How to Recover Whatsapp Conversations

Have you just changed your smartphone and are you desperate because you can't recover the WhatsApp messages you had on your old phone? I guess, it must be a bit of a hassle to find yourself with the main WhatsApp screen blank ... but don't throw in the towel, the last word is not yet said. Indeed, I am convinced that by following my suggestions you will be able to recover WhatsApp conversations without any problem.

To regain possession of your messages you have to put WhatsApp in the condition to "see" your old backups, then you have to install the application on a device associated with the same phone number that the backups are associated with. Also, if you choose to restore chats from a cloud service like Google Drive or iCloud, the new smartphone must be linked to the same Google or Apple account as the old phone (the one used to generate backups).

I know, described like this seems a bit convoluted, and instead you don't have to worry. In reality, it is a very simple procedure that you can complete in a few minutes. Find all the information you need below (and in the in-depth posts linked in the guide). Good luck!

Recover WhatsApp Conversations on Android

A terminal was used Android, you have two ways to recover WhatsApp conversations: one that involves the use of backup files generated locally by the application (therefore on the phone memory) and another that instead involves the use of Google Drive (therefore an online service).

  • To restore WhatsApp conversations from a local backup, you need to copy the file containing the chats (msgstore.db.crypt12) in the Home WhatsApp Databases folder of your smartphone and install (or reinstall) WhatsApp. The phone must be associated with the same number as the one on which the backup was generated.
  • To restore conversations from a backup of Google Drive, you simply need to install (or reinstall) WhatsApp on a phone associated with the same phone number and Google account as the one on which the backup was generated.

In both cases, the application automatically detects the backup file during the initial configuration procedure, after verifying the number, and asks the user whether or not to restore the conversations. Almost needless to say that the easiest way to go is Google Drive, but unfortunately, restoring via the Google cloud service does not allow you to choose the backup to use: you can only restore the most recent backup made on the service. Having made this necessary clarification, let's ban the chatter and take action by seeing how to restore WhatsApp conversations on Android.

Restore Conversations from Google Drive

As already mentioned above, to restore WhatsApp conversations from a Google Drive backup, the smartphone in use (therefore the smartphone on which the messages are to be restored) needs to be associated with it telephone number and at the same Google account of the one from which the backup to restore comes from.

To make sure that your smartphone is associated with the same Google account as the one from which the WhatsApp backup you intend to restore comes from, open the app Settings (it's the one with the gear icon), go up Account, select the logo of Google from the screen that opens and check the Gmail address configured on the phone.

If the Google account configured on the phone is the same one that was associated with the smartphone from which the WhatsApp backup comes, no problem: install (or reinstall) WhatsApp from the Play Store, follow the initial configuration procedure of the app and, after having carried out verification of the number, answer Restore at the request to restore the backup from Google Drive.

If the Google account associated with the phone is not the same that was associated with the smartphone from which the WhatsApp backup comes, go to the menu Settings> Accounts of Android and delete the Google account currently configured on the device by selecting the latter by pressing the button (...) located at the top right and selecting the item Remove account from the menu that appears. The data associated with the account will be removed from the smartphone but will remain stored in the cloud.

Afterwards, go back to the menu Settings> Accounts and first presses on the voice Add account (at the bottom of the screen) and then up Google. Then enter the login details of the Google account relating to the WhatsApp backup and that's it.

Now install (or reinstall) WhatsApp and after verifying the number the app will ask you if you want to restore the backup from Google Drive.

Restore Conversations from Local Backups

Do you want to restore a backup prior to the one made on Google Drive? Don't have WhatsApp backups on Google Drive? No problem. As already mentioned above, you can also recover your conversations using the backup files that WhatsApp saves locally on the memory of the smartphone on which it is installed.

