How to Save E-mail

You have received some emails that you must necessarily keep, so that you can view them on your computer even without an Internet connection. You've done some research on the web, but haven't found any solutions that can fix your problem. That's the way it is, isn't it? Then don't worry, because I'm here to help you.

In fact, in today's guide, I'll show you how to save email both from the Webmail of the main international providers, such as Gmail and Outlook, and through the use of some software for Windows and macOS. In addition, I will explain how to download certified mail messages, to make sure you keep each message and free up space on your mailbox. I will then explain how to retrieve the individual mail messages in EML (which store all information about the sender and the message itself, including attachments) or in MBOX (a file which, in principle, is similar to EML but contains multiple mail messages).

How do you say? Can't wait to start reading the tips I've prepared for you? Then don't waste any more precious time: sit down comfortably and dedicate just a few minutes to me. I am sure that by the end of reading, you will be able to download all the emails of your interest to your computer. Are you ready? Let's start immediately then! I just have to wish you a good reading and a good time!

Save Your Gmail Email

If you want save the email that you receive on your inbox gmail, the operation you need to carry out is very simple. First, you need to reach the Gmail Webmail at this address, then log in with your Google account credentials.

Once this is done, open the email you want to save by clicking on it. Then press the icon that you find located at the top right and, in the box you see, select the item Show original. You will be directed to a new screen that will show you a series of information related to the message you selected.

In the upper section, you will be able to read the wording Download original message, which will allow you to download the email as a plain text file in TXT. But since you are interested in a copy of the message in EML, so that it also contains the attachments (if any), right-click on this wording.

In the context menu that is shown to you, select the item Save link as or any equivalent wording based on the browser you are using and, near the box File name, replace the wording . Txt with .eml.

By doing so, the email will be downloaded to your computer in EML, which will allow you to be able to restore it in the same mailbox or in a different one or to be able to view it offline on your PC.

Save Your Outlook Email

The messages you receive in the Outlook, can be saved on your computer either via Webmail, or via a client pre-installed on Windows 10. In the next lines, I will explain how to download an email through the platforms I just mentioned.

If you have an email account Microsoft, you can access your mail through the Webmail of Outlook via this address. When you reach the Internet site I provided you, you will be prompted for your Outlook account login credentials. Then type thee-mail and password, in order to log into the e-mail account.

On the main Outlook screen, open the email you want to save a copy of so that it can be viewed in full in the right panel. Once this is done, click on the icon that you find at the top right and, in the screen that is shown to you, select the item View message source.

If you have carried out the operations I have indicated to the letter, you will be shown a box with a text inside that contains all the information on the selected e-mail message. Now, you just have to highlight all the text inside this box, right-click on it and, in the context menu, select the item Copy.

Now, open any text file software, like Block notes Windows, right-click inside the writing area and, in the context menu, select the item Paste. In this way, you will have transferred all the text of the box previously copied into the writing program.

What you need to do now is reach for the voices Fillet > Save with name, choose the destination folder and replace the wording . Txt with .eml, in order to save the file in EML.

Mail (Windows 10)

If you use the operating system Windows 10 and you have set up your Outlook account in the application Mail, you can download individual messages directly in EML.

To do this, launch the app Mail and select the email you want to save on your computer. If you have never used this application or cannot find it on your computer, go to this link and click on the item Download the app and then Open Microsoft Store. After the Microsoft Store, award-winning Get to download and install the application.

To set up an account, after opening the Mail app, click on the entry Outlook and type in your Microsoft email account login credentials. Then wait a few moments for the emails present in the email box to be shown to you.

After you have selected and opened the email to download, click on the icon (...) located at the top right and, in the context menu, select the item Save with name. In the screen that is shown to you, select the destination folder, type a name for the email and then press the button Save.

Save Thunderbird Email

The solutions I proposed to you in the previous chapters can be useful for downloading a single email message. However, there are some more effective tools that allow you to download multiple email messages or entire folders with a few clicks, in EML o MBOX.

The tool I'm talking about is Thunderbird, a free downloadable email client on Windows, macOS and Linux. To this, however, it is necessary to add an extension, also free, called ImportExportTools NG, which is the one that will allow you to easily reach your goal.

To install Thunderbird on your computer, navigate to the link provided and then press the button Free download, located in the center of the page. If you are using a computer with an operating system Windows, the installation file will be downloaded .exe. If you are using a Poppyinstead, you will get a file in .dmg.

Once the download is complete, double click on the downloaded file to start the installation process. Up Windows, then click the button Yes in the user account control window, then press the button forward, select the option Standard and continue the procedure by clicking on forward, Installend. On MacOSinstead, simply drag thethunderbird icon inside the folder Applications.

At this point, start Thunderbird and set up your email account. The operation is simple, as you will be shown a screen that will guide you step by step. However, in case you have any problems, I suggest you read my guide dedicated to the subject.

After configuring the mail account, it's time to install the extension I mentioned in the previous lines. To do this, download the addon from the site I recommended before, then click on the icon , at the top right, and select the item Additional components give the menu check if you press.

Now, click on the icon Extensions present in the left sidebar, press onicona dell'ingranaggio located at the top right, select the item Install add-on from file from the proposed menu and select the file .xpi that you downloaded just now. To conclude, click on the items Install adessoRestart now, to complete the add-on installation.

If you have carried out the procedures I indicated in the previous paragraphs to the letter, you can now export messages or entire folders directly to your computer. To do this, right-click on one of the folders in the left sidebar and, in the context menu, choose the items ImportExportTools NG > Export folder messages > come file EML, to save all individual messages in EML, or choose options ImportExportTools NG> Export remote folder, to download the entire folder in a single file in MBOX.

Save the Certified E-mail

Also the certified mail can be downloaded in EML o MBOX, directly from the Webmail, according to the chosen provider. In case the options I will tell you about in the next paragraphs are not available, you can rely on Thunderbird, which I told you about in the previous chapter of the tutorial.

To save certified e-mail, log in through the PEC web panel and, on the main screen, access a mail folder, for example Incoming mail. After that, click on the message to download and select the items Other actions > Export message that you find in the bar at the top. This will download the certified e-mail message in EML.

In case you want to download more messages, you will have to, instead, put a check mark on all the messages to download. Now, repeat the same operation that I indicated in the previous lines, to download the file MBOX.

Save the E-mail on a Stick

If you are going to save the e-mail on a stick, in order to be able to bring some emails with you to consult even in the absence of an Internet connection, you can take into consideration the procedures that I have indicated in the previous chapters.

As I anticipated in the introduction of this guide, the EML contain the entire message, including attachments and all information relating to the recipient and sender. However, if you want to deepen this topic, I suggest you read my guide on how to save e-mail on a stick.