How to Sync Android Contacts

You have just purchased an Android smartphone, would you like to synchronize contacts from your Gmail address book but don't know how to do it? Although you have associated your Android smartphone with a Google account, the contacts in the address book do not seem to synchronize with Gmail? Don't worry, you've come to the right place at the right time!

With today's guide, we'll see together how to sync android contacts using two of the most famous Web Mail services in the world: Google's Gmail (a company that, as you surely know, is also behind the development of Android) and Microsoft's Whatever model of phone or tablet you have, if it is powered by the Android operating system, you will be able to synchronize it with your Gmail or Outlook address book in no time, I assure you.

We will also see how to synchronize contacts between an Android device and a PC, but now let's not dwell on useless preambles: let's take action immediately and see how to associate the green robot system with the cloud services I just told you about. Find everything explained below.

Sync Android Contacts with Gmail

If you have associated your smartphone with a Google account, the Android address book should already be synchronized with the Gmail address book. To check this setting, go to the menu settings (the gear icon), select the item Account from the screen that opens and first presses on the logo of Google and then on yours Gmail indirizzo. At this point, check the status of the feature Contacts and, if necessary, activate it by setting its toggle to ON.

Haven't associated your smartphone with a Google account yet? Do you want to synchronize the Android address book with a different Google account than the one you have already set up on your phone? No problem. Go to the settings Android (by pressing the gear icon located on the screen with the list of all the apps installed on the device), select the item Account from the menu that opens and presses the button Add account.

At this point, "tap" on the logo of Google, type l 'Gmail indirizzo you want to sync Android contacts with and go forward. Then enter the password to access the account, go again forward and accept the Google terms of service by pressing the button Accept located at the bottom right.

Finally, choose a payment method from those available (or select the item No thanks to go on without associating your account with a payment method) and presses on Continue to complete the account setup process.

Now go back to the menu Settings> Accounts> Googleselect l 'Gmail indirizzo that you just added to your smartphone and check that the option for synchronizing contacts is active (otherwise you activate it).

If you want, you can also create a new Google account and associate it with Android. To do this, go to the menu Settings> Accounts e pigia prima sul pulsating Add account, then on the logo of Google and infine your voice Or create a new account. You will be offered a short form to complete for account creation.

Please note: when you go to enter a new name in the app Contacts Android, you will be asked which account you want to sync the information with. Choose the one from Google and the name will be automatically synchronized with the Gmail address book. Later, you can choose the account with which to synchronize the new contacts using the drop-down menu Contact from located at the top of the screen for adding new contacts to the phonebook.

Synchronize Android Contacts with

As also pointed out in the opening of the post, Gmail is not the only service able to synchronize with the Android address book. If you have a Microsoft account (Outlook, Hotmail or Live) you can add it to your smartphone and synchronize it with Android contacts just like we saw before with the Gmail address book.

To associate your Microsoft account with Android, go to the menu Settings> Accounts smartphone and presses the button Add account present in the screen that opens. Then choose the option Exchange (the one with the yellow icon), type yours Outlook / Live / Hotmail email address and choose to make one manual configuration account by pressing the button that appears at the bottom left.

At this point, "tap" the button Exchange, type the password of your Microsoft account and go forward to enter the latest data. The data you must enter are the following.

  • Server & Hosting -
  • Port - 443
  • Security type – SSL/TLS

Finally, press the button forward, make sure there is a check mark next to all the items related to data synchronization (first and foremost Synchronize contacts from this account) and press forward per due turn consecutive.

You have now associated your Microsoft account with Android. To make sure that all new contacts added to the Android address book also end up in the address book, open the app Contacts of your smartphone, presses on "+" button and when asked which account you want to sync data with, choose the option Exchange - Outlook. You can then choose the account with which to sync contacts using the drop-down menu Contact from at the top of the screen for adding new contacts to the phonebook.

Synchronize Android Contacts with PC

Once you've set up a Gmail or account, you can sync Android contacts even with the PC. How? Simple, by associating the computer to the same cloud account used on the smartphone.

  • Windows 10 / 8.x - if you use a PC equipped with Windows 10 or Windows 8.x you can synchronize your contacts with Gmail or simply by starting the app Contactspigging your pulse (...) located at the top left and selecting the item  add an account from the menu that opens. If you associated your computer with a Microsoft account when you installed Windows, you will find your address book already synchronized with Outlook.
  • Microsoft Outlook - Unfortunately the Windows Contacts app does not automatically synchronize contacts in Outlook (the Microsoft Office email client). To synchronize the address book between Outlook and you need to open Outlook, then go to the menu Fillet e devi pigiare sul pulsating Add account: from here you can log in with your Outlook / Live / Hotmail account data and in no time you will get a complete synchronization of messages and contacts. To set up a Gmail account, instead you have to use the free GO Contact Sync Mod software that I told you about in my tutorial on how to synchronize contacts with Gmail.
  • Mac OS X - Macs allow you to synchronize emails, contacts, notes and other information with various cloud services in a very simple way. If you also have a computer with the "bitten apple", go to System preferenceclicca sull'icona Account Internet and, in the window that opens, select the type of account you want to configure (Google per Gmail o Exchange for Once the configuration is complete, make sure there is a check mark next to the item Contacts.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird - if you use Mozilla Thunderbird as your email client, you can synchronize contacts from Gmail and using the gContactSync and tzpush extensions respectively.

“Manual” Export of Android Contacts

Finally, I remind you that you can also export contacts from Android and copy them "manually" to another device, or to a cloud service, without keeping them synchronized (so without the changes made on one platform being applied to the others as well).

To export contacts from Android, open the app Contacts, pigia sul pulsating (...) che si trova in alto a destra e seleciona la voce Import / Export give the menu check if you press.

Then choose whether to export the contacts to the phone memory (Export to archive) or its one SD card (if you have a device with expandable memory) and that's it.

You will get a file VCF with all the contacts in the Android address book to be imported to any device or online service of your choice.

If you don't know how to open VCF files, read my guide dedicated to the topic. If you want more precise information on how to "manually" export contacts from the Android address book, take a look at my tutorial on how to save Android contacts.