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More and more users are abandoning peer-to-peer software, such as uTorrent or the good old eMule, in favor of file hosting services such as MEGA, NowDownload, Rapidgator and the like. Among the advantages of these services (also known as cyberlockers) there are the lack of too long waits and almost always good download speeds. Furthermore, to use them you don't have to open ports in the router and you don't have to face complicated configuration procedures: just click on a couple of buttons and you're done.

Now you know why today I want to talk to you about JDownloader- A free, multi-platform download manager optimized for file hosting services. It allows you to download files without having to manually click on the download buttons, notifies the user when it is time to type the captcha codes (by offering a special window) and also supports premium accounts. This means that if you have paid accounts on hosting services, you can take advantage of them at 100% and always download at maximum speed. And that's not all!

JDownloader also allows you to use debrid services (those that allow you to authenticate as a premium user on multiple hosting services by paying a single subscription) and automatic systems for captcha resolution (most of which are paid). Furthermore, it is able to monitor the system clipboard in order to automatically "capture" all the selected links and allows you to extract photos, videos and music files from all Web pages. In short, it is really difficult to find better in a free environment. Then the program interface is completely in Italian! How about taking a few minutes of free time and discovering, with me, how to use Italian JDownloader? I assure you it will be worth it.

How to Download Italian JDownloader

As can be guessed, the first step that must be taken to learn how JDownloader English is to download the software to your computer. Then connect to the program's website using Chrome or another browser compatible with the service MEGA (on which the software is currently hosted) and select the item related to the operating system you are using: WindowsMacOSLinux. In this tutorial I will focus on Windows and macOS.

If you are using a Windows PC, you need to click on the items WindowsDownload 32/64Bit Webinstaller (Rar-Archive RECOMMENDED)Click to start the Download to access the JDownloader download page on MEGA, then you have to click on the button Download with your browser to download the program to your computer. If you are using a Mac, you must first click on the item Poppy, by your complaint Download Installer Mac OS X Version 10.7 or higher and finally on the button Download with your browser at MEGA.

How to Install Italian JDownloader

Once the download is complete, open the RAR package that includes JDownloader (if you do not know how to open RAR files, read my tutorial dedicated to the subject) and start the installation of JDownloader following the instructions below.

If you are using a Windows PC, open the executable Install JDownloader.exe and click on the button first Next and then Accept Skip all to complete the setup by refusing downloads of additional promotional software. Please note that at the beginning of the process some components essential for the correct functioning of the program will be downloaded from the Internet, so make sure you have an active connection.

If you are using a Mac, open the dmg package which contains JDownloader, starts the executable JDownloader Installer contained in the latter and first click on apri and then OKNext four consecutive times.

Therefore, wait for all the components necessary to install the program to be downloaded from the Internet and complete the setup by first clicking on SkipFinish.

How to Use Italian JDownloader

At this point, regardless of the browser you use to browse the Internet, you are ready to download files with JDownloader. The program, in fact, has an intelligent link "capture" system that automatically detects the links selected by the user and copies them to an area of ​​the download queue called Capture Links.

This means that to import the files you want to download from MEGA, FireDrive, NowDownload or any other hosting service into JDownloader, all you have to do is select the URL you see in the browser's address bar and copy it (by right-clicking on it and choosing the voice Copy from the menu that opens).

Subsequently, to start downloading the files "captured" by JDownloader, you have to go to the tab Capture Links and press the button play which is located at the top left. If you don't want to download all the files captured by JDownloader but only some of them, select them one by one using the key combination Ctrl + Left mouse click (o cmd + left mouse click on Mac), then right click and choose the item Start download give the menu to compare.

Once the file download has been commanded, JDownloader will wait for the countdown to expire and will notify you when you need to type the captcha code to start the actual download of the files.

The files contained in the compressed archives (ZIP, RAR etc.), even those composed of multiple volumes, are automatically extracted at the end of the download. In the case of password protected archives, you can set the extraction password by right clicking on a file in the tab Download of JDownloader and selecting the items Archive> Set Archive Password give the menu check if you press.

From the same menu, if you deem it appropriate, you can also disable the automatic extraction of files at the end of the download. Just remove the check mark from the item Extract after download. 

Would you like to download the images or videos contained in a "normal" site and not on a hosting service? No problem. JDownloader is able to do this too: it analyzes any type of link and automatically recognizes the multimedia files present in it.

Just copy the address of the page containing the videos or photos to download, go to the tab Capture Links of JDownloader and press the key combination Ctrl + V on the PC keyboard (cmd + v on Mac) to start the detection and subsequent addition to the download queue of all the files on the page.

How to Configure Italian JDownloader

As you surely know, cyberlockers only allow registered users to download without speed or time limits, i.e. those who subscribe to them by agreeing to pay a monthly sum to access the files they host. JDownloader makes these limitations more bearable by warning the user when it is necessary to type the confirmation code (captcha) to start the downloads and making it no longer necessary to press all those buttons that normally need to be clicked to download files from hosting services .

It should also be noted the availability of some services that promise to automatically resolve Captcha codes in exchange for a monthly subscription or the termination of some Captchas for other users. You can find more information about it in the menu Settings> Settings> Captcha di JDownloader.

To users who have decided to subscribe to a paid plan with MEGA, NowDownload etc. the program instead offers the possibility to configure the access credentials to one's own account premium (or to the services of debrid) in such a way as to automatically remove all limitations during the download phase. To configure the cyberlocker accounts you need to go to the menu Settings> Settings> Account Management and click on the button Add.

If you want to translate Italian JDownloader in other languages ​​(or vice versa) go to the section User Interface settings and set the language in which to translate the software from the appropriate drop-down menu.

In the General of the options it is possible to change the download destination folder (just click on the button Shop by Department) and change the number of simultaneous downloads allowed. If you're interested, I've explained how to best adjust some of these values ​​in my guide on how to configure JDownloader.

Many file hosting services, if you don't have a premium account, limit the number of files you can download on the same computer. To bypass this limitation, you can reset the router to acquire a new IP address and then “trick” the file hosting services into believing they are using another computer.

Given that the above "trick" only works with connections that do not have a fixed IP, you can configure JDownloader so that it automatically restarts the router by going to the menu Settings> Settings> Reconnection, placing the check mark next to the item Automatic reconnect enabled and clicking on the button reconnection wizard. This will start a test to try to configure the automatic restart of the router.

How to Update Italian JDownloader

JDownloader works through plugins; each plugin corresponds to a different hosting service. Therefore, for the software to work properly with all sites, the plugins must always be up to date.

As a rule, JDownloader automatically checks for updates and reports it with a special notifies displayed at the top of the screen, but if necessary you can force the search for updates by clicking on the icon globe located at the bottom of the toolbar (top left).

Once you have found the updates, just click on the button Install now to confirm installation and wait patiently for the program to restart. The downloads in progress will be stopped and then resumed at the next software start (if possible, because often the hosting services, if you do not have a premium account, do not allow you to resume interrupted downloads).


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