Mega: How to Use It and Download Files, Movies and Music

MEGA It is a cloud storage and sharing service which was the former owner Kim Dotcom, the founder of MegaUpload and MegaVideo. It was born as a successor to MegaUpload, which on January 19, 2012 was overshadowed by the US Department of Justice, but differs from the latter in several respects.

First of all it is structured as an online hard disk, similar to Dropbox, which allows you to have a free initial storage space, and then extend it for a fee, if deemed appropriate. Secondly, it uses end-to-end encryption technology based on codes called “keys”, which should make it impossible to track data.

With today's guide, we will find out more closely MEGA, how to use it and download files, movies and music From it. The site is accessible from any computer and is compatible with almost all major web browsers. So, what do you say? Are you ready to start? I bet you will learn how to use this service much easier and faster than you imagine! I just have to wish you a good read!

MEGA Compatibility

As mentioned in the introduction, the service is compatible with many popular browser, but not all. Going into more detail, MEGA can be used without problems on browsers based on Chromium, quindi Google Chrome, Opera e Microsoft Edge, just to give you some examples, but it is also supported on Mozilla Firefox.

In addition, the official add-on is also available on the browsers mentioned above, which allows you to reduce loading times, improve file download performance and improve security when using this cloud storage service.

If you want more information on this add-on and want to install it on your favorite browser, you can connect directly to the appropriate section of the official MEGA website and click on the appropriate button that is shown to you.

MEGA Prices

The basic MEGA account, which includes 15GB of space on the cloud, it's completely free. Upon registration, you will be credited with an additional 35GB for 30 days. Upon expiry of this term, you will return to have a 15GB cloud space.

There are some Targets, that allow you to get additional space and bandwidth for a limited period: for 180 days you can get an additional 35GB by installing MegaSync and the mobile app, which I will tell you about in a later chapter. Inviting a friend who accomplishes the same goals, you'll get 10GB of space and 20GB of additional bandwidth for one year.

If you need to extend the free space limit for your files, you can opt for one of the service's paid plans.

  • Pro Lite to 4,99 euros / month - includes 400GB of space and 1TB of bandwidth.
  • Pro I from 9,99 euros / month - includes 2TB of space and 2TB of bandwidth.
  • Dec II to 19,99 euros / month - includes 8TB of space and 8TB of bandwidth.
  • Pro III from 29,99 euros / month - includes 16TB of space and 16TB of bandwidth.

Also, if you have a business and need more flexibility, you can opt for a plan Business, which allows you to get unlimited space and bandwidth, at a cost of 10 euros / month per user.

There is a purchase constraint of at least 3 users, as it is designed for team work. For the latter there is also the possibility of making calls and video calls, as well as sending messages, protected with end-to-end encryption.

For more information on the prices of the different plans available for MEGA, I suggest you consult this page of MEGA, where you will also find illustrated all their features.

How to Sign Up for MEGA

Now let's get to the heart of this guide on how to use MEGA, speaking of the registration procedure for the service. Registration with MEGA is not mandatory for downloading files, while it is required if you want to upload files and share them with other users.

To create your free account on MEGA, connected to the home page of the service and click on the button Create an account located at the top right. On the page that opens, fill out the form that is proposed to you, inserting it name, email address e password you want to use on MEGA.

At this point, check the boxes below: one is to agree to the Terms of Service, while the other is to confirm that you are aware that losing your password will result in the loss of all your data, unless you have the recovery key, which I will talk about in the next paragraphs.

At this point, connected to your inbox, click on the button Check my email, contained in the communication received from MEGA on your e-mail, and log in to the service to authenticate your account.

When done, select the Free plan service and you will be redirected to the main MEGA screen. At the first access you will be shown a screen through which the Recovery key. This is essential in case you forget your password.

In fact, if you do not have the recovery key and want to reset your password, your cloud space will be reset and all your files will be deleted.

Therefore, you can copy your recovery key and keep it in a safe place or you can click the button Download key, to download the file containing the recovery data.

How to Use MEGA

Registering with MEGA brings numerous advantages, such as the ability to create shared folders with other users of the service, keep your files online and manage them from any computer and much more.

To upload a file to MEGA, connect to the main page of the service using a supported browser, such as the ones I told you about in this chapter, and drag the file into the program window.

You can upload files of all kinds without limitations on their size, subject to the limit of your storage space. You can follow the upload progress by clicking on thetwo arrows icon located at the bottom of the left sidebar.

So wait for the upload to arrive at 100% and get the link to share your file online. How? Simply go back to the main MEGA screen (theicon della nuvola located at the top of the left sidebar) and right-click on the icon of the file or folder to share: in the menu you see, select the item Get link.

In the box that opens, press the button Accept and choose whether to share the link including the "key", to provide direct access to the file, or whether to share only the link to the file and separately provide the "key" code needed to download it.

