Karaoke Programs

Are you planning a party with your friends and would like to make it even more fun by putting on some good karaoke? It seems to me a really good idea, congratulations! However, if you are now here and you are reading these lines, it is most likely because you have not yet organized everything and as you do not have the appropriate "equipment" you are therefore looking for one or more karaoke programs to succeed in your intent using the PC. How do you say? Are things exactly like this? Then I am happy to inform you that you have come to the right place (indeed, on the right guide!), At the right time.

With today's tutorial I will in fact show you what in my humble opinion represent the best karaoke programs currently on the square, both free and paid, Both for Windows that for MacOS other than Linux. There are therefore programs for karaoke for all tastes. Try to identify what you think will do the most for you and download it to your computer immediately.

So if you are really interested in the matter, I would say not to waste any more precious time and to start taking a look at these software immediately. You will see, in the end you will be able to tell yourself more than satisfied as well as happy to finally be able to find the solution that best suits your needs. What do you say, we bet?

Where to Find the Basics for Karaoke?

Before reading this article dedicated to karaoke programs, let me give you a little tip. If you do not know where to find the karaoke backing tracks to be used in conjunction with the software I am about to show you, take a look at my guide on the subject I wrote some time ago and my tutorial on how to download backing tracks through which I proceeded to show you some of the best online solutions through which you can find what you need.

Most of the software that you find listed below in fact requires the user to select an ad hoc backing track. The information in the tutorials that I have just suggested could therefore make you particularly comfortable with one or more of the following programs.


Jajuk (Windows – MacOS – Linux)

Jajuk it is, as its name suggests, a complete multimedia jukebox for playing and managing music files. Its user interface is a bit, how to say, "old-fashioned" and not exactly inviting but it is still a good program to consider.

The software is free, supports all major audio file formats and among its functions there is, in fact, the karaoke mode that allows you to sing along the backing tracks of the songs. To use the program, you need Java software on your computer.

Jajuk is usable on Windows, macOS and Linux. To immediately download it to your computer click here.

Slow MP3 (Windows – MacOS – Linux)

In an article dedicated to what are the best karaoke programs, it cannot be missing Slow MP3. It is in fact a very simple free music player that includes among its functions a karaoke mode that makes it particularly interesting in this sense.

Being a player, the software also allows you to play files in WAV and MP3 format and to translate the songs into musical notes. Also in this case, in order to use the program, you need to have Java software on your computer.

Slow MP3 is usable on Windows, macOS and Linux. To immediately download it to your computer click here.

Audacity (Windows – MacOS – Linux)

Audacity it is simply the best free audio editing program. It is not specifically designed for karaoke but among its infinite functions there is one that allows you to remove the vocals from songs and then… falls like a bean!

To exploit it and thus obtain musical bases on which to sing, just open the musical piece to be transformed into a karaoke track and call up the function Vocal remove from the menu Effetti. To save the generated tracks in MP3 format, you need to install the free plugin Lame MP3.

Audacity is usable on Windows, macOS and Linux. To immediately download it to your computer click here.

UltraStar Deluxe (Windows – MacOS – Linux)

UltraStar Deluxe it is a program or, better said, a karaoke game free and open source that follows the style and operation of famous music video games, such as SingStar.

It includes numerous default music tracks and other songs can be freely created by users or downloaded from the project website. To play UltraStar Deluxe just download the application and connect any microphone to your computer. Fun is more than guaranteed!

UltraStar Deluxe is usable on Windows, macOS and Linux. To immediately download it to your computer click here.

GoSing (Windows)

GoSing it is undoubtedly one of the best free karaoke programs among those currently on the square. It fully supports all major file formats for karaoke (KAR, MID and MK1), even compressed ones, and includes some nice features that allow you to enjoy a 360-degree karaoke experience on your PC.

To underline the presence of beautiful custom backgrounds on which the words to sing are shown and an innovative system of underlining the sentences that helps the user to understand when it is time to sing.

GoSing is usable only on Windows. To immediately download it to your computer click here.

Vanbasco Karaoke Player (Windows)

Vanbasco Karaoke Player is, according to many, one of the best free karaoke programs. It is completely in Italian and has a customizable interface structured in different windows with interchangeable fonts, colors and background images.

It supports all major karoke file formats and includes several advanced functions, such as the one that allows you to read the musical notes of the songs being played and change the tempo of the music.

Vanbasco Karaoke Player is usable only on Windows. To immediately download it to your computer click here.

Walaoke (Windows)

Walaoke is a karaoke media player with graphics vaguely reminiscent of the good old Winamp multimedia player. It supports all major karaoke file formats and allows you to create videos with custom backgrounds for your favorite songs.

The software is free but it is necessary to register it with a free code obtainable through the official forum of the program.

Walaoke is usable only on Windows. To immediately download it to your computer click here.

MidiCo (macOS)

midicus is one of the most advanced karaoke programs for Mac. It includes a powerful Midi and Kar file player, an advanced Midi track controller with mixer, a complete playlist manager and of course a karaoke function that displays videos and images while on the screen on the computer scroll through the words of the selected song.

The software is paid but is available in a free trial version that allows you to test all its functions. The only limitation is that the traces stop after two minutes but for a simple test of the characteristics they should be more than enough.

MidiCo is usable only and exclusively on macOS. To download now to your computer click here.