To recover local WhatsApp backup files, install the free file manager ES File Manager and use it to enter the Home WhatsApp Databases folder (just press the icon for hamburger located at the top left and navigate to the folders I have just indicated, using the menu Local located in the left sidebar). Then locate the file msgstore.db.crypt12, keep your finger pressed on it and select the item More> Share from the menu that appears below to auto-send it to you via email or save it on a cloud storage service.

If you don't want to restore WhatsApp chats to their current state but to an older date, look for the backup file named msgstore- [data], where instead of [date] is the date the backup was made, and rename it to msgstore.db.crypt12 (you will need to rename the already existing msgstore.db.crypt12 file).

Once the file has been exported, copy it to the Home WhatsApp Databases folder of the mobile phone on which you intend to restore the WhatsApp conversations (you may have to manually create the WhatsApp folders), install or reinstall WhatsApp on the latter and after verifying the number, agree to restore your conversations. That's all!

If WhatsApp does not "see" the local backup files but tries to retrieve the conversations from Google Drive, do not accept the data restoration, uninstall the application and connect to the page relating to the permissions of Google Drive. Therefore proceed to remove WhatsApp from the list of applications associated with Google Drive and reinstall WhatsApp on your smartphone. At this point the application will not have access to Google Drive (you can enable it again after restoring your conversations) and will be "forced" to use local backups.

If you need to, know that you can "force" the creation of a new backup in WhatsApp, by starting the app, pressing the button (...) which is at the top right and going up first Settings and then Chat> Chat backup. At this point, put the check mark next to the item Include videos if you want to include videos in the backup, press the button Back up your chats and wait patiently for the backup to be done both locally and on Google Drive.

In case some steps are not clear to you, read my tutorial on how to recover Android WhatsApp conversations in which I have explained to you in great detail everything that needs to be done.

Recover WhatsApp Conversations from IOS to Android

Are you trying to transfer your conversations from an iPhone to an Android phone? Then try taking a look at the Wazzap Migrator application for Android which allows you to "translate" chats saved in iTunes backups into a format compatible with Android. It is free in its free basic version (which adds a "promotional" message to all messages), while the full version costs 3,79 euros. It is a third-party application not officially supported by WhatsApp, so it may not always work perfectly or stop working in the future (then don't tell me I didn't warn you!).

If Wazzap Migrator does not work, you can try Wondershare's Dr. Fone which however requires the physical connection of the phone to the computer (and it is also paid after an initial free trial period).

Recover WhatsApp Conversations on IPhone

On iPhone there is no local storage of WhatsApp backups. Conversations are automatically saved to iCloud (on a daily, weekly or monthly basis) and can be restored simply by installing (or reinstalling) the application on an "iPhone by" associated with the same number and the same Apple ID as the phone on which the backup was generated.

To "force" the creation of an iCloud backup, start WhatsApp on your old iPhone, select the tab Settings which is at the bottom right, go up Chat> Chat backup e pulsing sul pulsating Back up now (operation to be performed having an active SIM with the number previously used on the terminal). If you also want to include videos in backups, move the toggle switch to ON Include videos.

When the operation is completed, install (or reinstall) WhatsApp on your new iPhone by downloading it from the App Store, verify the number and accept the restoration of your old conversations by pressing the button Ripristina chat timeline.

In case of problems, enter the menu Settings iPhone (the gear icon located on the home screen) and check that the account associated with the phone is the same one used on your old "iPhone by".

Also, select the tua photoi went his iCloud, select the item related to iCloud Drive and check that the synchronization of data with iCloud Drive is active (otherwise move its "lever" to ON). You can find more information about the whole procedure in my post on how to recover iPhone WhatsApp conversations.

Please note: if you are using a version of iOS prior to 10.3, to check the settings related to the iCloud account, go to the menu Settings> iCloud.

Recover WhatsApp Conversations on Windows Phone

Also Windows Phone e 10 Windows Mobile allow you to make WhatsApp backups and restore them using the cloud or local backups. For the message recovery procedure to be successful, the telephone must be associated with it telephone number and at the same Microsoft account of the phone from which the backup comes.

