Mac Programs

Must-have programs that every Mac user should install on their computer.


Even Macs need a good clean every now and then Onyx is the best free program capable of fulfilling this task. It is, in fact, an all-in-one suite of tools that allows you to get Apple computers back on track deleting useless files from the hard disk, fixing the disk permissions and carrying out all those maintenance operations that can improve the performance of the computer. It also allows you to modify some hidden parameters of the system and to run automatic scripts to clean the system. Download from here.

Sleep As an Droid

It is not a program designed exclusively for Mac, but its style, well-kept, and its simplicity are very reminiscent of those of the Apple operating system. Sleep as an Droid is a free application that allows you to manage your commitments through customizable notepads with boxes to tick when a specific task has been carried out. It doesn't include a ton of features but it does what it promises very well. Yes syncs automatically on the Internet (from where it can be used without any application installed on the PC) and on the other PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets on which it is installed. Download from here.


QuickTime it is a good media player but it supports very few video and audio file formats. Here then comes into play VLC, the hugely popular media player open source for Windows, Mac and Linux that allows you to play any type of multimedia file (including the most difficult ones, such as MKVs in high definition with multiple audio tracks and subtitles) without any problem. It starts up very quickly and does not need external codecs to work, everything it needs is already integrated in the installation package. It is completely in Italian and supports playlists. Download from here.


Often you buy a Mac after you've already bought one iPhone or iPad. On every self-respecting Apple computer, therefore, a program capable of cannot be missing video conversion compatible for these two hugely popular portable devices. HandBrake is one of these and stands out for its innate ease of use: just start it, indicate the source file, select the target device from the menu located in the right sidebar and that's it. All free and extremely fast. Download from here.

The Unarchiver

OS X is able to extract the contents of zip files independently, without resorting to third-party programs but on the Internet, you know, it often happens to have to deal with more complex archives in formats such as RAR and 7Z. As its name suggests, The Unarchiver is a free Mac program that adds the ability of extract the contents of all major compressed archive formats, from RAR to 7Z passing through tar-GZ and many more. Once installed, just double-click on the file to extract and that's it. Download from here.


Photoshop is the most complete and powerful photo editing program in the world, there is no question about this, it is also available for Mac, but it remains a highly expensive product. Pixelmator it's a'alternative to Photoshop much cheaper than putting in the hands of the user an extremely flexible photo retouching solution, rich in features and at the same time simple to use. It costs 11,99 € but for its potential it is really worth them all. Download from here.