How to Send Messages on Instagram from Pc

You recently signed up to Instagram and, since you don't know how it works yet, you have concerns about how it works. For example, you have not yet figured out if it is possible to communicate with other users subscribed to the service using the computer. Well, the answer is yes and I'll prove it to you shortly.

Before getting to the heart of the guide and explaining yourself how to send messages on instagram from pcHowever, I must explain to you that there is a distinction between the possibilities offered by the social network for sending private messages and the ability to publicly converse with a user, through the post comments system. In the next paragraphs I will explain to you which tools you can use and I will explain the procedures to be performed in both cases.

Now that you understand what topics will be covered in this guide, are you ready to get started? Yup? Very well! At this point, I suggest you take a few minutes of free time, sit down comfortably and carefully read the procedures I am about to give you, to be sure you succeed in your intent. Having said that, all I have to do is wish you a good read and a good time!

Send Private Messages on Instagram from PC

If your intent is to send private messages on Instagram from your PC, you should know that, to do this, you can use the official application of the social network for Windows 10. Alternatively, if you have a computer with an older version of Windows or a Poppy, you can send private messages to Instagram users using the social network app on an Android emulator, such as BlueStacks. This is a program that allows you to virtualize the Android operating system on a computer, without requiring any dual-boot operation. It is free but also has an optional subscription (prices from $ 4 / month or $ 40 / year) which is used to remove the advertising banners present inside it. Here is all explained in detail.

Instagram for Windows 10

First, I want to explain to you how to send messages on instagram from pc via the social network app for Windows 10. To use it, download it from the Microsoft Store by clicking on the link I just provided you and pressing in sequence on the buttons Get, Allow e Install. At the end of the download, start it by pressing the button starts and log in with the access credentials (e-mail e password) of your Instagram account.

Once the main screen of the social network is displayed (the symbol of a cottage), press the button with a symbol airplane you see in the upper right corner and use the Search Engine located at the top or refer to the list of previously started conversations, to find the person you want to send a private message to.

Then click on his name, to open the screen dedicated to private conversation, use the text field write a message to type the text of the same, then press on Submit to send it.

Optionally, you can also take a photo or video on the spot using the icon with a symbol camera or send a photo from the app Photos Windows 10, pressing the icon with the symbol of multimedia gallery.

Another way to send private messages on Instagram from PC is to reply to the stories posted by other users. To do this, find the story published within the section Explore (the symbol of a magnifying glass) or in the main section of the social network (the symbol of a cottage).

Then tap onpreview image of the story, to view it, then use the text field below (Send Message) to type and send, using the button Submit, a reply message. If you don't see the text field Send Message it means that the user in question has disabled the ability to receive replies for the stories they post.

Android Emulator

If you want to use an Android emulator on Windows o MacOS, I recommend you download and install BlueStacks, as this is one of the best programs you can use to use Instagram through its Android app.

To download this Android emulator for Windows and macOS, connect to its official website and, in the screen displayed, first click on the button Download BlueStacks, Then Download, in order to get the executable file of the program.

Once the automatic download is complete, start the installation file by double clicking on it and begin the installation procedure, following the instructions I am about to give you. If you use Windows, then press Yes in the User Account Control window, then press the button Install now, wait for all the files necessary to install the software to be automatically downloaded and, when finished, press the button Complete.

To install the emulator BlueStacks su MacOSinstead, double-click the file.dmg you downloaded and, in the window that opens, double-click on the icon BlueStacks in order to start the installer. Then, confirm the opening of the program by pressing on the item apri in the menu that is shown on the screen.

In the new window, click on Continuation and then Install. Then type the password of the Mac administration and press the button Install Assistant, to continue. Then wait for the end of the installation and, if requested, press the button Apri the system preference.

Now, in the Settings, click first Allow and then on the symbol of padlock located in the lower left. To finish installing the BlueStacks, type the password of the Mac administration and click on Unlock.

Once the program has started automatically, set it up by connecting with a Google account. To do this, click on the button Start you see on the screen, and in the next box, log in by typing theemail address and password of your Google account, then clicking on forward when required. To finish the configuration, click on the button Accept, in order to accept the terms and conditions of the service and, finally, click on the button Get started with BlueStacks.

