How to View Ip Address

Have you ever heard of it of the IP address? It is a numerical address that is assigned to computers and all other devices connected to the Internet to identify them and allow them to interact with each other: a sort of telephone number or license plate, so to speak. IP addresses can be dynamic, that is, they change with each connection, or static, i.e. fixed. Furthermore, a distinction must be made between IP addresses public which identify devices on the Internet and IP addresses local which instead are assigned by routers to identify the various devices within the home or office network. View the IP address it can be useful when you need to configure programs to control PCs remotely, firewalls and many other types of applications.

How do you say? It's all clear to you but you don't have the faintest idea how to view the IP address? Well, you don't have to worry… I can give you all the explanations you need. In fact, with today's guide I will explain, step by step, how to view your IP address. Before you can get scared and think about who knows what I want to point out right away that, contrary to appearances, the procedure that must be implemented to view the IP address is not complicated at all. In fact, everyone, even the less skilled in new technologies, can succeed "in the enterprise" without encountering particular problems, you have my word.

That said, if you are really interested in finding out what you need to do in order to view the IP address, I suggest you take a few minutes of free time and concentrate on reading this tutorial. I am sure that in the end you will be able to tell yourself more than satisfied and that in case of need you will also be ready and willing to explain to your friends in need of receiving a similar tip what to do. Let it bet?

View Public IP Address (dynamic and Static)

Believe it or not, all you need to do to view a public IP address, whether it is dynamic or static, it makes no difference, is to connect to an Internet site, or rather to a Web service without resorting to any software or particular plugin allows to obtain this information. There are so many. What I recommend you try is called What Is My IP Address and allows you to have detailed information on the IP address, the ISP to which it belongs (ie the telephone company that provides you with the Internet connection) and even the geographical position of the user, which is displayed on a map. But be careful: what is provided is not the exact location of the computer, but the location where the telephone exchange to which the connection in use is located.

To view the IP address, just click here to connect to the What Is My IP Addres web page and wait for the latter to load. When the upload is complete, under the heading Your IPv4 Address IS: you will be shown your public IP address.

If when you connect to What Is My IP Address your browser asks you for permission to communicate your geographical location to the site, accept. Otherwise the service will not be able to correctly locate your connection and show it on the map.

If you want to see even more details about your IP address once connected to the main page of What Is My IP Address click on the button Show Me More About My IP which is located in the center. Once this is done you will be redirected to a page with more precise information on the company that provides you with the Internet connection and the geographical location of the user with a red indicator on the map at the bottom of the page.

If the service to view the IP address that I have just proposed has not particularly attracted your attention, you can try the website My IP. This is a solution that, similar to that already indicated in the previous lines, allows you to view the IP address quickly and easily and directly from the web browser. To view the IP address with My IP, all you have to do is click here so that you can immediately connect to the main web page of the service in question.

On the page that opens, you will find your IP address next to the wording Your IP address is, the name of the location where the control unit to which your connection refers is located next to the item City, and the name of your internet provider next to the entries Provider ed Hostname. 

As you can see, this is a fast and immediate resource that will allow you to know your IP address in just one click. This website does not offer additional features to view more information about your IP address as all the main information is already present in the screen I have indicated to you.

View Local IP Address (dynamic and Static)

If you are interested in understanding how to view the local IP address and use a PC Windows know that you can get this information simply by using the Command Prompt.

To do this, access the search field attached to the menu Start, located next to the button Start or attached to the Start Screen (depends on the version of Windows you are using) type cmd in the search bar and press the button Submit keypad to access the Command Prompt. In the window that opens, type the command ipconfig and then press the button Submit of the PC keyboard. Once this is done you will see all the information about your system's network. The IP address of your computer is what it says next to the word Address IPv4, for example

If instead you use a Poppy and you are interested in viewing the IP address you can get this information by going to the section Network di System Preferences.

To do this, access the Launchpad e cheap with System preference. Alternatively click on the icon Spotlight located at the top right of the menu bar, type system preferences in the search field that is shown to you and then click on the first result displayed in the list, the one placed under the heading Il migliore. Once the System Preferences window is displayed, click on the icon Network and select your connection, for example Wi-Fi, from the left sidebar. Once this is done, you will find the "coordinates" of your Mac in the local network immediately above the drop-down menu with the name of the network to which you are connected.

Are you interested in viewing the IP address of your smartphone or tablet? Yes? Very well, this is information that you can easily obtain by accessing the section relating to settings of the network Wi-Fi.

Alternatively you can resort to the use of some apps used precisely for the purpose in question. Also in this case there is an abundance of solutions you could turn to, but I want to point out just a couple of the most reliable and complete ones.

If you use a smartphone or tablet equipped with the operating system Android to view the IP address using the app IP Tools: Network Utilities. It is a free application that allows you to discover the local IP address of the network but also the public one and that provides various information about ISP, DNS servers and other connection parameters. The application also includes a series of useful tools to ping the connection (i.e. check latency times), to know detailed information on an IP address through the Whois system, to view statistics on data sent and received and much more. .

To use the app, just download it from Play Store pressing here (possibly a premium version of the app is also available that you can get here) directly from your device and start it by tapping on its icon added to the home screen of the same. The information on the IP address is automatically shown on the home screen of the app, while the other tools are accessible from the menu that appears by pressing the button located at the top left (the icon with the three horizontal lines).

If you use a iPhone or  iPad and want to view IP address you can take advantage of the app Network Analyzer Lite. It is a free application that shows in a single screen the public IP address of the device, its local address and even the public IP address linked to the 3G / LTE data connection in use.

To use the app, all you have to do is download it from App Store pressing here (possibly a premium version of the app is also available which you can get here) directly from your device and start it by tapping on its icon added to the home screen of the same: it does everything by itself. Once the main screen of the app is displayed, if the public IP address linked to the Wi-Fi connection is not displayed, presses on the item N/A Reload and the information will be reloaded instantly. Also, by pressing on the buttons LAN e Ping placed in the lower part of the screen you can view the addresses of all the devices connected to your local network and you can test the latency of the connection.

Finally, know that it is also possible to view the IP address of the router. If you are using a Windows PC you can identify the IP address of your router by typing the command ipconfig in Command Prompt and then identifying the item located next to Default gateway attached to the displayed window. If, on the other hand, you use a Mac to view your router's IP address, just access the section Network di System preference, select the connection in use from the left sidebar, click on the button Go ahead ... located at the bottom right, click on the tab TCP / IP and locate the item located next to the wording router. For more details I suggest you consult my guide on how to find router IP address.