How to Sign a Pdf Document

Since when digital signature has also acquired legal value in Italy, you often find yourself signing work documents on your computer using a program for commercial PDFs, those that cost a lot of money. But how do you behave when you have the urgency to sign an electronic document and you don't have the office PC at hand? Do you start to get angry and wait for the next day? Well, know that you won't have to do this anymore.

If this is the case, I am happy to inform you that, thanks to my knowledge related to the world of technology, I am able to give you a hand in your intent. Considering that you have an important task to do, you want to be sure that you are not making mistakes and not wasting time. With the guide you are about to read, I want to point you to some free solutions on how to sign a PDF document. It will indeed be possible for you to use some software for PC and Mac but I will tell you even more. Thanks to technological evolution, some online tools have been developed that are able to perform this operation. Furthermore, finding yourself in an era where the smartphone coexists hour after hour with you, you can also sign your PDFs via your mobile device.

In this way, what you have to do is always keep the image file of your digital signature with you or draw it on the spot, so you can sign your PDFs even when you are not in the office, without necessarily having to postpone this important operation to another moment. Are you ready to follow this guide with me? I wish you a good read.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC and Adobe Reader (Windows / MacOS)

Among the most famous and complete programs for managing your PDFs, which give the possibility to apply a digital signature inside it, I suggest you download Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, available to payment for both Windows and macOS systems. However, you will be pleased to know that this program is also available in a 7-day evaluation version, which will allow you to examine all its main features. If on the other hand you need a program completely free, then my advice falls on Adobe Reader, also available on both Windows and macOS operating systems.

While these programs were slightly different in the past, they are now quite similar. The free Adobe Reader has only a few limited features, mainly opening, reading and signing PDF files. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC also has the ability to edit PDF files in their entirety, including the possibility of advanced PDF design. In any case, both programs will give you the possibility to add a digital signature either through an image file or by drawing it freehand. Curious about you, right? Well, then continue reading, so as to explain how to proceed to download and install these two programs.

First, if you want to download Adobe Acrobat Pro DC (evaluation version) you will need to open the manufacturer's official website. You will notice a button vai on which you will have to click, which will send you to a page where you will have to enter the email address and password of your account Adobe ID. If you don't have one, click Create an Adobe ID, which is located a little further down. After logging in, a page will open that will allow you to download the file acrobatproDC_XXX.exe (Windows) or acrobatproDC_XXX.dmg (macOS), obviously based on the operating system you are accessing from. You will then have downloaded the file on your computer that will allow you to proceed with the installation process and then be able to use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

If you want to rely on the free solution instead Adobe Reader, you will need to reach this link and click on the yellow button Install adesso, which you will find at the bottom right. As a partner with other companies, Adobe will offer you additional software downloads; if you do not wish to install them, uncheck all the boxes on that page, so as to proceed with the download of Adobe Reader only and then proceed with its installation.

Now start the program (Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat Pro DC) through its icon that you will find on your desktop (o Launchpad) and, in the main program screen from the top menu bar, click on File> Open, so you can select and then open your file. Alternatively you can simply double-click on the PDF file, so as to automatically open the newly installed program, as it has just associated the files with the PDF extension.

To sign your PDF document, click on the top menu tab Means and, scrolling down the list of features, click the button Fill in and sign (symbol of a pencil). You will also find this document signing feature in the menu located to the right of the screen.

To proceed with the application of the digital signature, in the horizontal menu bar, you will see a button in the center Company. By clicking on it, a context menu will appear asking you if you want to add your initials (Add initials) or if you want to add a signature in full (Add signature).

Then select Add signature, so as to bring up a screen for entering the digital signature. You can then simply enter your signature by typing your name and surname on the keyboard (tab Type), or draw it freehand using your mouse (tab Draw); if you have an image file containing your signature, click on the tab Image.

In case you have decided to opt for the latter possibility, select the tab Image and select the file that contains your signature, using the explorer window that has just opened. Click on the box Save the signature, if you want to use it also in the future. Press the button Apply, so as to return to the main screen that shows you your PDF document and move the mouse to choose the position where to apply the signature; then click with the left button of your mouse to confirm the position.

If you followed my steps, you will then have signed your PDF document. You just have to save your work by pressing on button in the shape of a disk top left.

Native Functionality of IOS and MacOS

If you have a computer with macOS or a mobile device with iOS, you can sign your documents without installing any additional software. However, you will be able to sign your documents freehand, so it is not possible for you to apply signatures from image files.

Sign a PDF Document on IPhone and IPad with Preview

First, open the PDF document that is on your iOS device via the view feature Preview. Now, tap onicon with a marker tip to activate the document editing mode. Tap the symbol now (+) located at the bottom and select the item Company. A window will appear where you will have to trace your signature with your finger. When you're done, tap on end.

Your signature will appear on your document and you can move it wherever you want by dragging it with your finger. Now tap on end at the top left to close and save the signed document that you can share wherever you want or send it by email.

