How to Transform Word into Jpeg

A friend sent you a Word file via email containing, in addition to text, a whole series of images and for your convenience now you would like to convert it into a different format, perhaps in JPG. How do you say? Things are exactly like this but not knowing which tools to use have you decided to give up on it? Well, you did bad, very bad! By now you should know, following my advice you can do anything (or almost) by sitting comfortably in front of the computer and transform Word into JPG certainly falls among these.

With today's guide I will in fact show you which tools to use to be able to complete what you think is an arduous undertaking, both on Windows that of OS X. I will also provide you with some useful information online services which, without having to install anything on your computer and acting directly and comfortably from the window of the Web browser that you generally use to surf the Internet, can allow you to convert Word to JPG in a simple and fast way.

So if you are really interested in it, give me five minutes or so of your free time and concentrate on reading the information you find below. I bet you will be amazed at the quality of the results you can get and that you will also be willing to loudly claim that converting Word to JPG was actually a breeze. Are you ready? Yes? Great, then let's ban the chatter and immediately start getting busy.

Convert Word to JPG on Windows

PDFill FREE PDF & Image Writer

If you usually prefer to work "locally" and use a Windows PC, you can transform Word into JPG using the free software PDFill FREE PDF & Image Writer that installs a virtual printer in the system and through it allows to transform any printable file into a series of JPG images. Well ... in situations of this type it is a real godsend.

To download it to your computer, click here to connect to its website and then press the button first Download Now which is located at the top right (under the wording Get this writer only) and then on the green writing Download Now.

Once the download is complete, open the installation package PDFill_PDF_Writer.exe and click on the button first Yes and then Next. Then accept the conditions of use of the software by placing the check mark on I accept the terms in the License Agreement and complete the setup by clicking first on Next twice in a row and then on install e Finish.

At this point, all you have to do is open the Word document to be transformed into JPG with any application suitable for the purpose (eg. WordLibreOffice Writer) and invoke the command Print from the menu Fillet.

In the window that opens, select PDFill PDF&Image Writer from the list of available printers, select the item JPEG give menu to tendin Save eat and choose the folder to export the output files. Easier than that?

Turn Word to JPG on OS X

Preview, Automator and Virtual Print

Do you use a Mac? Then know that you can turn Word to JPEG without resorting to any third party application. All you have to do is make adequate use of the tools included "standard" in OS X, I am referring in particular to applications Preview ed Automator and to the function of virtual printing in PDF.

To better understand what I am referring to, select the DOC or DOCX format file you want to convert to JPG, right click on the latter and choose to open it with Preview via the menu Open with. Next, select the item Export as PDF ... from the menu Fillet and turns your Word document into a PDF.

Now you need to create a small automatic script capable of transforming the pages of the PDF you just obtained into a series of JPG images. Then start the application Automator present in the folder Other . Launchpad, click the New Document button and then the icon Service attached to the box Choose a new type for the document: present in the window that opened on the desk and then click on the button Choose.

Nella finestra che si apre, select the voice File PDF give menu to tendin The service prepares the selection of located at the top right and creates a script consisting of the following actions.

  • Get Selected Finder Items
  • Turn PDF pages into images
  • Move Finder Items > A: Desk

Find the actions I have just indicated to you in correspondence with the section Actions of the Automator window. If you can't see them right away, use the search field at the top to find them. Then, to create the script, drag the actions one at a time to the right part of the Automator window, where it says Drag and drop files here to create the workflow.

Once you have a scheme like the one shown in the image above, save the service by selecting the item Save ... from the menu Fillet of Automator and name it Turn PDF into images (or something like that).

To conclude, exit Automator, right click on the PDF document to be transformed into JPG and select the script you just created from the menu Services. Wait a few seconds and all the pages of the selected document will appear on the desktop of your Mac as JPEG images. It's much easier to do than to explain, believe me.

Transforming Word to JPG Online

Online Convert

Do you have no intention of installing new programs on your computer or much more simply do you prefer to incur the use of special online tools to transform Word into JPG? No problem. I can suggest a couple of web services that are exactly right for you.

To succeed in your intent I suggest you first of all contact Online Convert which allows you to do everything from your browser without installing additional programs or plugins on your computer. It supports both classic DOC and newer DOCX documents and allows you to upload files up to 100MB.

To try it, click here to immediately connect to its home page and select the item Convert to JPG give menu to tendin Image converter. On the page that opens, press the button Choose file and select the Word file to convert, then click on the button Convert files and wait for the JPG images obtained from the document of your choice to be downloaded to your PC.

If you want, before starting the procedure by using Word to JPG you can also adjust the quality level of the images to be obtained (using the drop-down menu Quality settings) and convert the pages of the Word file to black and white (monochrome) or grayscale (Gray) by placing the check mark next to the appropriate items before starting the conversion.

If you have not made any changes to your browser settings, you will find the converted file in the folder Download from your computer.


As an alternative to the service to transform Word into JPG that I have just proposed you can resort to the use of ZamZar, another very famous and widely used online tool belonging to the genre in question. It allows you to convert almost any type of file for free, supports the processing of multiple documents at the same time and has an upload limit of 100 MB in total. The only flaw - if we want to call it that - is that in order to do its job it requires the insertion of a valid email address (although fortunately it does not send spam messages).

To turn Word into JPG with Zamzar the first thing you need to do is to click here so that you can immediately connect to the main page of the online service. Crushing and then on the button switch Choose files… and select the document in DOC or DOCX format on your computer that you want to convert. Now, set the option jpg from the drop-down menu located under the item Step 2, type your e-mail address in the field under the heading Step 3 and then click on the button Convert to start the file transformation process.

Then wait a few minutes for the procedure by which to transform a PDF into Word to start and complete, then access your e-mail box: you will find a message from the ZamZar team containing the link to download the documents you have decided to convert online. To complete the download procedure just visit the links in question and press the button to start the download on the page that opens.

Later, if you have not made any changes to your browser settings, you will find the Word file transformed into JPG directly in the folder Download Of computer.