How to Use Jdownloader

JDownloader is a program that should never be missing on a PC. It is a free, open source and multi-platform download manager that allows you to download files from all popular hosting services: MEGA, RapidGator, Openload etc. It also supports video streaming services and is able to "capture" multimedia files from all Web pages: this means that you can feed it any Internet connection and download all the images, videos and / or audio files that this contains.

Another important thing to underline is that JDownloader supports premium accounts of hosting services and debrid services, so it allows you to download files without traffic limits and without the boredom of having to type captcha codes before starting each download. Convenient, right? So do not waste any more time and investigate the subject immediately: take five minutes free and find out how to use JDownloader thanks to the indications of this per darti.

Whether you have a Windows PC or a Mac, I assure you that you will not encounter any difficulties in downloading JDownloader, installing it and using it to download your favorite files from the Internet. The only recommendation I make to you is not to use the program to illegally download copyrighted content: this is an operation that goes against the law and can be punished accordingly. With this tutorial, I have no intention of facilitating piracy and therefore I do not take any responsibility for the use that will be made of the heavy indications in it. Clear? Well, then let's take action!

Download and Install JDownloader

Before you find out how to use JDownloader, you need to download and install the software on your PC. Therefore connected to the JDownloader website, click on the item related to Windows and select the link Download 32/64Bit Webinstaller (Rar-Archive RECOMMENDED) which appears below.

On the web page that opens, wait for the download screen of MEGA (a well-known file hosting service) and proceed with the download of JDownloader by pressing the button Download.

A download complete, apri il rar package which contains JDownloader (if you don't know how to open RAR files, read my tutorial dedicated to the subject) and start the executable Install JDownloader.exe contented to the internal suo.

Nella finestra che si apre, fai clic sul pulsado Yes and wait a few seconds for the first files needed to run the program to be downloaded from the Internet. When the download is complete, click on the entry Advanced installation, pigia sul pulsating Next, Then Accept and remove the check mark from the item relating to the download of additional promotional software (eg. Install the Chromium browser with Bing support).

To conclude, click on your button Decline and wait a few more seconds to allow JDownloader to download all the components necessary for its operation. At the end of this phase, the program will start automatically.

I use a Poppy? No problem. You can download and install JDownloader easily as seen above on Windows. Then connect to the program's website, click on the item related to Poppy e seleciona il collegamento Download Installer Mac OS X Version 10.7 or higher which appears below.

A download complete, apri il dmg package which contains JDownloader and launches the executable JDownloader Installer contained within it. In the window that opens, click the button first apri, Then OK e Next four consecutive times. Therefore, wait for all the files necessary for the software to work to be downloaded from the Internet and complete the setup by pressing first Skip and then Finish.

How to Configure JDownloader

Once you have downloaded and installed JDownloader, you must adjust the program settings so that they are appropriate for your connection and your download needs. I anticipate right away that, unlike programs to download Torrent files and other P2P software, JDownloader does not require the opening of ports in the router to work (unless you use particularly restrictive configurations), therefore its configuration will it will take no more than a few clicks.

To access the menu with JDownloader settings, open the program and select the item Settings from the menu Settings which is located at the top. A tab will open with, on the left, a series of icons corresponding to the various sections of the software configuration panel.

For example, selecting the icon General from the left sidebar you can choose the downloads folder where JDownloader needs to save files downloaded from the Internet and set the number of maximum simultaneous downloads, i.e. the maximum number of downloads that the program must perform at the same time. Personally I recommend that you leave the value on the default option (3), but if you have a very fast fiber connection you could also consider raising the value to 5-6.

Another very important section of the JDownloader configuration panel is the one called Account management, in which, in fact, you can manage your hosting service accounts: if you have a subscription to a hosting service or a debrid service (those that allow you to have a premium account valid for multiple hosting), select the item Account management from the left sidebar of JDownloader, press the button Add and fill out the form that is proposed to you with your account data. By doing so you can download from the services you are subscribed to without the typical limitations of free users (countdown, bandwidth limits, typing captcha codes and so on).

To enter the credentials of "simple" Internet sites and FTP servers, instead, use the section Basic authentication of JDownloader settings. There, too, you can set up your accounts by simply clicking on the button Add and typing your credentials in the field that is added to the program screen.

If you don't have any premium account, you might find the feature very useful Reconnection (always accessible via the left sidebar), which allows you to set automatic disconnection and reconnection from the Internet in order to obtain a new IP address and thus overcome the limitations imposed by many file hosting services (which do not allow download more than a certain amount of data per day using the same IP address). It should be emphasized that this function is valid only for connections with dynamic IP and only for certain router models: to test the compatibility of your connection with the reconnection function offered by JDownloader, click on the button Reconnection wizard. This will start a wizard that will guide you in activating the automatic reconnection.

