How to Verify Java

When you try to run certain programs on your PC, are you told that the version of Java on your PC is not up to date enough? Can't play Java content in your browser anymore? Don't worry, if you want, I'm here to give you a hand.

Give me five minutes of your time and I'll explain first how to verify Java - in order to find out the software version currently installed on your PC - and then how to activate Java in all web browsers that still allow the use of this plugin.

Yes, you read that right! Not all browsers support Java and, indeed, more and more are those who decide to remove support for this plugin due to its numerous security flaws. If you want advice, avoid it too while you can! If you don't need Java for work and / or for applications that you absolutely cannot do without, uninstall it and I assure you that you will not miss it. Indeed, you will sleep much more peacefully from the point of view of cyber security. That said, let's get back to us and see how, if necessary, it is possible to verify and correct the functioning of Java on Windows and macOS.

Check the Version of Java Installed on Your Computer

If you want to check the version of Java installed on your computer, all you have to do is open the control panel, select the coffee cup icon and click on the updates tab (in the window that opens).

Going into more detail: if you use a PC Windowsclick on your button Start (the flag icon located in the lower left corner of the screen), you have to type control panel in the menu that opens and you have to choose the first search result.

In the window that opens, expand the drop-down menu View by (top right) and choose the option Big icons or the option Small icons from the latter. Then click on the icon Java (the cup of coffee), select the tab General from the window that opens and presses the button Informazioni su. A box will appear with all the information relating to the version of Java in use.

To check the availability of a new version of Java, go to the tab instead Updateclick on your button Update now and, if new versions of the software are detected, accept their installation by clicking on first Update and then Yes. More details on the whole procedure can be found in my Java update tutorial.

You suspect you have multiple versions of Java installed on the PC? In this case, open the control panel Windows, click on the icon Uninstall a program and check the list of all software installed on your computer.

If in the list of programs installed on your PC there are multiple versions of Java, you can easily get rid of all the obsolete versions of the software by connecting to this web page with Internet Explorer o Firefoxpigging your pulse I accept the terms and conditions and want to continue and accepting the execution of Java.

Within seconds you will be listed all the outdated versions of Java and you will be allowed to delete them from your computer with a simple click. If you want more information on this procedure, consult my tutorial on how to uninstall Java: there you will find everything explained.

I use a Poppy? No problem. To check the version of Java installed on your computer, all you have to do is open System preference (the gear icon located in the Dock bar located at the bottom of the screen), select the icon Java from the window that opens and wait for the Java panel to load (it should take a few seconds).

When the Java panel opens, click on the tab Update located at the top left and you will find the software version installed on your computer. If updates are available, install them by clicking the buttons Update now e Install.

Check That Java Works in the Browser

If you want check Java and test its operation in the browser, connected to this web page and first click on the button Accept (to accept the policy on the use of cookies) and then on the voice Do I have Java? which is located under the red button in the center of the page.

Next, click on the button for activate Java in your browser, choose whether to activate the plugin for one time or for all work sessions and within a few seconds the test result should appear, which should be positive.

If you don't see the button to activate Java, you are most likely using a browser in which the plugin is no longer officially supported or has been completely disabled. To check if your browser supports Java and eventually reactivate the plugin, put into practice the advice you find below.

Enable Java in Chrome

Starting with version 45 (released September 2015), Chrome no longer supports Java and all plugins based on the old NPAPI technology. This means that there is no way to get Java back to working in Google's browser. You have to turn to other navigation programs.

Enable Java in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge it has never supported Java and will almost certainly not support it in the future either.

Enable Java in Firefox

Firefox still supports Java. To activate the plugin, click on the button located at the top right of the main program window and select the icon Additional components give the menu to compare.

In the screen that opens, select the item Plugin from the left sidebar, locate the items related to Java (TM) Platform, Java Applet Plug-in e Java Deployment Toolkit and set the drop-down menu next to them on Ask before activating.

By acting in this way, every time Firefox encounters a content created in Java, it will ask you whether to play it by operating the plugin "manually" or whether to continue browsing without loading such content.

Abilitare Java in Internet Explorer

To enable Java to run in Internet Explorer, start the browser, click on thegear collocata in alto a destra e seleciona la voce Internet options give the menu to compare.

In the window that opens, select the tab Safetyclick on your button Custom level ..., individual you relative to all 'Scripting Java applets and metti il ​​segno di spunta accanto alla voce Attiva o Ask for confirmation to make the plugin start automatically or on request every time there is a content to play in Java.

Enable Java in Safari

If you have one Poppy and use Safari to surf the Internet, you can activate the execution of Java simply by going to the menu Safari> Preferences located at the top left, by selecting the tab Safety e pigging your pulse Plugin Settings ....

In the window that opens, put the check mark next to the entry for Java located in the left sidebar, set the option Ask in the drop-down menu When I visit other websites (bottom right) and click on end per salvare i Cambiomenti.

By doing this, Java will be usable but will not automatically load from Safari. This means that every time you encounter a content in Java, the browser will ask you whether to activate the plugin to play it or to continue browsing without activating Java.

How to Reset Java to Open JAR Files

You would like to verify that Java works because it cannot run applications in JAR format? In this case, I strongly advise you to put into practice the instructions you find in my tutorial on how to open JAR files: there you can find a series of possible solutions to the failure to open JAR files on Windows and macOS. Read it and you won't regret it!