How Will I Create a Link

How to create a link

There are many ways to create a link; it all depends on the application or service where you need to make it. For example, do you need to create a link in HTML or do you need to send a link to a file uploaded to a cloud storage service? What you need to do is customize a previously created URL?

In case you should find yourself in one of the situations just listed, know that you have a chance to solve your technological problems by reading this tutorial of mine. In the course of this guide, in fact, I will explain in detail how to create a link in the most frequent cases in which it is required to do so. Before you can worry unnecessarily, I want to tell you that the procedures I'm going to show you are absolutely easy to do; to create a link you don't need any technical or computer skills.

Are you interested in the topic and therefore looking forward to learn more? Ok, let's not waste any more time in chatting and let's start talking about the procedures you can do to create a link for the most frequent purposes. I wish you a good read.

How to create a customized short link

If you want to create a customized link and want to change the text that is displayed, you can use one of the many Web services that allow you to embellish and rename the hyperlink with a custom wording.

These web tools are free online services that allow you to rename a web address in a very simple way, in order to shorten it by inserting a meaningful wording. Just to give you a concrete example, you can use these services to rename links and replace the default wording with letters or words. There are several Internet services that offer this renaming and link customization tool in a free and fast way; here are some of them, the most famous ones.

  • Bitly: this is perhaps one of the most famous and used services on the Web that allows you to rename links in a few simple clicks. This service can also be used without registration, but it only allows you to shorten links and not to customize them. In order to take advantage of the latter functionality, free registration to the service is required, which also allows you to get advanced features including statistics for the shared link. That said, if you want to use it in all its free features, open the browser you usually use to surf the Internet and go to the official website of Bitly and then press the Sign Up button located at the top right. Then register to the website in question by pressing the Sign Up With Facebook or Sign Up With Twitter button to register through one of the two social networks. Alternatively you can also register to the service through a different email address that you will have to indicate in the text field that you will see on the screen. After indicating the password you want to use for the registration press the Create account button. Once the preliminary registration procedure is done you can access the Bitly tool to shorten and rename the link of your interest. To perform this procedure press the Create Bitlink button and, after entering the link in the text field Paste Long URL press the Create button. Subsequently, through the text field Customize you can customize the final wording of the URL, which will be[name of your choice]. For example Confirm the customization by pressing the Save button.
  • Google URL Shortener: This is a Google service that allows you to shorten URLs. It can be used in an extremely simple way, but on the other hand it only allows you to shorten the hyperlink and does not allow you to rename. To use it, go to its official website and, through the text field Your original URL here, type the link you want to shorten and then press the Shorten URL button. The shortened URL will appear in the Your short URL text field, so you can copy and paste it elsewhere.
  • TinyURL: is one of the historic services that allows you to shorten and beautify a URL, has a minimal user interface for intuitive use of the service. To use it connect to its official website and, through the text field Enter a long URL to make tiny: type the URL to shorten. To embellish it and modify the final part, use the Custom alias text field (optional). Then press the Make Tiny URL! button and you will get the shortened and beautified hyperlink.

How to create a link in Word

You have to write a text document and to do this you are using the well-known word processing program, Microsoft Word. Inside the document you are writing you have to insert a clickable link, but you don't know how to do this procedure, because you don't know well the functioning of the program you are using. No problem, I can help you, the procedure you have to do is really simple, you can't go wrong.

Once you have typed the hyperlink, you can make it clickable. Highlight all of the text and then right-click on it and a drop-down menu will open, from which you will need to click on the words hyperlink. At this point you'll just have to type the address of the website into the Address text field and confirm it by clicking the OK button.

Alternatively, once you have highlighted the link text, you can make it clickable by clicking on File from the Word main menu and then on Links and Hyperlink. The Word window called Insert Hyperlink will open again and you will be able to enter the address of the Internet site using the Address text field. To confirm, press the OK button.

