download from here.

Construct 2

Construct 2 is a free program for Windows that allows you to create games in HTML5 format in an extremely simple way (via drag-and-drop) even to those who do not have advanced knowledge in the field of videogame development. Games made with Construct 2 are playable via browser without installing any program or external plug-in on the PC. On the official website of the software there are numerous tutorials and examples of the games that can be created, in this way it is possible to immediately realize the high potential of such a solution. Download from here.

Game Booster

As its name suggests quite easily, Game Booster is a free program that allows you to maximize Windows performance for running games. This means that in a few simple clicks it is possible to free up RAM and other PC resources before launching a game, in order to avoid lag, clicks and various malfunctions. Of course it doesn't work wonders, but in cases where the system is not very responsive due to the memory occupied by superfluous data, it works very well. Download from here.

GameSave Manager

Gamesave Manager is a very useful program that allows you to save and manage PC game saves quickly and easily. Once installed, it allows you to create backups of the game saves of all the games on your computer, then having the ability to restore them at any time and on any PC. Even though it is in English, its interface is extremely understandable and easy to use even for less experienced users. It is compatible with all major versions of Windows, including 64-bit ones. Download from here.