Once the emulator is started, you need to install the application Instagram. via the Play Store. Then press the icon with the symbol of a shopping bag and a multicolored flag center, called Google Play Store and find the application of Instagram. through the main screen of the same or using the search engine.

Have you found it? Very well, now install it by pressing the button Install and, at the end of the download, press the button apri that you see on the screen. Once the application is started, log in with your account data (e-mail e password), then, once the initial screen of the social network is displayed, i.e. the one with the symbol of a cottage, press the icon with theairplane that you find in the upper right corner, in order to use the search engine or the list of suggested names with which you can get in touch.

Now click on name of the person to which you want to send a private message on Instagram. and use the chat tools that are also available within the Android app. Then send a text message, typing it in the appropriate text field and pressing the button Submit or share a photo or video by pressing the button with the symbol of camera or of multimedia gallery.

Alternatively, using the emulator BlueStacks, you can send a private message to Instagram users by replying to their stories. The procedure to be carried out is the same as I indicated in the previous chapter dedicated to Windows 10 (and what can be done using Instagram. su Android smartphone).

Having said that, in case of doubts about the use of the social network, refer to my tutorial in which I explain how to chat on Instagram or the one in which I talk to you, in general, about the functioning of the platform.

Post Comments on Instagram from PC

Among the possible forms of interactions within the social network there is also the sending of messages in the form of Comments. Obviously these differ from private messages, as these are public conversations. In this specific case, however, it is possible to act as a computer in different ways: from a browser, by connecting to the social network's website, through the Instagram app for Windows 10 or on Windows e MacOS, using the app with an Android emulator, such as BlueStacks. In the following lines I will explain how to proceed in all the cases mentioned.

Instagram Web

The first solution I want to tell you about to send messages on Instagram from a PC in the form of comments is the use of the social network's website, accessible from any computer browser.

To do this, start the program you usually use to browse the Internet, such as Google Chrome and connect to the Web version of Instagram, logging in with your account data (email address e password).

Once this is done, locate the person with whom you want to get in touch on Instagram and click on their name to see their profile and all the posts they publish. Now, also locate the image or video you want to interact with, click on the same to see it and use the text field Add a comment to type your message. To send it, click on the button Submit on your computer keyboard.

Instagram for Windows 10

To comment on a photo or video posted on Instagram and, therefore, interact with a person by sending him messages in public form, you can also use the official application of the social network for Windows 10.

To succeed in this intent you must have already downloaded the social network application through the Microsoft Store, as explained in detail in the previous chapter. If you've already done this, launch the Instagram., and log in to the social network with your login credentials (email address e password).

Now, once you see the home screen with a symbol cottage, locate the profile of the person with whom you want to interact and click on his name, in order to see all the posts published by the latter and write a comment.

Then press the button with a symbol comic, to open the section dedicated to comments, and use the text field Add a comment to send the desired message, finally pressing on Public to send it.

Android Emulator

As for sending messages in the form of comments, if you don't own a computer with Windows 10 or if you use a Poppy, the solution I propose is the one related to the use of an Android emulator.

That said, the first thing you need to do is download and configure such a program on your computer. There are several but what I want to recommend is the emulator for BlueStacks, available on both operating systems.

To download, install and configure it, refer to the instructions provided in the previous chapter. At the link provided, I also explained the next step you need to take in order to use Instagram., i.e. the one concerning the download of the app inside the emulator, through the Play Store of Android.

At this point, if you have carried out all the preliminary operations I have indicated, you will be able to view the main screen of the social network and, consequently, use it as if you were using it on an Android smartphone.

Therefore, if you want to send a message to a user, writing a comment in public form, you must first locate and click on the name of the profile with which you want to interact (for example, you can type his username in the search engine visible by pressing on symbol of a magnifying glass).

Once this is done, also locate the content published in the posts, click on the image or video in question and then press the button with the symbol of a comic, to open the comment section. At this point you can use the text field Add a comment to type the text of your message and press the button Public to send it.

The features of the Instagram. installed inside the Android emulator are the same that can be used from a smartphone. If in doubt, then refer to my tutorial in which I told you about how Instagram works or read the one in which I explain how to send messages.