How to Scan a Document with Epson Printer

After reading my buying guide, you made up your mind and bought a nice Epson multifunction printer so that you can both print and scan your documents without having to resort to the use of additional equipment. All happy with the thing, you immediately proceeded to configure the new purchase and at the moment you can feel very happy and satisfied with the choice made ... at least as regards the printing. When it comes to scanning documents, things are not exactly like this.

Thanks to inexperience, in fact, you have not yet managed to understand how to scan a document with your Epson printer. You've been staring at the new device and your computer screen for hours, but it's not clear how to proceed. Given the situation, then allow me to give you some advice: read this guide of mine dedicated to the subject and you will see that in no time at all you will finally be able to clear your mind about what to do.

Then? Do you want'? Yes? Great. Let's not waste any more time chatting and get to work immediately. Position yourself comfortably and immediately start reading everything listed below. In the following lines we will find out how to succeed in the enterprise either by intervening directly from the printer or by exploiting the functions and tools included in Windows and Mac. And if what you have is an Epson printer with wireless connectivity, you can also succeed in your intent from mobile, using the special application available for Android and iOS. To find out more, please continue reading.

Please note: To carry out the operations described in this guide, it is essential that the Epson printer to be used as a scanner is connected to the power supply and turned on as well as connected to the reference wireless network, if the function is supported by the device and it is your intention to exploit the device in this way. For more info on this, you can refer to my tutorial on how to connect a printer.

Scan a Document Directly from the Epson Printer

First of all, let's try to understand how to scan a document directly from the Epson printer in use. To succeed, you must first lift the cover on the top of the same, place the document to be scanned on the scanner so that the part to be scanned is facing the lamp and close the cover.

Adesso, select the option Scan from the menu visible through the printer's LCD display, indicate if once scanned it is your intention to save the document to a memory card possibly inserted in the printer, on one of the cloud storage service supported or on the computer connected via USB cable (selecting the relative format JPG, PDF etc.) and confirms the choice made by pressing the appropriate button (usually OK).

Therefore, according to the choice made previously, select the reference memory card, the cloud service or the destination computer, always from the menu visible on the printer display and start the document scanning procedure by pressing the button Start Scan (the one with the rhombus and the vertical line in the center).

Once the procedure is completed, you will find the scanned document on the external storage medium, on the reference cloud service or on the computer, again according to what is specified in the previous steps. It was easy, wasn't it?

Scan a Document with an Epson Printer

As anticipated at the beginning, it is possible to scan a document with an Epson printer also and above all by acting directly from the computer, whether Windows or Mac, or from mobile, on Android smartphones and tablets and on iPhone and iPad, using the dedicated home app. Epson. For more details read on, you will find everything explained below.

Since Windows

If you are using a PC with Windows installed, to be able to scan a document with your Epson printer you can use Fax and scanner, the program pre-installed on Microsoft operating systems through which it is possible to acquire documents in digital format in a very simple and fast way. Let's see right away what you need to do to serve your purpose.

First of all, place the document you want to transform into a digital file on the scanner of your Epson printer, taking care to first lift the scanner lid and then close it again. Then call the Fax and Scan application from Start menu Windows (you can find it in Accessories) and in the window that appears on the desktop press the button New digitization top left.

Then make sure that in the section Scanner your Epson printer you intend to use is present (if not, click on the button Change ..., press the icon for your multifunctional Epson printer and then click on OK) and set the various options available as you see fit. Based on your needs and preferences, you can change the profile, power supply, color format, file type, resolution, brightness and contrast.

To conclude and therefore to proceed with the scan, first click on the button Preview and wait for the document to be scanned. Once the process is complete, you will be able to preview the scan in the side pane. To save her, press the button Digitize and waits for the completion of the operation.

Da Mac

If, on the other hand, what you are using is a Mac, in order to scan a given document with your Epson printer, I am happy to inform you that even in this case you can use a practical tool available "standard" on Apple computers: Image capture. It is, in fact, a useful tool for carrying out the acquisition of scanned images with multifunction printers and scanners connected to the computer, both via cable and wireless.

To use Image Capture for your purpose, launch the application by clicking on its icon (the one with the camera and photos) attached to the folder Other . Launchpad. Alternatively, you can start the tool by calling it via Spotlight, you can "evoke" it by Siri or, you can still open it by going to the folder Applications say macOS.

