How to Recover Deleted Emails

Opening your inbox, did you notice that some important messages are missing that you have not yet answered? It's a classic, but don't despair. With a little effort and a bit of luck you will be able to recover deleted emails in less than no time.

It doesn't matter if you use a webmail service, such as Gmail, or a traditional email client, such as Outlook: there is certainly a way to recover deleted emails that is right for you and today I'm here to let you find out. How do you say? Are you not very experienced in the IT field and are you afraid that the operations to be carried out to be able to recover deleted emails are too complicated for you? But no, you have absolutely no reason to worry! Contrary to appearances, this is an operation within everyone's reach, you have my word.

So, what are you still doing standing there? Run to read the instructions below and put them into practice before it's too late. I am convinced that in no time you will be ready to say loudly that recovering deleted emails was actually a breeze.

Recover Deleted Emails Online


It was used gmail and you are interested in understanding how to recover deleted emails the first operation I suggest you to do is to try to take a look at the trash, most likely the messages you deleted are still there and have not been completely deleted from your account .

To do this, just log in to Gmail with your account, click on the item Other that appears in the left sidebar and click Trash can. I know, it may sound silly, but most of the time "unobtainable" emails are such because you have accidentally deleted them. And all deleted emails end up in the trash of webmail services.

If "sifting" in the Gmail trash you were able to find the messages you had lost, you can bring them back to the inbox of your mailbox simply by opening them, clicking on the button depicting a folder that is located at the top and selecting the item Incoming mail from the menu that appears. If the messages to be recovered are more than one, do not open them but put the check mark next to their titles, click on the button Move to (top) and select the item Incoming mail give the menu to compare.

Even with the service Microsoft can recover deleted emails quite simply, by taking a look at the section on the basket.

To succeed in this, what you need to do is first access the Webmail service with your account data (e-mail e password). Once the main Microsoft email screen appears click the entry Deleted mail located in the left sidebar.

Then select the message to restore by placing the check mark next to it and click on the item Restore located in the top menu. The deleted email will then be restored to the folder it was in before it was deleted. To restore all emails in the folder at once Deleted mail click on the wording Recover deleted items from this folder.


You use the email service offered by Apple and would like to understand how to recover deleted emails from iCloud? Yes? Don't worry, even in this case it is a fairly simple procedure to carry out.

To recover e-mails deleted from iCloud to begin with, access the iCloud website by typing the data relating to your Apple account and then press the icon of Mailclick sulla voce Trash can located in the left sidebar and take a look at any e-mail messages in this section.

If you locate the email you intend to recover, click on it and then press the icon depicting a folder located at the top of the Web page that is shown to you and select the item Incoming mail from the menu that went to open. If you need to retrieve more e-mails, repeat the procedure I just indicated for each e-mail.

Other Webmail Services

In general, the procedure that I indicated in the previous lines to recover deleted emails with Gmail, and iCloud is valid for all other webmail services.

So, regardless of the email service used, to recover deleted emails, just go to the section Trash can webmail, select the message or messages you want to move back to the section Incoming mail and press the button and / or the item that allows you to perform this operation and which is usually located at the top. It's that easy!

Recover Deleted Emails on Your Computer

Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition

If you want to recover deleted emails from a traditional email client and the search in the trash did not bring any satisfactory results, try installing Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition. It is a free program (up to 1GB of data) that allows you to recover deleted files from the PC and Mac hard drives based on their type.

Per scaricare Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition on your PC, click here in order to connect to the appropriate software download web page and click on the item free Download.

Then wait for the download of the program to be started and completed, then open the file you just obtained (drw_free.exe) by pressing on it twice consecutively and completing the installation process of Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition by clicking in sequence on YesOKforwardTo acceptConfirmationInstallComplete.

If you have a Mac, click here to connect to the download page of the program, click on the blue button free Download and then Download Now and wait for the software to download on OS X.

Afterward, open the file you just got (mac_drw_free.dmg) and drag the attached program icon to the new window that is shown on the screen onto the folder Applications.

Then access the Launchpad and click on the icon to start the program. If a warning appears on the screen, indicate that it is not possible to start the application because it comes from an unauthorized developer access the folder Applications of OS X, locate the program icon, click on it with the right mouse button, select the item apri from the displayed menu and then confirm your desire to start the application by pressing the appropriate button.

At this point, regardless of whether the one you use is a PC or a Mac, in the window that will open on the screen, put the check mark next to the wording Email and click sul pulsating Next located at the bottom right. Then select the icon for the hard disk where you want to search for your deleted emails (eg. C:) and click your Scan to start the search.

When the search is complete (it should take a few seconds), use the list on the left to browse through all the folders that contain recoverable deleted files, right click on the email files to be recovered (e.g. dbx, eml, etc.) and select voice Recovery from the menu that opens to restore the deleted email file.


As an alternative to the program to recover deleted emails that I proposed in the previous lines, you can contact Recuva. If you have never heard of it, know that it is a free software for Windows that allows you to recover any type of accidentally deleted file. The software supports all major email clients.

To recover deleted emails with Recuva the first thing you need to do is click here and then scroll down the web page that is shown to you and click on the green button Free Download placed on the left. Then he presses on the voice CCleaner.comclick on your bottone Start Download ed attendi qualche istante affinché il programma come scaricato sulla tua postazione multimediale.

To download in its entirety, avvia il pacchetto d'installazione del programma, click on its Si and, once the software setup wizard window is displayed, select Italian from the language selection menu located at the bottom right and click on the button install. Next, press the button Run Recuva.

When the operation is complete, start Recuva, click on forward, check the item Email, still presses on forward and select the option I'm not sure. Finally, tap on forward e starts to start the search for deleted emails and wait for the operation to complete (it may take several minutes).

Once you have identified the messages to restore, put the check mark next to them and click on the button Recover ... to complete the recovery operations.

Recover Deleted Emails on Smartphones and Tablets

If you have accidentally deleted emails or messages from your smartphone or tablet, know that you can try to recover them thanks to some software available for both Windows PC and Mac OS X.

I told you in depth about this topic in my guides on how to recover deleted files from mobile and how to recover deleted files from Android: consult them and you should be able to quickly solve the problem.