How to Create a New Word Template

Whenever you write a document in Word, do you waste a lot of time setting the sheet as you like it, with your favorite writing font, certain margins and certain spaces for the leading lines? You’ve obviously never heard of Word templates. Word templates can be used to create documents with a different style than … Read more

How to Code Remote Control

Your TV remote control broke, so you decided to replace it with a universal one but didn’t quite understand how to configure it to work properly? Don’t worry, even if at first glance they seem impossible to set up, setting up universal remote controls is actually a breeze. If you don’t believe it, try reading … Read more

How to Open Pdf.p7m File

Your boss has just emailed you an important document and you absolutely need to consult him to get your work going. The problem is that the attached file has the extension pdf.p7m: a format that you have never seen before and that not even your computer, alas, is able to handle. Is this really your … Read more

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How to Install Windows 7 from Usb

Do you need to install Windows 7 on a computer with a broken DVD player or on a laptop without an optical drive? Yes? Well, know that in that case that’s enough install Windows 7 from USB. All you have to do is transfer the operating system installation files to a stick and use this type … Read more

Programs for Creating Websites

Have you bought a space and a Web domain with the intention of creating your first website and would like to have some useful tips about the software to use to succeed in the enterprise? Well, then I can not help but suggest you give yourself a few minutes of free time and concentrate on … Read more

How to Read Epub on Pc

You recently downloaded a book in ePub from Internet. All happy, you tried to open it on your trusted computer but, unfortunately, you have not yet been able to view its contents because, apparently, none of the programs installed on the PC are suitable for the purpose, so now you would like a little help … Read more

How to Convert Wav Files to Mp3

You have downloaded some backing tracks from the Internet, would you like to keep them on your PC to use them in your video montages but their weight seems excessive to you? Well, I believe it! These are WAV format files. WAV format files, you need to know, are not compressed. This means that they … Read more

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How to Install Photoshop

To carry out an important job you need to use a professional graphics program. In this regard, you are aware of the wide possibilities that the well-known Photoshop software offers and are therefore willing to install it on your computer. Up to here there would be no problem, except that you are not very familiar … Read more

How to Insert Pdf in Word

Would you like to attach a PDF to a Word document but don’t know what is the right option to do it? Have you tried to extract some pages from a PDF document to insert them in a Word file but you have not succeeded? Don’t worry, these are two very simple operations. You just … Read more

Programs to Read DVDs

Have you just bought your favorite movie DVD and are looking for a good media player for your trusty computer so that you can play it directly from there? Then I would say that you have landed on the right guide, at the right time. In the tutorial you are about to read, in fact, … Read more