To verify the Microsoft account associated with your Windows Phone, access the menu of Settings i went his Email and app accounts. If the phone is not associated with any Microsoft account, presses on the voice Add a Microsoft account and enter the login details of the account related to the WhatsApp backup. However, if the account is associated with another account, you must reset the system and associate it with the "correct" account.

At this point, all you have to do is install (or reinstall) WhatsApp from the Windows Store, verify the phone number and accept the restoration of conversations by "tapping" the button restore.

If you haven't backed up your conversations to OneDrive, you can only recover WhatsApp chats if your Windows Phone has a slot for microSD and the phone from which you intend to retrieve WhatsApp conversations also had it. In this case, all you need to do to restore the WhatsApp backup is insert the SD card into the phone, install or reinstall WhatsApp and accept the data recovery from the memory card (by performing this type of reset, the smartphone is not required is associated with the same Microsoft account as the one the backup files came from).

If you need it, I point out that you can make a new backup of WhatsApp on OneDrive and on the memory of a Windows Phone by starting WhatsApp, by pressing the button (...) lying down and going in settings> chats and calls> backup.

Recover WhatsApp Conversations on PC

To conclude, let's see how to recover WhatsApp conversations from the computer. If you have an Android smartphone subjected to the root procedure and you have not deleted the WhatsApp folders from the device, you can recover your conversations and read them comfortably on your computer. All thanks to WhatsApp Viewer, a small free and open source application available for Windows systems.

Before downloading the application and seeing how it works, grab your mobile phone and extract the WhatsApp files you need by following the instructions below.

  • Install ES File Explorer, start it and grant it root permissions. If you don't know how to do it, press the ad icon hamburger placed in the upper left, move up ON the levetta Root Explorer e pulsing sul pulsating Conceded which appears in the center of the screen;
  • Go to the Home WhatsApp Databases folder, hold down your finger on the file icon msgstore.db.crypt12 and select the item More> Share from the menu that appears below to auto-send you the file via email or save it on a cloud storage service (eg Dropbox);

  • Press on the ad icon hamburger located at the top left, select the item Device from the ES File Explorer sidebar and go to the Device data com.whatsapp files folder;
  • Press and hold your finger on the file icon key, select the voice More> Copy to from the menu that appears below and copy the file to a folder of your choice (eg Download or Home);
  • Finally, go to the folder where you just copied the key file, hold your finger on the icon of the latter and auto-send it using the function More> Share.

Now you have to download WhatsApp Viewer on your computer and feed it the files you just extracted from your smartphone (msgstore.db.crypt12 which contains conversations in encrypted form e key which serves to decipher its contents).

  • Connect to the official website of WhatsApp Viewer and click on the folder first Download here and then on the icon to download the program to your PC;

  • Open the archive and extract the contents into any folder;
  • Launch the WhatsApp Viewer executable and select the entry Decrypt .crypt12 from the menu Fillet (top left);
  • In the window that opens, click on the button [...] located next to the item Database file and select the file msgdtore.db.crypt12 of WhatsApp;
  • Click on the button [...] located next to the item Key file, select the file key of WhatsApp and presses the button OK for two consecutive times;
  • Go to the menu File > Open of WhatsApp Viewer, click on the button [...] placed next to the item Fillet (in the window that opens) and select the file msgstore.decrypted.db previously generated by the application;
  • Type the email address associated with your Android smartphone in the field Account name and click on OK to view WhatsApp conversations.

That's all. I would also like to be able to suggest software that can recover WhatsApp conversations from formatted smartphones, without backup files, but unfortunately these are "desperate" situations in which there is not much to do.

If you are trying to recover WhatsApp messages in "desperate" situations, the only advice I can give you is to scan your phone with the programs I recommended in my tutorial on how to recover deleted files from your mobile, but it is an attempt that is unlikely to lead to anything concrete.