How to Type Letters on Phone Keypad

Since you accidentally "hacked" in the settings of your smartphone, you can no longer type the letters on the phone keypad. You've probably inadvertently turned off some options and would like to fix this problem now. Well, if that's the case, you can rest assured: it's nothing serious. You've probably just disabled your device's keyboard and, in this case, you can take a few taps to put things back in their place.

How do you say? you suspected it but you are afraid of making some other trouble and so you hope it can help you solve the problem step by step? Don't worry, that's what I'm here for! During this tutorial, I will explain how to re-enable the keyboard on your device and, for completeness of information, I will show you how to install alternative virtual keyboards to the default Android and iOS keyboards.

Are you ready to get started? All you need is a few minutes of free time: sit comfortably and carefully read the information I am about to give you. I am sure they will be useful to you and that you will want to share them with a friend in need of a similar tip. Let it bet? Well, all that's left for me is to wish you a good read and a big good luck for everything!

How to Type Letters on the Keyboard of an Android Phone

To help you solve your problem related to the inability to type letters on the keyboard of your device, I must first explain how to perform some preliminary operations, in order to be sure that you have correctly activated the keyboard of your Android device.

Activate the Keyboard

If you are having trouble typing letters on your device keyboard Android, I advise you to first check that this has been correctly activated, acting through the device settings. To do this, tap on the app Settings which you can find on the main screen of your device (it is the one with the symbol of a gear), then presses on the voice Language and mission and tap on the wording Current keyboard.

In this way, you will be able to see a drop-down menu on the screen indicating the keyboard you have selected; then check the presence of all the keyboards installed by pressing on the voice Choose keyboard. Now, I recommend that you check that the default keyboard of your device is selected (for example, in some devices there is the Google keyboard, called Gboard).

In case a different keyboard is selected, you could try to deactivate it by moving the lever from ON a OFF. After that, try going back into the section Language and input and tap on the wording Multilingual typing, in order to display the related settings: in correspondence with the wording Languages verify that the language is installed Italian. If not, tap on it and the button Add keyboard, to select the language Italian and options such as layout QWERTY as well as additional items (such as the freehand writing).

Then press on end to confirm these options. At this point, you should be able to perfectly configure the keyboard to be used by default on your device, in order to use it without encountering problems.

Type Texts

If the keyboard is set up correctly, you can use it to enter letters, numbers and special characters in any application that has a dedicated writing text field. For example, you can start a messaging application, such as WhatsApp, select a conversation and press on the text field to send a message. The keyboard will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Now you just have to type the letters on the virtual keyboard of the smartphone, by tapping on them, while to enter the special characters you have to press and hold on the various letters (for example the "and", to see the corresponding special character, such as the accented letter, appear "is").

If your keyboard supports the swipe typing, you can write a word, by holding your finger on a letter and dragging your finger over the other letters to enter, to form the word you want. Most keyboards also support an automatic correction and suggestion tool; in fact you can see the suggestions of the words typed in the bar at the top of the same.

Do you want to write a letter in capital letters? Press the button with the up arrow symbol you see on the left, while to type numbers or punctuation marks, press the button ? 123 located on the left. To return to the traditional letter entry mode, then press the button ABC. For space, press the space bar in the center, while to insert emojis, press the button with the smiley face symbol. To return, press the button instead Submit (is the one with the arrow symbol to the left).

Install an Alternative Keyboard

If you encounter problems with the default keyboard of your Android device, you can install a free alternative keyboard such as SwiftKey Keyboard, one of those I indicated in my guide dedicated to the best virtual keyboards for Android.

SwiftKey Keyboard it is in fact one of the most used and appreciated “smart” keyboards equipped with an automatic corrector and a suggestion system that improves over time. To install it, launch the Play Store di Android, by tapping on its icon on the main screen of your device (it is the app with the colorful play symbol), then, from the internal search engine located at the top, type SwiftKey Keyboard and press the button Search on the keyboard of your device.

To install the app, then press the buttons Install e Accept. At the end of the download and automatic installation, start SwiftKey Keyboard by pressing the button apriPlay Store or by tapping on the app icon, which will have been added to the main screen of your device.

When the application starts, press the button Enable SwiftKey and, in the menu Input language, move the lever from OFF a ON, corresponding to the item SwiftKey keyboard, also by pressing the button OK For confirm.

Then press on the voice Select SwitKey and, in the menu Change keyboard, put the check mark in correspondence with the wording SwiftKey keyboard. As a last step, click on the button Improve forecasts and possibly register through your account Microsoft or that Google, respectively pressing on their icons you see on the screen.

