Outlook Programs

The best programs and add-ons for Microsoft Outlook.


As its name suggests quite easily, MessageExport is an add-on for Microsoft Outlook (from version 2003 to 2010) which allows you to export Outlook messages in various formats, from the most common ones, such as PDF, text and HTML, to the most unusual ones, such as JPG, TIF and GIF. Among its functions there are also the export of multiple e-mail messages in a single PDF file (up to 4.500 e-mails), the simultaneous printing of several e-mails and the export of messages in MBOX format for the import into other software. Download from here.

Mailstore Home

MailStore Home is a free program that allows you to easily create security copies of e-mail messages from all major e-mail providers and clients. It includes several advanced features for importing and exporting messages between different software, such as Outlook, Outlook Express e Mozilla Thunderbird, and to schedule backup operations. During the installation phase, it is possible to copy the program on a USB stick and use it in a portable version (without requiring installation). Also suitable for less experienced users. Download from here.

Outlook Tools

It is one of the Outlook programs that should never be missing on an advanced user's PC. Outlook Tools is a real Swiss Army knife for Microsoft Outlook that allows you to customize and adjust every aspect of the hugely popular PIM software included in Microsoft Office. It allows you to open all folders with Outlook files, view the event log, block certain file extensions in attachments, delete recent files, and much more. All options are easily accessible through a convenient tabbed interface, but for this reason it must be used with caution. Download from here.

Outlook TempCleaner

Like many other programs, too Outlook keeps numerous temporary files on your computer's hard drive. These files, over time, become more and more numerous and the clutter on the hard disk can end up affecting the performance of Outlook. Outlook TempCleaner is a small free program that automatically locates the temporary Outlook files and allows you to delete its content or adjust its size with a simple click. It supports the command line and allows you to schedule cleaning operations. To be used with caution. Download from here.

Microsoft Outlook Social Connector Per Facebook

Outlook 2010 includes a named function Social Connector which allows you to integrate some social networks into the e-mail client, in order to view the avatars and the most recent status updates of friends who have sent e-mail messages. Provider di Microsoft Outlook Social Connector per Facebook is the free Outlook add-on produced by Microsoft that allows you to add Facebook to the list of social networks available in the PIM software included in Office. Download from here.

Backup My Mail

Sometimes the default functions for saving Outlook messages and settings are not as simple to use as you would think. Backup my mail is a small free program that solves this problem by offering users a quick and easy method to copy all PST files included in Outlook folders and create backups in other folders. It is based on the program hobocopy, which guarantees timely and precise execution of the work. Download from here.