How to Get Emule High Id

Your eMule takes a lifetime to connect to servers and, when it finally succeeds, it shows you an error message warning you that you have a Low ID? This means that there is some obstacle between the eMule servers and your computer that prevents a correct connection between the two parts: a problem that you … Read more

Best Torrent Sites

To download a file from the Internet quickly and smoothly, it is now necessary to contact the network BitTorrent and, consequently, take advantage of a good client dedicated to this data exchange network. Said it seems a fairly simple thing, but in reality being able to find the right Torrents that allow you to download … Read more

Programs for Slideshows

Would you like to create a beautiful slideshow with photos and background music but don’t have the faintest idea how to do it? Do you need to make a slideshow for a business project but you don’t know where to put your hands? No problem, I can give you a hand. How? Well, simple: pointing … Read more

How to Configure Emule

As a layman in the IT world, you just managed to install eMule on the PC with your own strength but the enthusiasm of having managed to accomplish this small feat immediately turned into the disappointment of not being able to connect to the program’s servers. Obviously there is some problem in the configuration of … Read more

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How to Download Movies, Music and Programs from Ftp Servers

By now you’ve really tried them all, from replacing the router to improbable propitiatory dances, but nothing to do. Good old eMule runs slow as usual and you don’t know where to turn your head to download files from the Internet fast. Apparently, you’ve never tried to turn to FTP server. Yes, you got it right. … Read more