Once the Image Acquisition window is displayed on the desktop, open the scanner lid, place the document you intend to scan on the relevant plate and then close the lid, then select your Epson printer from the menu on the left side of the application window and press the button Show details which is at the bottom right. At this point, you should preview the document. If this does not happen, click on the button Preview at the bottom right to fix it immediately.

Now, adjust the size of the document by drawing a selection rectangle on the preview of the same that is in the center of the Image Acquisition window by left clicking in the desired point, continuing to hold pressing, drawing the selection and releasing when the procedure is completed.

Then use the options and menus on the right to adjust all the characteristics of the digital document you are about to obtain. Based on your needs and preferences, you can define the type of scan to be performed, the resolution of the document, the size, the folder in which to save the file, the name to assign it, you can choose whether to apply a mask contrast etc.

To conclude and therefore to start the actual scan, press the button Scan which is at the bottom right and wait for the procedure to be started and completed. You can follow the thing through the appropriate progress bar on the screen. When the process is complete, you will see a window appear with the name of the document just processed. By clicking the button with the magnifying glass that you find in its correspondence, you can view it directly in the location on your Mac where it was saved.

Give Android and IOS

As I told you, you can also scan a document with your Epson printer by acting as a smartphone and tablet. To do this, you need the free application Epson iPrint available for Android and iOS. You ask me how to use it for your purpose? I'll point it out to you right away.

First, download the application to your device by connecting to the dedicated section of the Play Store (in the case of Android) or App Store (in the case of iOS) using the links I have provided you a little while ago then presses the button to download and install it on your device (Install e Accept your android e Get on iOS). Then go to the screen of your device where you find all the apps grouped and start Epson iPrint by pressing on the relative icon (the one with the printer and the blue background).

In the screen that is shown to you, if the application has automatically detected your printer, you will find the name of the latter indicated in the top menu and you can then move on to the next paragraph. If not, press on the aforementioned menu that you find at the top of the screen, then on the item Printer and select your printer by choosing whether to search for it on the local network, to enter its IP manually or to search for it from the rest by tapping on the tabs at the top.

At this point, place the document you want to scan on the printer scanner after opening the cover and then closing it, then stop on the button Scanner that you find on the main screen of the Epson app and presses the button Scan located at the bottom right.

Therefore, wait a few moments for the document placed on the printer's scanner to be detected and digitized, then use the indicators located on the top left and bottom right side of the scanning area to cut the document correctly and adjust its size and press on the buttons at the bottom left to choose whether to save the scan locally or on one of the supported cloud storage services (the button with the open folder), whether to send everything by e-mail (the button with the mail envelope) or whether to print the document (the button with the printer).

I also point out that before starting the scanning procedure you can adjust the settings relating to the use of the scanner by tapping on thegear who knows at the top right of the screen Scanner. From the menu that opens, you can then adjust the scan size, image type, resolution, brightness and gamma. To save the changes made, press the button end at the top right.

In Case of Problems

Have you followed my instructions on how to scan a document with an Epson printer that I have provided you with this tutorial but you were unable to complete the procedure? Did some hitch arise in carrying out this or that other step and you don't have the slightest idea of ​​how to fix things? Then I invite you to refer to the section dedicated to support attached to the company's website.

Then connect to the page in question, type the exact name of the Epson printer model in your possession in the appropriate search field in the center and select the relevant suggestion from those proposed to you. On the page that will be shown to you later, consult the section dedicated to frequently asked questions below to see if the answer to your questions is among the various ready-made questions. You can also take a look at the user manual and complete printer documentation by accessing the section Manuals and documentationin fact.

If you think this is the case, you can also get direct support by going in person to one of the many Epson centers in the area. To find out where the one closest to you is located, click on the wording Service centers which is in the home page of the support and fill in the fields displayed with the required info and then click on the button Search below and consult the list of centers that appears.

If, on the other hand, you are unable to complete the procedure because your printer seems to have "jammed", I suggest you take a look at my article on how to reset Epson printer to find out how to solve it as soon as possible. Also consider that any problems could be due to the lack of the correct drivers or the unavailability of a more updated version of the same. For more info on this, you can refer to my post on article dedicated to the topic.