Office Per Ipad

Your work leads you to often use the programs included in the Office suite, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. You usually work from your PC but now you are about to leave for a trip and, therefore, you would like to know if there is the opportunity to use the same applications on a tablet, and more precisely on the iPad, which is the tablet you have. Well, I'm happy to inform you that the answer is yes! Office per iPad exists and is truly within everyone's reach, as it is free for all iPad models with dimensions equal to or less than 10.1 "(if used for non-professional purposes, otherwise it requires the subscription of a subscription to the Office 365 service, with costs at starting from 7 euros / month) and has an extremely intuitive interface.

If you agree, in this tutorial I will explain how to download the apps of the Office suite for iPad (the applications are distributed individually and are not part of a single package, as is the case with the classic version of Office for PC) and I will list you the most important functionalities of each of them, including the additional features obtainable through the subscription to a subscription to the Office 365 service. In the last part of the guide, then, I will tell you about some alternative solutions that you can consider if the Office apps They do not satisfy you 100%.

So, are you ready to get started? If your answer is yes, pick up your iPad, read my instructions carefully and put them into practice to download the Office apps on your tablet and use them on your trip. There is nothing left for me to do but wish you happy reading and, more importantly, good work!

Office Per IPad

If you are interested in using the tools of the suite Office on iPad, you will surely be happy to know that the productivity applications belonging to the Microsoft Office package (Word, Excel, Power Point, One Note and Outlook) are available for download on all Apple tablets.

Downloadable for free on devices with dimensions equal to or smaller than 10.1 ”, these apps can be used both to read and write proprietary Office files. For larger devices (and to unlock all the features of the applications on terminals 10.1 "or less) it is necessary to subscribe to the Office 365 service, which costs € 6,99 per month for 365 Office Staff or € 9,99 per month for Office 365 Home.

The first subscription allows you to use all the features of the suite's applications Office your 1 device Windows or 1 one MacOS and on mobile devices. The second, however, guarantees access to all the tools of Office fully on 5 devices Windows or your 5 MacOS, in addition to applications for tablets or smartphones. The second subscription includes a free trial month. For more information on this, read my guide dedicated to the topic.

Microsoft Word

If you want to use the Microsoft Word application to write or open text files on your iPad, download it from the iOS App Store by tapping the icon of the latter on the home screen (it is the symbol of an "A" stylized white on a light blue background).

Then press on the item Search located at the bottom and uses the internal search engine to locate Word; then presses the buttons Get and Install to download the app. If requested, through auteticati touch ID or type the password of your iCloud account. At the end of the download, start the app by pressing on its icon on the main screen of your iPad or by pressing the button apri dell’App Store.

The app of Microsoft Word it can be used in a very similar way to the desktop version of the program, for the creation of new text documents or for the modification of files shared on OneDrive (Free Microsoft cloud storage service up to 5 GB, expandable for a fee from 2 € / month, more info here). In this specific case, login to your account is required Microsoft or the creation of the same.

Documents can be saved locally, within the device memory, for viewing even in offline mode, or a copy of the document drawn up in the Outlook app or in another application on the device can be sent. It is also possible to share the file created in another external cloud storage service such as Dropbox and Box (both free with limited space expandable for a fee. More info at this link and this other).

Some of the additional features of Microsoft Word for iPads that are only available with a subscription to Office 365 they concern the ability to insert section breaks, customize footer headers for different pages, change page orientation, as well as detect and review changes.

If you want to know more about how Microsoft Word in the desktop or mobile version, read this tutorial or consult the other guides related to it.

Microsoft Excel

The application Microsoft Excel, whose operation is practically identical to the desktop version, it can be used on the iPad for the management and creation of electronic spreadsheets.

To download it, use the iOS App Store, identifying it through the internal search engine, as already explained in the previous lines for Word. Then press on the buttons Ottieni / Installa next to its tab, to start the download and, if requested, confirm the installation, via touch ID or by typing the password of your iCloud account.

Microsoft Excel it can be used in its main functions both in reading and writing, as it is possible to create new spreadsheets and modify those shared through OneDrive, by logging in with an account Microsoft. As for Microsoft Word, you can save documents locally on iPad, or send a copy to another cloud storage service or other third-party application.