Sign a PDF Document on MacOS with Preview

The procedure on macOS is similar to that on iOS, but with some minor differences. You'll first need a trackpad or iSight camera to perform this process.

Open your PDF document so you can view it with the app Preview. Now click the button with theicon with a marker tip so that a new horizontal menu bar appears. Choose now the signature symbol and choose between Trackpad o Camera. I recommend the first option to be faster. After entering your signature, confirm and place the signature within the document.

Adobe Fill & Sign (iOS/Android)

If you are looking for a reliable and unlimited app that allows you to be able to sign your PDF document, then I recommend the Adobe Fill & Sign app, available completely free both on iOS via the App Store and on Android via the Play Store.

The app on the two systems is a little different, although apparently the same: while on iOS devices you can apply the signature of documents by tracing it with your finger on the screen or inserting an image file, on Android devices you can only trace it manually. So if you need the functionality of adding image files for signing on Android, I recommend that you jump directly to the next paragraph, where I will tell you about another complete app for Android.

Download the app to your device using the links to the Stores I have provided. Tap the button apri to be able to start using the application. Touch the screen near thesheet icon with the symbol (+) and choose how to import your PDF file to the application. You will be able to browse the folders on your device (File Browser your iOS /From PDF file on Android), or select an image from your photo gallery (Roll your iOS /From photo library on Android) or you can take a photo at the moment of a document (Take a picture). On iOS devices only, you can also import PDF documents from a URL, an email attachment or a web search. If you see a window to access your device memory or camera, you agree.

After you have imported your PDF document to Adobe Fill & Sign, you will need to proceed with the signature. Tap the icon with the symbol of the tip of a fountain pen and select Create initials or Create the company. Tap on this last item and a new window will appear, allowing you to insert your digital signature.

You can now enter your signature with the simple trace of your finger on the screen or choose one of the two features at the bottom right (only on iOS): the icon with the camera symbol will allow you to add a signature from a photo taken on the spot with your iOS device; the icon with the symbol of an imageinstead, it will allow you to search for the image of your signature that you can apply to your PDF document. In both cases, once you have taken the photo or selected the image file, you will be presented with a box to select the area where the signature is present and then you will have to tap on end.

On Android, after performing all the steps previously indicated, press again on end and tap again on symbol of the tip of a fountain pen and select the signature you just created. Move it with your finger to the position you prefer. Once this is done, click on arrow pointing left (Go back) to save the document. On iOS instead press on end and move your finger on the screen to choose the location where to apply the signature. Then press on end or use the Share button to export your signed document.

Adobe Acrobat Reader (Android/iOS)

There is another app free , also made by Adobe, which allows you to sign your PDF documents: Adobe Acrobat Reader, available on Android (Play Store) and iOS (App Store). This app supports both fingerprint and image file signing.

The first step is to download the app on your Android or iOS device, through the links I have indicated. After you install it, tap the button apri.

To open your PDF document, tap on the top left symbol with a house to do tap su Documents. Now tap on the tab Locations to view PDFs on your device. If you don't find what you are looking for, on Android tap on the tab Recent and then on button with a folder symbol, to be able to browse the folders on your device; on iOS tap on the wording at the top Locations and select the item Other Routes> Browse. If your document is in the cloud on Dropbox, tap the tab dropbox. If you have an Adobe ID account and your file is in its cloud, you can tap on the tab Document Cloud. Now is the time to apply your digital signature to the PDF document.

Tap the icon with the symbol of a speech bubble located in the bar at the bottom, so you can activate the tool Comment. Then tap on the icon with the symbol of a fountain pen. If you are using an Android device, as an extra step you will be prompted to tap your device screen in the section of your document where you want to insert the digital signature.

As already seen in the previous Adobe FIll & Sign app, here too you will have to trace the signature with your finger or use the two icons at the bottom: the icon with the camera symbol or the one with the symbol of an image.

By choosing the former, you can use the camera of your device to take a photo of the signature that is for example on your paper document. From the photo taken, you can cut out the section where the signature is present with the appropriate box. If you want to insert the signature from an image instead, tap the icon with the symbol of an image. After selecting it, you will need to highlight the area where the signature is present.

Regardless of how you captured the signature image, tap on end to preview your signature. Tap again on end and then also onfountain pen icon. Select your signature and tap on the screen in the position of your document where you want to apply it. On Android, this last process will not be required, as the location was chosen by you before creating the digital signature. Then you just need to press end to complete the signature insertion operation type.

Sejda (Online)

If you don't want or can't install any programs or applications on your devices currently in use, then don't worry, I can still help you. I advise you Sejda, an online tool free which allows you to sign your PDF documents freehand, with a standard text or image. You can reach it from its official website, via browser.

Open the link I provided, drag the document to be signed in the browser window and press the button Continue. Then choose whether to add a signature (Sign > New signature) or standard lettering (Text) and proceed following the instructions on the screen.

Once you have added the signature in the place of the document you prefer, click on the button Apply the changes, then up Download and you will get your signed PDF.