How to Zip Files with Ipad

You need to send some documents by email urgently. You only have yours iPad handy and you are desperate because you would need to zip the files before sending them? Well, tell me where the problem is. Even on iPad it is possible to create zip archives containing any type of file and then send everything via email.

I have a distinct feeling you've never heard of Documents by Readdle, a powerful file manager for iPad (and iPhone) that allows you to view and manage files in a very similar way to what allows you to do the Explorer on Windows and the Finder on Mac. how to zip files with iPad using it.

Be vuoi scoprire how to zip files with iPad, the first step you need to take is to open theApp Store, search for the free Documents by Readdle application and install it on your tablet. When the operation is completed, start Documents and you will immediately have access to a series of sample files with which to experiment its features.

Then try to create a zip archive with the documents and photos present "standard" in the app, in order to understand how it works. All you have to do is press the button Edit located at the top right, put the check mark next to the files to be included in the archive and select the item Zip from the left sidebar. Mission accomplished!

Perfect, now you know how to zip files with iPad. But to zip the documents to be emailed you must first transfer them to Documents by Readdle. How? There are various ways to do this.

The simplest is to add your own account to the application dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive or another of the cloud storage services supported by the program. In this way, it becomes possible to access the files saved in the "cloud" at any time and with absolute simplicity (as if it were a local folder).

To set up Dropbox or another similar service in Documents, select the item Network from the left sidebar, press the button Add storageā€¦ and fill out the form that is proposed to you with the access data to your account. It is very easy and, once the operation is completed, you can access the content of your online space by simply selecting the appropriate link from the sidebar of the application.

Do you want to transfer files to Documents directly from your PC? No problem. Go to the app settings (by pressing thegear located at the top left), select the item Wi-Fi Drive from the left sidebar and activate the option Enable drive by setting its toggle to ON. Next, go to Network, pigia sull'icona del Wi-Fi located at the top right and connected from a PC to the address that appears to upload your files directly to Documents by Readdle.

To zip files on Dropbox or other similar services, you must first download them to the folder Downloads by Documents. So go to the section Network of the app, select the service from which you want to download the files (eg. dropbox) e pigia sul pulsating Edit which is located at the top right. Put the check mark next to the files you want to transport to Documents and press the button Download located in the left sidebar to complete the operation.

At the end of the download, to zip the objects you just downloaded, go to the folder Downloads of Documents, press up Edit, put the check mark next to all the files to include in the archive and select the item Zip from the sidebar.

To finish, press again Edit, put the check mark on the zip archive you just obtained and select the item Mail from the left sidebar to create your email with the zipped files as an attachment. Since it wasn't difficult?