How to Repair Damaged Mp3 Files

You finally succeeded. Your friends have decided that you, along with your trusty PC, will take care of the musical aspect of the party scheduled for next Saturday. Let me hear a little with which songs you have decided to liven up the evening… aaaaaargh! As not mentioned, turn off those speakers immediately! You don't want to torture everyone with these MP3s full of dead spots and volume swings? You have to fix them first, otherwise I'm afraid your companions will end up kicking you out. How do you say? Don't you have the slightest idea how to do it and would you like to know if I can help you? Of course yes, God forbid. Give me a few minutes of your precious time and I'll explain everything to you with this guide.

In the following lines I will in fact illustrate, in a simple but at the same time detailed way, how repair damaged MP3 files in just a few clicks. To do this, just take advantage of some special programs, available for both Windows and Mac and able to intervene even on the most desperate cases. Moreover, they are very easy to use - even by those who, a bit like you, do not really consider themselves a "geek" - and the results returned are exceptional: your files will work perfectly again as if nothing had ever happened, even in the most desperate cases. In short, as easily deducible they are a real godsend!

Then? May I know what are you still doing standing there? Position yourself comfortably in front of your trusty computer and concentrate on reading this tutorial focused on the subject. I am sure that in the end you will be able to tell yourself very happy and satisfied with what you have learned and that in case of need you will also be ready and willing to provide useful explanations on what to do to all your acquaintances. Good… repair!

MP3val (Windows/Linux)

The first of the useful resources to repair damaged MP3 files that I want to suggest you employ is MP3val. It is a program usable on both Windows and Linux (but only from the command line) that without the need for installation allows you to intervene on audio files in the format in question that are corrupted, restoring them to their original "splendor". It's all done by drag and drop and it's completely free. In short, try it now and you will see that you will not regret it.

To use it, first of all connect to the software website and click on the first link you find under the heading Download, in order to immediately download it to your computer. Once the download is complete, extract the ZIP archive obtained in any location on your computer and open the file mp3val-frontend.exe contented to the internal suo.

Once the program window is displayed on the desktop, drag over the MP3 files on which you intend to go to act or open them by clicking on the item Fillet in the MP3val menu bar by selecting Add file(s) o add folder... and then choosing, respectively, the individual files or folders that contain them and on which you wish to intervene.

Then click on the menu Actions located at the top of the program window and select the item Scan all to check the actual "health" of the MP3s you have selected. The result of the analysis will be shown to you for each file in the corresponding column State which is on the right.

Once this is done, if among the files you selected there are some that are not damaged, remove them from the list by right clicking on them and choosing Delete selected files from list from the menu that opens. Then click on the menu again Actions at the top and choose the item Repair all files. Alternatively, press the button with thegear located at the top of the software window.

Once the repair procedure has started, you can follow the progress of the thing using the appropriate progress bar at the bottom and at the end you will see a special warning appear on the screen. Click on OK to close it and it's done. It was easy, wasn't it?

MP3 Diags (Windows)

As an alternative to the above program you can contact MP3 Diags. This is another free tool that allows you to repair damaged MP3 files with a simple click, through which you can remedy even the most apparently complex solutions. It has functions a little more detailed than the above software but it is not difficult to use. It only works on Windows and is effective in most cases. Let's see in detail how it is used.

The first step you need to take is to go to the MP3 Diags website and click on the button Sourceforge which is located at the top right of the page. In the new page that opens, click on the green button Download to download the program to your PC.

Once the download is complete, open the file MP3DiagsSetup.exe just downloaded and, in the window you see appear on your desktop, click on the button I Agree to accept the conditions of use of the program. Then click on Next and then installanchor your Next and subsequently on Finish to finish the installation procedure and start MP3 Diags.

In the window that opens, put the check mark next to the folder that contains the damaged MP3s, choose whether or not to make a backup copy of the songs to be repaired by leaving the box next to the item checked Don’t create backup for modified files at the bottom if you don't want to create backups or by selecting the option Create backup for modified files in (who always knows below) and click on the button [...] to enable backups and choose the folder in which to save them. Then press the button OK to load the selected tracks into the program.