The latter option relating to registration is optional and serves to improve the functionality of predicting words typed on the keyboard. Subsequently, if you intend to authorize the application to read the messages sent (a function that is used to learn your typing style and to improve the suggestion system) press the button Allow relating to SMS reading permissions and, finally, then on the button Accept (which serves to support the development of SwiftKey by anonymously sending partial information relating to what you type). Note that the latter option is also optional.

Once the keyboard is activated and configured, you can use it in any instant messaging application or, more generally, in all apps that require text entry. The keyboard will open automatically as soon as you tap on the text field dedicated to typing.

The operation of SwifKey is similar to that of any virtual keyboard: to type a letter, tap on it, while to enter a special character, press and hold the letter with your finger and then press the character to type, such as the accented letter "is". The button uppercase is the one with the up arrow symbol, while to switch from letter typing mode to entering numbers and special characters, tap the button 123 e poi quello ABC.

To insert emojis or GIFs, press the button with the smiley face symbol; finally, if you want to use the scrolling entry, drag your finger over the letters to complete a word, possibly choosing the same from the suggestions in the bar at the top.

How to Type Letters on an IPhone Keyboard

Wondering why you can't type letters on your iPhone keyboard? Maybe it's possible you mistakenly turned it off. In this case, solve this little problem by reading the instructions you find in the following lines.

Activate the Keyboard

Sui device iOS, in case of problems with entering letters on the keyboard, you can check it using the app Settings, whose icon is located on the main screen of the device and shows the symbol of a gear.

From the screen Settings, then tap on General and then press on Keyboard. Subsequently, presses on the wording Keyboards to identify the keyboards installed and, if the keyboard is not selected Italiano > QWERTY, pigia sul pulsating Add a new keyboard and tap on the item first Italian and then QWERTY (to put the check mark on it).

Then confirm the operation by pressing the button end at the top right, and check that in the section Add a new keyboard the keyboard has been selected Emoji, which is used to type the smileys.

Type Texts

If you have correctly performed all the steps I indicated, for activating the keyboard, you should have no problems in typing letters, numbers and special characters. In fact, you can type them into any application that has a text field, such as a social networking application or one for instant messaging.

For example, to type a message in the application WhatsApp, start it by tapping on its icon in the main of your device (it is the green one and shows the symbol of a speech bubble), then tap on the conversation of your interest and on the text field located at the bottom, to activate the keyboard of your device.

At this point, you just have to type the message to send, pressing the letters on the keyboard. I remind you that in the case of special characters, such as the accented letter "is", you have to hold your finger on the corresponding letter and choose the special character to enter, using the menu that appears on the screen.

Instead, press the button with the up arrow symbol on the left, to enter an uppercase or lowercase letter, and press the button 123, to change the keyboard display, switching between the input mode of letters to that of USEFULL e punctuation marks.

To return to letter entry mode, press the button with the # + symbol =. To type the space, click on the button space located in the center and finally press on Submit to go back. If you want to type some emoji, tap the button with the smiley face symbol at the bottom left and touch the emoji to insert with your finger. To return to the text entry mode, press the button ABC.

Install an Alternative Keyboard

You can install the keyboard SwiftKey also on iOS, by downloading it fromApp Store. To do this, start the virtual store of your device, by tapping on its icon located on the main screen of your device (it has the symbol of a stylized "A" in white on light blue background).

Then locate, through the internal search engine, the keyboard in question and install it by pressing the button first Get e poi quello Install. If prompted, confirm the installation via the touch ID, Face ID or by typing the password of your iCloud account.

Once the app is installed and automatically downloaded, launch the app to configure it. Then press the button apri of the App Store or tap its icon on the main screen of your device.

Adesso, premium pulsating Start, and choose whether to register through an account Microsoft, Facebook o Google or whether to press the button Not now, to skip the creation of an account (this option is for backup purposes but also serves to allow the application to learn your writing style, reading the conversations made within the services mentioned).

To enable the keyboard SwitftKey, follow the instructions you see on the screen: press the button Conducimi is, to view the settings section; presses the button Keyboards, move from OFF a ON the lever at the wording SwiftKey and finally, press on Allow full access and Allow, to authorize the app to provide you with word suggestions, as you type.

Now press and hold the key with the symbol of the world map on the default iOS keyboard and select the keyboard SwiftKey, pressing on its menu item. Then complete the configuration by pressing on forward.

The features of SwifKey Keyboard are partly similar to those of a traditional keyboard: to type the letters, tap on them and use the suggestions in the top bar to complete the words and phrases. To insert special characters, press and hold on a letter instead, to display the drop-down menu for the special character, such as the accented letter "is".

To switch between typing letters and entering numbers, press the button 123 and then ABC. Instead, you can find all the other special characters by pressing the button first 123 and then # + =.

If you want to type emojis or send a GIF, press the button with the smiley face symbol located at the bottom left. To enter a space, use is the button Swiftkey, while to go back press the button with the left arrow symbol.