How to See Subscribers on Youtube

You have a passion for video editing, talent and creativity to sell and that's exactly why you're thinking of opening your first YouTube channel. Unfortunately, however, not being very experienced in the use of computers and not being very practical with everything related to technology, you have several doubts about it. How do i open a YouTube channel? How do you get so many members to become famous? If I open a YouTube channel, will I be able to see the list of people who subscribe?

If these are some of the questions you are asking yourself about it, know that you are in excellent hands with me and that you can rest easy. During this tutorial I will clarify what your doubts and concerns are, explaining step by step how to see subscribers on YouTube.

All you need is a little free time: sit comfortably and take a few quiet minutes to read calmly and carefully the instructions I will give you in this tutorial. I am sure that if you follow them step by step you cannot go wrong. I wish you a good read.


  • How to see subscribers on YouTube (Web)
    • How to create a Google account (preliminary)
    • How to open a YouTube channel
    • How to see your subscribers on YouTube
    • How to see subscribers from another YouTube channel
  • How to see subscribers on YouTube (Android / iOS)

How to See Subscribers on YouTube (Web)

If your intent is to create a YouTube channel and then see the list of people who have signed up, then you will be interested to know that it is possible to do so: YouTube offers all the tools related to visualization and analysis for the progress of the channel created within the platform.

Obviously, in case you want to see the subscribers related to your YouTube channel, you will have to carry out some preliminary procedures that I will indicate in the following lines and which concern the creation of this same channel.

Then follow the procedures that I am about to provide you to succeed in your intent to see the detailed list of people who will subscribe to your channel and who will follow you.

How to Create a Google Account (preliminary)

To create a YouTube channel you will first need a Google account; the possession of an account dedicated to Google services is essential for the use of YouTube in a complete way and therefore also for the creation of a channel. To use YouTube you will therefore have to make sure that you have previously created a Google account or that you have a Gmail email address.

In case you haven't done these steps yet, or if you aren't sure how to proceed, don't worry, I can help you. I therefore invite you to read my guide completely dedicated to the topic: you will be able to deepen the question relating to creating a Google account.

How to Open a YouTube Channel

Do you already have a Google account and would like to know how to open a YouTube channel because your intent is to see the list of subscribers? Okay then let's proceed immediately and start with the explanation of how to create a YouTube channel and, consequently, how to see the list of subscribers.

To open a YouTube channel, I recommend that you proceed through the Web version of the platform for a matter of easier execution of the procedure.

Then open the browser you usually use to surf the Internet and go to the YouTube Home Page by clicking on this link. After that once you see the main page, click the button Log in which you can see located in the upper right corner.

At this point you will be prompted to log into the platform by logging in with your previously registered Google account data. Therefore indicates theemail address or telephone number and press pulsating forward, type the poi password related to your account and press the button forward.

This way you will be logged into YouTube and can dedicate yourself to creating your channel. To carry out this procedure, first tap on theyour profile icon located in the upper right corner.

From the drop-down menu that you will see on the screen then click on the item My channel and then indicates the name and last name you want to use within the platform in the text fields that you will see on the screen and then press the button Create channel.

If you do not intend to proceed with the creation of a YouTube channel that has your name and surname and you intend to create a channel with a fantasy name, click on the link Use a company or other name.

Once you have done this correctly, you will have completed the process of creating your YouTube channel and you will be able to start uploading videos for people to start subscribing to it.

How to See Your Writings on YouTube

By following my instructions you have successfully completed the procedure for creating your YouTube channel and, thanks also to reading my guide on how to subscribe on YouTube, you have managed to achieve excellent results. You are definitely happy with the results obtained and now you have a decent audience within the platform.

The subscribers, as you imagined, are not long in coming and now you would like to know more about the people who follow you on YouTube? Very well, it's not a problem, what you asked for is absolutely possible.

If you want to know more about who your subscribers are on YouTube then you need to access the section Creator Studio of your channel.

To do this, open the browser you usually use to browse the Internet and go to the YouTube Home Page after obviously logging in with your account data.

Then click onyour profile icon and then click on the entry Creator Studio to see the summary of the performance of your channel in the section Dashboard.

Already from this screen you will be able to see the total number of your writings which is indicated in the bar at the top next to the total number of views of your channel. In case you want to know more you can click on the item Community which is located in the left sidebar.

By clicking on the item Community a drop-down menu will open: click on the item Members and in this way you can view the list of subscribers to your channel on the screen.

However, keep in mind that the list in question only shows subscribers who have chosen to make their subscription public. If a subscriber has decided to make their subscriptions list private, their name will not appear in this list, however their account will still be subscribed to your channel.

Through the section Community you can then view the names of people subscribed to your channel and a time stamp that refers to when that person subscribed to your channel.

You can also choose to return your subscription by clicking on the button Sign up which will appear in the section Members. There is also the button with the symbol of a speech bubble which will allow you to send a quick message to the person who has subscribed to your channel.

Alternatively, to see subscribers on YouTube you can also access the section Analytics which will allow you to view the progress of your channel also in terms of subscribers.

To view this section then click on the item Analytics which you can find in the left sidebar and then from the drop-down menu that will open on the screen click on the item Members. You will then be able to see a summary of the subscribers obtained in the last 28 days.

However, this section is customizable by clicking on the drop-down menu last 28 days, you can set a view for a different time period such as this week, last week or even entire duration. Especially if you click on the item Entire duration, you will see the trend of subscribers since you opened your channel on YouTube.

How to See Subscribers from Another YouTube Channel

Aren't you particularly interested in seeing details about your subscribers on YouTube because you don't own a channel within the platform? Would you just like to know if your friend's channel is famous by viewing the number of their subscribers?

No problem: to do this you need to connect to the official YouTube website and in the text field Search at the top dedicated to research, you have to type the name of the YouTube channel you want to view.

Once you have entered the name of the person in question, click on the button Submit from the computer keyboard to view related search results. Then click on the channel name to view the information now dedicated.

From the search results screen, click on the YouTube channel of your interest; you will be able to view his channel and see a number that refers to the number of people who have subscribed to it. This number will also be visible next to the button Sign up which is located in the upper right corner.

Please note that since it is not your YouTube channel you will not be able to access the section Creator Studio to view the complete list of people registered but you will only be able to find out the number of people registered.

How to See Subscribers on YouTube (Android / IOS)

Would you like to see subscribers on your YouTube channel but are currently away from home and can't use your computer? Not a problem, you can succeed in your intent by downloading the application YouTube Studio for Android or iOS mobile devices.

Then download the application I indicated to you from the Android Play Store or the iOS App Store and then start it by tapping the button apri.

Then skip the initial tutorial by pressing the button Start e poi premi sul pulsating Log in to log in with your Google account for your YouTube channel.

You will automatically find yourself in the section Dashboard through which you can view a general trend of your channel and also the number of subscribers.

If you want to know more about the writings of your YouTube channel, tap the button with the menu symbol presenting the three horizontal lines symbol and is located in the upper left corner.

From the drop-down menu that you will see on the screen, then tap on the item Analytics and scroll down this section until you find the item Members.

Then tap on it and you can view the section relating to the progress of your writings: by tapping on the drop-down menu last 28 days you can customize the section relating to the performance of your subscribers by customizing the period with items such as for example last seven days, last 90 days o entire duration.