Then wait a few moments for MP3 Diags to browse the selected elements, then press the button Apply custom transformation list 4 (the one with the hammer and the number four next to it, located in the program toolbar) and click on first OK twice in a row and then on Yes, to remove the silences from MP3s, repair the variable bitrate data, restore the XING header, repair the IDV32 tags and the stream of songs in the folder.

To repair only some songs in the folder you selected, all you have to do is hold down the key Shift on your PC keyboard (the upward arrow above the Ctrl) and click with the left mouse button on each of the songs to be treated.

You can also normalize the volume of your MP3s by clicking the button first Normalize (the one with the graph always placed in the program toolbar) and then on OK twice in a row and then on Normalize.

I also point out the possibility to modify the advanced information of the songs (tags with title, artist and album, covers etc.), by clicking on the button Tag Editor (the one with the label) in the program toolbar. In the window that opens, then use the fields File Name, Track, Title, Album etc. to change the information of the selected tracks.

Mp3 Repair Tool (Windows)

Another useful tool for the purpose that I suggest you test is Mp3 Repair Tool. As easily understood from the name itself, it is a software that allows you to repair files in MP3 format by intervening on the first and last part of the same, the ones that are the most cause of reading errors. The software acts by completely removing this information, thus allowing the playback of the songs. It's free, for Windows and requires no installation.

To use it on your PC, first go to the download page of the program on the Majorgeeks website, then click on the button Download locations who knows above and wait for some saint until the program file is downloaded. Then extract the compressed archive obtained in any potion on your computer and start the .exe file contained within it.

Once the Mp3 Repair Tool window is displayed on the desktop, indicate the position in relation to which you want to intervene via the drop-down menu at the top and then select, from the box in the center, the MP3 files you are interested in repairing, specify whether you want to remove or not additional frames at the beginning by leaving or unchecking the box next to the item remove down and if those using the adjacent square.

Therefore specify if you want to delete other information after the leader by checking the box at the bottom of the window and then click on the button Repair! to start the repair procedure of the chosen files.

Once the procedure is complete, you will see an on-screen warning indicating that the files you selected have been analyzed and repaired. Then click on Ok to close the message. If, on the other hand, it was not possible to run the files you scanned, you will see another special message appear on the screen.

MP3 Scan + Repair (Mac)

Do you own a Mac? Then the resources I told you about in the previous lines are not suitable for repairing damaged MP3 files on your computer. The above software are in fact specific for Windows. On macOS it takes MP3 Scan + Repair, an application for the Apple operating system that acts on the songs in MP3 format that are selected, correcting all the va and any repairable errors. It is free and even then it is a rather simple tool to use.

To use it, connect to the program's website and click on the button Download Version 1.5, Mac OS X 10.9+ which is in the center, under the writing Download current version.

When the download is complete, extract the ZIP archive obtained in any location on your Mac and drag the program icon inside it into the folder Applications of macOS. Then open MP3 Scan + Repair from it by right clicking on it, choosing apri from the menu that appears and then clicking again on apri in the warning appeared on the screen to start the application going to circumvent the limitations imposed by Apple against unauthorized developers.

Now that you see the MP3 Scan + Repair window on your desktop, click on OK then drag the files in MP3 format on which you intend to go and act. Alternatively, click on the button [+] which is at the top left and manually selects the reference MP3 tracks.

Then select all the files added to the program window by right clicking on them and pressing the key cmd on the keyboard then presses the button with the martello which is up and then up proceed to confirm the execution of the operation. At the end of the procedure, in the column Messages in the program window, you will see the specific corrections that have been made appear next to each file.

Other Useful Tools for Intervening on MP3s

In addition to repairing damaged MP3s, would you need some tool that allows you to invoke the files in question by acting on the audio level or making other changes? Then I can not help but suggest you read my article on how to normalize MP3 volume, through which I have just provided you with useful resources to bring the selected files to the same audio level. Further useful resources can then be found indicating them in my tutorial dedicated to programs to equalize music.

And if you need to make various other changes to your MP3 files (e.g. edit the tags, cut a part of them and so on), you can read my post on MP3 programs and my article dedicated to programs to edit music in which sure will be able to find useful resources for your purpose.