A very useful function of JDownloader is that which allows you to automatically extract compressed archives (zip, rar, 7z etc.) at the end of their download, even if they are multi-volume (therefore divided into several parts) or password protected (after entering of their release key). To adjust the settings related to automatic extraction of archives, select the item Archive extraction from the left sidebar and make sure there is a check mark next to the option Extract archives after download. Then move to the drop-down menu Delete the archive after extraction and choose if do not delete any files after extracting the archives (in order to keep all the original files intact), if move files to the trash (then delete move the original archives to the Recycle Bin after extraction is complete) or if delete files permanently (then permanently delete the original archives at the end of the extraction). I recommend the second option. Finally, in the field Elenco password located at the bottom, you can write a series of recurring passwords and JDownloader will try to automatically open the downloaded archives using them.

For the rest there is not much to explain, as the settings of JDownloader are all very intuitive: by going up Connection management you can set up a connection via proxy; going up Additional components you can configure the plugins that manage the downloads from the individual hosting services (usually it is not necessary to put your hand to this panel as the plugins, when they stop working, update themselves to get back to doing their job); by accessing the section captcha you can configure the automatic captcha resolution services (there are several, often for a fee); in User Interface you can adjust the language and other settings related to the JDownloader user interface.

In Notification balloon you can set the notifications that the program must send you; in you can create a free JDownloader account to activate program control remotely; inLink capture filter you can set filters for the automatic link capture function included in JDownloader (the one that allows the program to automatically detect the content to be downloaded); in the section Link grouper you can configure the download rules for batch processed files while going to Minimize you can set the minimization of JDownloader in the notification area.

The section deserves a separate chapter Advanced Settings, in which, as easily understood, there are settings of a technical nature that allow you to deeply modify the functioning of JDownloader and, therefore, should not be touched, if not by truly expert users who know where to put their hands.

Under the "Advanced Settings" section is the icon Antistandby which, if checked, prevents the computer from going into standby while downloads with JDownloader are in progress.

As far as the updates, JDownloader automatically checks for updates and automatically updates the plugins for downloading files from hosting services. If you want to "force" the search for new updates, by clicking on the icon of globe located at the top right of the main program window.

If new updates are available, accept their installation and restart JDownloader. Alternatively the software will tell you that you are already using its latest version and then you can safely continue to download your files.

If some steps are not perfectly clear to you and / or you need more information on how to set up JDownloader, take a look at my posts on how to configure JDownloader and how to speed up JDownloader, in which I have shown you all the "tricks" to download maximum speed with this program.

How to Download Files with JDownloader

Now you should be really ready to download files from the Internet with JDownloader. Connect, therefore, to the site that contains the files of your interest and get ready to feed them to the program you just installed on your PC!

As already mentioned above, JDownloader includes a system of automatic link capture, which analyzes the computer clipboard and automatically extracts links related to hosting services, streaming services and sites that contain multimedia elements (images, videos or audio files).

All you have to do to download a file with JDownloader, therefore, is to copy the link by selecting it, right clicking on it and choosing the item Copy from the menu that opens. Alternatively, if you want to capture an address contained in a link (therefore in a clickable text in the browser), all you have to do is right click on the link and select the item Copy link address from the menu that opens. If JDownloader is running, it will automatically grab the link and flag it with a notifies, displayed in the upper right corner of the screen.

Upon receipt, all you have to do is open JDownloader, select the tab Capture Links and check if the links captured by the program are the right ones: if successful, click on the button ?? located at the top left and the download of all the files in the list of captured links will start.

If you don't want to download all the links captured by JDownloader but only some of them, select them using combination Ctrl + click (cmd + click if you have a Mac) and then start the download by right clicking on any of them and selecting the item Start download give the menu answer.

Once the download of one or more files has been commanded, JDownloader will take care of everything. If, for example, you have to wait for a countdown before you can start the download, the program will wait for you and tell you when (and if) to type the captcha code required when the download starts.

In the case of password-protected compressed archives, you can indicate to JDownloader the password necessary to extract the files contained in the latter by right-clicking on them and choosing the items Archive (s)> Set Archive Password give the menu check if you press.

Do you want to capture images or videos on a web page? This also becomes child's play when using JDownloader. All you have to do is copy the address of the page and let the program do the rest: all the multimedia files will be listed in the tab Capture Links.

If this does not happen, go to the form Capture Links of JDownloader, click on the button Add new web links which is located at the bottom right and paste, in the box that opens, the address of the Web page that contains the files of your interest. Then click on Continue and wait for the program to show you the list of multimedia contents available for download.

Once you have started downloading files with JDownloader, in case of second thoughts, you can stop all download operations by clicking on the button stop located at the top left or, alternatively, you can delete a single file from the list of downloads by going to the tab Download of the program, right clicking on it and selecting the item Delete give the menu answer.

A window will open, through which you can decide whether to keep the partially downloaded file on the computer's memory, whether to move it to the Trash or to permanently delete it (recommended).