In the first case, you need to select the tab Link with key and click on the button Copy, to copy the direct link to the file to the clipboard. If you prefer to privately share the key to access the file, select the tab Keyless link and click on the button Copy, to copy the link to the clipboard. Find the code needed to unlock the shared file download without a key in the tab Decryption key.

If you are a Pro user, i.e. if you have subscribed to one of MEGA's paid plans, you can also set one up Expiration date to the file, to prevent it from downloading after a certain amount of time, or add one password, to protect it further.

To rename, move or delete a file from your MEGA cloud, right click on its name and select one of the items in the menu that appears. To empty the trash and permanently delete deleted files from your MEGA cloud (and thus free up space), select the icon Trash can from the left sidebar and click on the wording Empty the trash which is located at the top.

As for shared folders, you can create them within your MEGA space by clicking on the button New folder . File manager and share these with other users by selecting them with the right mouse button and clicking on Share menu that appears.

In the box that opens, type the email address of the person with whom you want to share the folder, set the type of permission to be given to the user (Read only, Reading and writing o Full access), using the appropriate drop-down menu located at the bottom left, and click on the button Done to activate sharing.

If the user you decided to share the folder with is not yet registered to MEGA, this will receive an email with an invitation to subscribe to the service. After that you will have to encrypt your share for its key, to actually activate the sharing of the folder with the criteria you have previously established.

Did you know that you can also adjust upload speeds and number of parallel connections on MEGA? Just click on the button Menu which is at the top right and go to Account> Transfers. On the page that opens, you must then locate the section Upload and download and adjust the values ​​as you prefer Number of parallel upload connections, Number of parallel download connections e Upload speed limit.

If you then want to increase the space available on MEGA's online hard disk, click on the button Upgrade your account and select the type of subscription you want to subscribe, based on the plans I told you about in this chapter.

How to Download Files from MEGA

Once you understand the mechanism for uploading files, let's see how to download files, movies and music from MEGA. In the following chapters, you will find all the information that you need to act is through the Web browser, or through MEGA Sync.

Download Files from MEGA from Web Browser

The procedure for downloading files via web browser is very simple: all you have to do is connect to the link of the file to download using a supported browser (eg. Chrome) and click on the button Download. If you are prompted for permission to store files on your device, you answer in the affirmative.

If the link you used to download from MEGA does not include the key code to access the file, you must enter the "key" manually by typing it in the field Decryption key and then you have to proceed with the download as usual

If you are a registered user of MEGA, and therefore have your own personal account (whether free or paid), you can also choose not to download the file to your PC, but to import it into your MEGA cloud. To do this, click on the gray button Import your MEGA instead of on Download with your browser and wait for the procedure to be completed.

How to Use MEGA Sync

Finally, I point out that a MEGA client is available for computers and portable devices, through which you can manage your files and synchronize them easily (a bit like Dropbox). The desktop client is called MEGA Sync and is compatible with Windows, macOS e Linux. You can download it directly from the official website or you can download the app for smartphones and tablets from the Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iOS / iPadOS).

To download MEGA on a PC, connect to the official MEGA page and click on the icon for the operating system installed on your computer. Up Windows, after downloading the file .exe, double click on it and press the keys YesOKforward, AcceptforwardInstallend. On macOS, instead, after downloading the file .dmg, trascina l 'MEGA icon inside the folder Applications.

After installation, launch MEGA Sync and, in the screen that is shown to you, log in with your MEGA account. Once this is done, choose whether to start one Full synchronization of your data or a Selective synchronization (in order to choose which files to synchronize with the PC and which not). To finish, click on forward, choose the folder in which to store the MEGA files and presses on forwardend to start data synchronization.

Via the File Explorer Windows (or the Finder macOS), by clicking on the entry MEGASync on the sidebar, you can access the synchronization folder: by dragging the files into it, they will be automatically uploaded to the MEGA cloud.

By right clicking on theMEGA icon that you find next to the Windows clock, in the taskbar (or in the menu bar, on macOS), you can access the MEGA Sync settings panel, through which to manage the account, folders and band.

As mentioned above, the MEGA client for the computer is not required for downloading or uploading files to the service. Download it only if you want to synchronize your files on multiple computers and / or if you want to manage the latter in a more convenient way than what you can do in the browser, especially if you have to transfer a large number of files, even large ones.

Finally, as regards the MEGA app for Android and iOS / iPadOS smartphones and tablets, you can download it to your device to easily manage files on your cloud, having available all the tools that are present in the web interface of this service.

You can then generate links or share folders with other users and much more. The app for Android and iOS / iPadOS mobile devices has no limitations compared to what you can already do from a web browser, as I explained to you in this chapter.

It is interesting, however, the automatic synchronization functionality of the multimedia gallery of the device: by accessing the tab Camera, you can activate the automatic upload function of all the multimedia elements in the gallery, so as to be sure not to lose this type of data in the event of a reset, loss or device malfunction.

Alternatively, you can activate this feature by pressing the icon and selecting you Settings> Enable Camera Uploads.