The additional features of the app Microsoft Excel available with subscription to Office 365 they mainly concern the ability to add and modify elements of a chart as well as to customize the layout and styles of pivot tables.

If you want to learn more about how Microsoft Excel, read my guide, in which I tell you how to use it in detail in the desktop version, or the specific one dedicated to iPad. You can also read one of the tutorials I wrote on this topic.

Microsoft Power Point

Another productivity application that is available for free download on iPad is Microsoft Power Point. This app is the equivalent of the desktop version of the same name and can be used for the creation of presentations, through the creation of slides.

To use it, download it from the iOS App Store by pressing the buttons Ottieni / Installa. If necessary, start the installation using thetouch ID or by typing the password of your iCloud account.

Then use Microsoft Power Point to create new presentations or to edit the ones shared on OneDrive, by logging in with the account Microsoft you own. By taking out a subscription to the service Office 365 you can unlock some additional features, such as adding custom colors to shapes but also inserting and editing Word Art, for example.

If you want to know how to use PowerPoint to create presentations, read my guide in which I told you in detail how it works or the other guides related to this topic.

Microsoft OneNote

The application of Microsoft OneNote It can be used in a similar way to its Web version and its desktop version: it is in fact useful for taking notes on your device quickly and easily. The app requires synchronization with an account Microsoft, to be able to view all the notes on multiple devices, thanks to the support with the cloud storage service OneDrive.

Notes made through OneNote they are automatically saved in the cloud, they can be sent via email (using the Outlook application), or they can be shared in another external app. On iPad, all the features are available for free and therefore a subscription to the service is not necessary Office 365 to unlock additional features.

I told you in detail about how to use this application in my guide dedicated to note-taking apps, which I recommend you also read to learn about how other similar tools work.

Microsoft Outlook

To read and send emails via iPad you can use the free application Microsoft Outlook by downloading it from the iOS App Store (if you have problems performing this operation, refer to the instructions I gave you in the previous lines).

Microsoft Outlook is the reference application for the management of emails sent and received to the Webmail service but also supports all the other main email services.

You will also be pleased to know that you can take advantage of all its features related to sending and receiving emails, without having to subscribe to the service. Office 365. The payment of the latter, which can be purchased from the official website, allows you to obtain an advanced filter against phishing and malware on attachments and links received in the email Microsoft, as well as expanding the mailbox up to 50GB.

Learn more about using Microsoft Outlook read my tutorial in which I talk about it in detail.

Other Productivity Apps

As an alternative to the suite applications Microsoft Office, there are also other productivity tools designed for iPad. I'll show you some of them in the following lines.


A valid alternative to Office per iPad are the free applications iWork, Apple's productivity suite, also available on macOS and via the Web, via iCloud. It includes the Pages word processing app, the Numbers application for spreadsheets and the one for creating presentations, Keynote.

The applications of the suite iWork they are usable in offline mode, they are compatible with files created through apps Microsoft Office and are designed to be best enjoyed on iPad too. They allow the creation of documents from scratch and also include templates for creating files based on pre-established templates.

All applications support saving documents on iCloud, Apple's cloud storage service (which has free storage space up to 5GB, expandable for a fee starting from € 0,99 / month). Other free storage with expandable plans are also supported, such as Mega (I told you about it at this link) or Google Drive (more info in this tutorial). Learn more about how iWork, I recommend reading this guide of mine.

G Suite

Other very famous and appreciated applications for productivity, are those belonging to GSuite, Google's online suite. These are available for free for iPad, but can also be used online, as they are integrated in Google Drive (free Google cloud storage service with an expandable paid plan from € 1,99 / month that I told you about at this link).

The subscription a GSuite, (prices start at € 4 per user per month) is optional, as additional services are provided designed primarily for companies, such as 30 GB of online storage for each user who uses these productivity tools.

The applications included in this collection of productivity tools are the Google Docs apps, aimed at creating text files, Google Sheets, used for processing spreadsheets and Google Slides, a useful app for creating presentations.

The apps mentioned are very valid for the possibility of being used even in offline mode and also because they support the main file formats of the suite Microsoft Office. To use them, you must have a Google account.