Missing Driver Programs

After reinstalling Windows, your PC's video card no longer works well? The sound card no longer gives hints of life? There is obviously something wrong with the drivers - you most likely haven't installed the right drivers yet and therefore Windows doesn't recognize the components that now seem to have stopped working. You could rely on one of those to solve the problem missing driver programs that examine your computer and automatically download the drivers you need from the Internet, but personally I suggest you try the more "traditional" way first, that is, with the search and "manual" download of drivers.

The point is that many driver search software causes more problems than they can solve (especially when used by inexperienced users). Therefore my advice is to take them into consideration only as a last resort and to try first with the "manual" search for drivers. But how do you go about looking for a driver on the Internet? Basically there are three steps to take: identify the hardware for which you need to install the drivers (e.g. sound card, video card, network card), download the drivers from the Internet (from the website of the company that produced the component or your computer) and finally install the drivers on your computer.

I know, it seems like a very long and difficult operation, but in reality it is not. All you need is a few minutes of free time and a pinch of attention: just enough to put into practice the suggestions I am about to give you. So, are you ready to go? We will first see how to download the drivers "manually" and then, for the most desperate cases, we will get to know some software that allows you to identify the missing drivers (among those that do less damage). Happy reading and good luck! Hope you can fix all your PC driver problems.

How to Find Missing Drivers

If you want to “manually” download the most suitable drivers for your PC, you need to identify the model of computer in your possession and / or the individual components that require driver installation (eg video card, sound card, network card, etc.).

To find out the PC model you have, press the key combination Win + R on the computer keyboard (the Win key is the one with the Windows flag), type the command msinfo32 in the window that opens and press Submit to open the utility System Information (in which all information on the PC in use is shown). The model of the PC is what you find next to the item System model.

Alternatively, if you are having difficulty using System Information, you can find out the exact model of your PC by checking the computer packaging and / or the labels on it.

Once you have discovered the exact model of your computer, open your browser (eg. Chrome, Firefox o Internet Explorer), connect to the website of the manufacturer of your PC (eg ASUS, Acer, HP etc.) and type your PC model in the search field for products. Then select the item related to support and / or driver downloads and proceed to download the drivers you need.

Unfortunately each site has a different download procedure and therefore I cannot be more precise in my indications. For more detailed instructions, see my “specific” tutorials on how to download ASUS, Acer, HP and Toshiba drivers.

Once the download is complete, open the package .exe o . MSI you downloaded from the Internet and install the drivers on your PC by always clicking on Next o forward. At the end of the procedure you may be asked to restart your PC.

Couldn't find the exact model of your computer? Don't worry, I have a "plan B" you can use to find the missing drivers on your PC. This “plan B” consists of detecting individual components that are not working well (eg video card, sound card or network card) and downloading related drivers from the Internet.

To identify the individual components on your PC, use Speccy. This is free software that automatically examines the hardware components of your computer and identifies them. It is very easy to use and is also available in a portable version which works without requiring tedious installation procedures.

To download the portable version of Speccy on your PC, connect to its official website and click on the button Download found under the heading Speccy – Portable. Then open the zip archive that contains the program, extract the contents in any folder and launch the executable Speccy64.exe (or the executable Speccy.exe if you are using a 32-bit operating system) by double clicking on it.

In the window that opens, go to the menu View > Options and select Italian from the drop-down menu Language to translate the Speccy interface into Italian. Then select one of the categories listed in the left sidebar (eg. Audio o Graphics) and find out the exact name of the hardware components of your PC.

Once you have the exact model of the component that is not working well (eg the video card), connect to the website of its manufacturer (eg NVIDIA for the video card) and proceed to download the drivers you need. For more information on the entire procedure, see my tutorials on how to download NVIDIA, ATI, Intel, Samsung, Epson, Canon and Intel drivers.

Please note: to easily identify the hardware components that were not recognized correctly by Windows, click on the button Start (l'icona della bandierina collocata nell'angolo in basso a sinistra dello schermo), close Device management in the menu that opens and click on the first search result. In the window that opens you will find a list of all hardware components present in the PC or connected to it. Components that have a Exclamation point next to their name are the ones that were not recognized correctly by Windows due to driver problems.

Missing Driver Software

Were you unable to "manually" get the drivers you need? So here are you served some missing driver programs which may help you identify the hardware components on your PC and download the drivers needed to make them work.

IObit Driver Booster

IObit Driver Booster is software that examines the system to update outdated drivers and identify “unknown” hardware components. The necessary drivers are found in seconds and can be installed in a few clicks: just click on the button to start the scan and wait a few moments. The program also includes tools to correct network errors, sound card malfunction and other driver related problems (these tools are accessible by clicking on the carrying case located at the top right).

There are two versions of IObit Driver Booster: a basic free and a paid one, which in addition offers the possibility to backup and restore drivers, ensures a faster download speed and includes more functions related to gaming optimization . Download from here.

Driver Identifier

As its name clearly implies, this free program for Windows is capable of detect and identify missing drivers on the PC allowing the user to update their system and bring it to maximum performance. It is based on a database of over 27 million different devices and runs smoothly on all versions of Windows, both 32 and 64-bit.

To use Driver Identifier, just start the application and click on the button Scan now. After a few seconds, a web page is shown with the list of drivers to download (however I advise you not to use the links provided by the software but to search for the drivers on Google and download them from the official sites of the hardware manufacturers). Download from here.

Driver Magician

It is one of the most popular missing driver programs, thanks to which it is possible to manage, save, update and download the drivers of your PC in an extremely simple way. Among the most useful functions of the software, in addition to the identification of "unknown" devices, there is the one that allows you to backup and restore drivers which is very useful after formatting.

To use the unknown device detection function, you must select the item Find unknown devices from the menu Settings. The program is paid, but one is available free trial version which allows you to test all its features for a period of 15 days. Download from here.

Driver Easy

A very well done free program that keeps the promises of its name. Driver Easy scan your computer for outdated drivers and i "unknown" devices for which a driver has not yet been installed. At the end of the scan, links are offered from which to download the drivers that the system needs to perform at its best.

The program is 100% free for personal use but there is also a paid version available which offers a multi-language interface and the ability to backup and restore drivers. Download from here.