To create a link in Word you can also proceed directly by right-clicking on the Word page you have opened and then, once you see the contextual menu, click on the Hyperlink heading. Then you will have to enter the address of the website you want to send to in the text field Address, while in the text field named Text to Display, you can type the text to which the link refers.

How to create a link in HTML

If your intention is to create a link in HTML format, you'll be happy to know that this procedure is quite simple, just follow some basic rules of this programming language.

To create a link in HTML you use the formula

<a href="Full website link">Name you want to be displayed<a/>

For example type

<a href="">Files Guide</a>

If you want the words Files Guide to be clickable and link to my website. The result will be: Files Guide.

Within the quotation marks you can insert a page of a website, an image, but also a file; there are no problems whatsoever, as the hyperlink will work in all the cases listed, regardless of the resource indicated.

How to create a Dropbox link

For business needs, you have to share a file via the popular cloud storage service Dropbox; therefore, you want to know how to create a link that refers to the file and that you have uploaded to the platform. In this specific case, carrying out this procedure is very easy. All you have to do is go to the official Dropbox website and log in with your access data to enter the view of the files you have uploaded.

Now, locate the file you want to share from the main Dropbox screen and click on the Share button that you can see attached. At this point to create a link you have to click on the Create a link that you can see on the screen that will open. To copy the link in question and share it click on the Copy Link link that you will see. In addition, if you click on the Link Settings item you can customize some options for the direct link to the file you have created.

How to create a link on Whatsapp

Would you like to share a link to a website with your friend via WhatsApp chat? In this case there is nothing simpler, as you will just have to copy the link of the website in question and paste it into the conversation. You can proceed to perform this procedure using the application of WhatsApp on Android and iOS: I explain in the following lines how to do it.

First, if you are acting from an Android smartphone, open the browser you usually use to surf the Internet and go to the website you want to share in the WhatsApp chat. Then tap on the address bar at the top to highlight the URL. Now, to copy it, hold your finger on the link until the Copy item appears.

Then tap on it to copy the hyperlink; now open the WhatsApp application and go to the chat you previously started for your friend to share the link of your interest with him. Then tap and hold on the text field for sending messages to display the words Paste. In this way you will have sent the link you wanted to share in the WhatsApp chat.

Please note that typing in the URL of a website will automatically make it clickable in WhatsApp chat, so you can click on it to go to the website.

You can do a very similar procedure on your iPhone to share a link on WhatsApp. First, open the browser you use to browse the Internet and go to the site of your interest to copy the link. Then tap on the address bar to highlight the URL; you can also select it by tapping on the Select All tab that will appear.

Once you have selected the URL, tap on the Copy statement to copy the link. Now all you have to do is open the WhatsApp chat and tap on the text field where you usually write messages; hold down on it until the words Paste appear. You'll have to tap on this to paste the link as a message in the conversation. Once it is shared the link will be clickable directly through WhatsApp.

How to create a link in a email

Creating a link in an email is the easiest procedure in the world, especially if you use one of the most popular Webmail services.

If you use Microsoft email and therefore have a Hotmail or Outlook account, first of all go to the official website of the Webmail service and log in with your credentials.

Then press the (+) New button to create a new email. In the text field dedicated to the body of the message you can easily paste the link to a website to share it via email. If you would like to link to a word, type it into the text field of the email body and then highlight the word to select it.

Now click on the button with a chain symbol that you can see in the bottom bar of Outlook; this button is called Insert Hyperlink. Clicking it will open the screen dedicated to entering the URL and in the URL text field you can enter the link, then click Ok to confirm it.

A similar procedure can also be carried out through Gmail. Therefore, once you are logged into your email, click the Write button to compose a new message.

To send a link via email you can paste it into the text field; it will be automatically clickable. Alternatively, you can type a word and then click on the button with the chain symbol (Insert Link). From the window that will appear, type the hyperlink in the text field To which URL should this link connect?; the text to be displayed should be typed in the text field Text to Display.