How to Update Samsung Tv Software

Your Samsung TV requires a software update but can't figure out how to proceed? Have you thrown in the towel after countless failed attempts? I assure you that it is nothing so complicated, even if you may be thinking the exact opposite. Rest assured that once you have read my guide, you will be able to complete the required update in a few minutes.

Updating a Samsung TV is an action that does not require special technological knowledge, as well as being a good habit to keep. Always having the latest version of the software, in fact, guarantees greater peace of mind about any security problems and allows you to solve various "hassles" of a technical nature. It also allows you to take advantage of new features that the manufacturer can add to their systems to increase their potential.

In today's tutorial, we will see therefore how to update samsung TV software using two different techniques: that of OTA updates (via Internet) and that which involves the use of USB sticks. Whether you have a Samsung Smart TV or a standard TV that doesn't have an Internet connection, you'll still be able to do it. I just have to wish you good reading and ... good update!

Samsung TV Software Update Via OTA

If you are in possession of one Samsung Smart TV, you have the option to update the software via OTA, taking advantage of the Internet connection.

First of all, check that your TV is connected to the network. Then press the button Menu on the remote control and quickly selects items Network e Network Status. If the connection is working, the following message appears: The wireless network (in case of Wi-Fi connection) and Internet connection are set up and ready for use.

Now that you are sure that you are connected to the Internet with your Smart TV, you can proceed with the software update through the Over-the-air (OTA) mode. Press the button again Menu and then move with the key down arrow up to the item Support, thus entering the update screen.

In the new screen that appears, select the item Update now and then presses the button OK on the remote control to start the update search.

Once the process is finished, the Samsung Smart TV is updated to the latest software version available. If there is no update, the message appears No updates available at the moment.

Returning to the previous screen, instead of selecting the item Update now, you can press the key OK of the remote control when you are on the item Automatic update: choosing the item ON you consent to the Smart TV to search for the latest version of the system and download it automatically without any action on your part; by selecting the item instead disable you have to update the system manually.

If you don't have a Smart TV but your TV has integrated the Wi-Fi module or has the LAN port, thus allowing you to connect with your home modem through a Ethernet cable, you can also download the software update via OTA.

The procedure to follow is the same as the one I described above, only some items of the main menu may vary depending on the model of the TV you own.

Older Samsung TVs are not equipped with either a Wi-Fi module or a LAN port for direct connection to the Wi-Fi modem. If your appliance belongs to this range of televisions, you canremote software update. How? I'll explain it to you right away.

Pick up the remote control of your TV and press the button Menu. Move now with the key down arrow and select the item Support. In the new screen that appears, choose the command Update now and press the button OK remote control.

Once the update is finished, press the button Exit to exit the menu and continue viewing the content of your choice.

Samsung TV Software Update Via USB

Samsung Smart TVs can also be updated by downloading new software to a USB pendrive: I assure you that it is a very simple procedure, you just have to pay attention to follow all the steps correctly.

The first thing you need to do is connect from your PC to the official Samsung support web page. Then select the box TV under the heading Select your product and, in the new screen that appears, choose the command Enter your model code.

This step is essential: make sure you write the same code that you find on the label applied on the back of the Smart TV or on the instruction booklet. When you finish entering the alphanumeric code, press the key Submit and wait for the page dedicated to your television set to load.

When the new page appears, scroll down until you find the section named Download manuali. The file you are interested in is under the heading Downloads and it is called UpgradeFile (USB type). To start the download, simply click on the button Download.

Once the file download is complete, connect a USB pendrive, making sure it has enough free space. Now, open the file by double clicking on it and follow the wizard by selecting the buttons in quick succession Extract e Close.

When the process is finished, a. Will appear on the computer desktop new folder which has the same name as the .exe file previously downloaded from the official Samsung website. Without opening it, drag the folder to the internal memory of the USB stick.

Now, connect the key to the USB port of the Smart TV, while the latter is off. Then turn on the TV and wait a few minutes for the system to recognize the update file contained inside the pen drive.

After the necessary time, press the button Menu on the remote control, then select the item Support and move with the key down arrow on command Software update. At this point, select the item Update now and press the button OK remote control.

In the new screen that will appear on the screen, the following message will appear: Looking for update files in the connected USB device? To proceed with the update, press the button OK by selecting the button Yes. If, on the other hand, you have changed your mind, move with the button right arrow on the button No and presses the button OK on the remote control to go back.

When the update is complete, your Samsung Smart TV will automatically return to broadcast the content you were watching before starting the procedure. Nothing simpler, seen?

Even if you have a TV Samsung non Smart you can upload the software update via USB stick. The procedure is identical to the one I showed you for the Seoul company's Smart TV. Remember to always check the model code of your TV, which is transcribed on the label on the back of the device.

Then download the update file from the specific web page and install it on your computer (Windows or macOS). Next, transfer the file folder to a USB stick, which you will then connect to the TV. As seen for the Smart TV, wait a few minutes before the system recognizes the file contained within the pen drive and proceed with the update.


When updating the software of your Samsung Smart TV you may run into problems, due to which the update fails. If you carry out the procedure via OTA, most of the time the cause of the difficulties is a malfunction of the home Internet line. Always check that the TV is connected to the Internet by pressing the button Menu from the remote control and selecting items Network e Network Status.

If, on the other hand, you choose to update the TV software using the USB key, you must check that there is no file in the device memory except the folder containing the update.

Did you write the model code correctly but the automatic search cannot find your Smart TV, making it impossible to access the file to download on the pen drive? In this case, all you have to do is contact Samsung technical support via email or using the chat service. Alternatively, you can get in touch with customer service by calling the toll-free number 800.72.67.864.