How to Transform a Pdf into Word

Even if you are not yet a great computer expert, you will surely know that documents in PDF format cannot be freely edited like those in Word format. Of course, there are programs that allow you to add writings, notes and images to them but the flexibility of DOC / DOCX files continues to remain light years away. That's why it may sometimes come in handy to know how to turn PDF to word, and I'm here today to explain how to do it.

Believe it or not, to succeed "in the enterprise" just use some special ones online services which, in fact, allow you to transform PDF files into DOC or DOCX without installing any software on your computer. How do you say? Are you not particularly well versed in new technologies and are concerned that using these tools may be too complicated for you? But no, you are very wrong! Contrary to appearances and beyond what you might think, transforming a PDF into Word is in fact very easy. It only takes a few minutes of free time, a minimum of concentration and a computer connected to the Internet and that's it, really.

So if you are really willing to find out what to do in order to transform a PDF into Word, I suggest you get comfortable in front of your multimedia station and concentrate on reading this guide. I am more than certain that in the end you will be able to tell yourself satisfied and that if necessary you will also be willing to explain to your friends in need of receiving a similar tip how to do to obtain your same results. Are you ready? Yes? Very well, then let's ban the chatter and immediately start getting busy.


The first service that I recommend you try to transform a PDF to Word is called DocsPal and allows you to convert all major digital document formats together. It does not require registration and allows you to upload up to 5 files simultaneously for a maximum total weight of 50 MB.

To transform a PDF into Word with DocsPal click here so that you can immediately connect to the main page of the service and press the button KATEGORIEN present nella sezione Step 1. Select the PDF document you want to convert and then press the button Choose. In the event that your file is online (for example on Dropbox or on another cloud storage service) you can directly indicate the url in the field below the item Enter file url avoiding having to upload from your computer.

Now, move the mouse cursor over the section Step 2 and from the menu visible under the item Convert to select DOC – Microsoft Word Document or DOCX – Microsoft Word 2007 Document.

In the  Step 3, check the box next to the item Send a download link to my email address (optional) if you wish to receive a link to your converted file also directly in your e-mail box and then press the button Convert to start the conversion procedure.

Wait a few moments for DocsPal to convert your PDF to Word then click on the link with the name of the document under the heading Converted Files:. Immediately after the click, the PDF file transformed into Word will be downloaded directly to your computer. Simple isn't it?

In the event that the Word file is not downloaded but opened in a new browser tab, to download it click on the floppy disk icon or select the item Save with name from the menu that appears when you right-click anywhere in the document.


CloudConvert is another great free online service that not only allows you to transform a PDF into Word but also to convert other types of documents, multimedia files, books and vector files. It's completely free, requires no registration, and has an upload limit of 100MB.

To be able to transform a PDF into Word with CloudConvert the first thing you need to do is to click here so that you can immediately connect to the main web page of the service. Then locate the section 1. select filesclick on your button Select files and select the PDF file or files on which you intend to act directly from the computer currently in use. Eventually you can select the files on which to act also from a specific URL, from Dropbox, from Google Drive, from OneDrive or from Box simply by pressing the arrow icon pointing down placed next to the button Select files and then choosing the reference solution.

Then indicate the format in which you intend to transform the PDF previously selected by the computer using the drop-down menu located under the item 2. select output format and choosing first document and then doc or docx.

At this point, click the button Start conversion, wait for the conversion procedure to be started first and then completed, then download the final file or files by clicking on the download button. If you prefer, you can download the file or files within a compressed archive by clicking on the button create archive and selecting the desired format from those available.

Before clicking the button Start conversion you can optionally check the box Notify me when it is finished to receive a specific notification when the procedure by which to transform a PDF into Word is completed and / or you can check the box Save file to my and select dropboxGoogle DriveOneDrive o Box to save the converted file on one of the cloud storage services in your possession and compatible with the tool.

Keep in mind that by creating a free account on the site you can also increase the upload limit for each conversion to 1 GB. To register for CloudConvert, click on the item Sign up located at the top right, then click on the button Sign up for free located in correspondence with the Free plan and fill out the form that is proposed to you. If you prefer, you can authenticate through the social services you use by clicking on the buttons GoogleFacebook o Twitter.


Also Cometdocs allows you to transform a PDF into Word for free and without installing additional software on your computer. It has an upload limit of 100MB per day but unfortunately only allows you to convert one file at a time.

To use this service, transform a PDF into Word to begin with, click here to connect to its main page and then drag it into the browser window, above the writing Drag files here from your desktop or click Upload to browse for files the file you intend to act on. Alternatively, press the button Upload located at the top left and select the documents to convert from your computer.

Then wait a few moments for the document upload procedure to start and complete, then click on the button Convert located at the bottom left, drag the previously uploaded file into the box that opened at the bottom left and click on the item to Word (docx) from the heavy box on the right.

Now enter your e-mail address in the field with written on it Enter your email then click on the green button Convert to start the process of transforming a PDF file into Word.

Subsequently connected to the e-mail address referring to the email address entered previously, click on the message sent by Cometdocs and presses the link contained within it to download the converted document to your computer.


Impossible to talk about online converters without mentioning ZamZar, the most famous service of its kind. It allows you to convert almost any type of file for free, supports the processing of multiple documents at the same time and has an upload limit of 100 MB in total. The only flaw - if we want to call it that - is that in order to do its job it requires the insertion of a valid email address (although fortunately it does not send spam messages).

To transform a PDF into Word with Zamzar the first thing you need to do is to click here so that you can immediately connect to the main page of the online service. Then press on the puslante Choose files… and select the PDF document on your computer that you want to convert. Now, set the option doc o docx from the drop-down menu located under the item Step 2, type your e-mail address in the field under the heading Step 3 and then click on the button Convert to start the file transformation process.

Then wait a few minutes for the procedure by which to transform a PDF into Word to start and complete, then access your e-mail box: you will find a message from ZamZar containing the link to download the documents you have decided to convert online. To complete the download procedure just visit the links in question and press the button to start the download on the page that opens. Very easy!

Google Drive

The solutions to transform a PDF into Word that I have proposed to you so far have not been able to attract your attention in a particular way? No? Well, then before finally throwing in the towel I suggest you try using Google Drive (yes, you understood very well!). If you have a Google account you can in fact transform a PDF into Word even through the famous cloud storage service of the Mountain View giant as it includes a free productivity suite (i.e. an alternative to Microsoft Office) that works completely online and that it can be very useful to succeed in your intent.

How does it work? Nothing simpler. First of all, click here to connect to the main page of the service and then drag the PDF document you want to convert into Word into the browser window. Then wait for the upload to finish and then right-click on the file icon that appears in Google Drive.

At this point, select the voice Open with, then click on Google documents and wait for the document to load. Finally, select the item Fillet located at the top left, then click Download as and select Microsoft Word from the menu that is shown to you. Once this is done, the file in Word format will be immediately downloaded to your computer.