How to Recover Corrupt Files

Trying to open some Word documents, do you get strange error messages and can't read the documents? Are you unable to extract the contents of a ZIP file downloaded from the Internet, because at the end of the extraction you are told that the archive is corrupt? Can't see the photos you saved on your pendrive anymore? Your files have probably been damaged by computer viruses, crashes or network errors, but maybe I can help you. You ask me how? Well, simple: explaining to you how to recover corrupt files.

In fact, you must know that there are some software, for Windows, for Mac and also for Linux, which without requiring special technical skills and within a few moments, allow you to recover damaged or corrupted files of all kinds, from Office documents to PDFs, passing for photos, ZIP or RAR compressed archives, videos and audio files. Think, there is also an online service, accessible from any web browser, which allows you to recover corrupt files without installing absolutely anything on your PC. In short, whatever type of file you need to "repair" there is a solution to it. Obviously, none of the resources I am about to point out to you are capable of working miracles. So, if any of your files is unreadable even after the action of the resources indicated below, it means that the data contained within it is irreparably compromised and there is nothing to be done. Anyway, as they say, groped does not harm.

So if you are actually interested in the subject and want to know more, I can't help but suggest you take a few minutes of free time for yourself, get comfortable in front of your trusty computer and follow the instructions I'm about to give you. with this tutorial of mine. I am sure that in no time at all you will be able to cope with your problem and that, in case of need, you will be ready to provide useful tips to your friends. Have a good reading!

PhotoRec (Windows / Mac / Linux)

Let's start with this guide dedicated to how to recover corrupt files by talking about PhotoRec. It is a free and open source program that allows you to recover many different types of files in just a few clicks. It is ideal if the files to be repaired are present on USB sticks, hard drives and other external media. It is compatible with all major operating systems (Windows, macOS and Linux) and does not require installation to be used. It is supplied coupled with TestDisk, another free software useful for recovering lost partitions and making disks that are no longer bootable.

To download PhotoRec on your PC, connect to the program's website and click on the item corresponding to the operating system installed on your PC (eg. Windows whether you're using a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows). Once the download procedure is complete, open the ZIP archive that contains the two software, extract the contents to any location on the computer and start the executable qphotorec_win.exe.

In the window that at this point is shown to you, expand the drop-down menu at the top and choose the drive on which the files to repair are located. Then press on the entry corresponding to the main partition of the drive and click on the button File Formats to select the type of file you are interested in.

Next, select the options options Whole e FAT/NTFS/HFS+/ReiserFS, click on your bottone KATEGORIEN and indicates the folder where PhotoRec will save the repaired version of the files. Finally, click the button Search and wait for the file recovery procedure to be completed. At the end of the procedure, the files will be automatically saved in the folder you previously selected.

Please note: On Mac and Linux, PhotoRec is supplied without a graphical interface and must be used from Terminal. For more information on this, I suggest you consult this web page.

EaseUS Data Recovery (Windows/Mac)

As an alternative to the aforementioned program I recommend you try EaseUS DataRecovery, a software available for both Windows and Mac, very easy to use and extremely versatile. It allows you to work on multiple types of files and is free but allows you to recover up to a maximum of 2 GB of data. To get around this limitation you need to upgrade to the Pro version which also offers other useful features.

To use it on your PC, connected to the program's website, click on the button Scarica free and wait for the software download to start and finish. Next, launch the file drw_free.exe just obtained, click on Si, its OK and then on the button forward. So press on Accept, its Confirmation and Install then click Complete.

If you are using a Mac, connected to the program's website, click on the link Mac version present under the download button and then click the button Free trial in the center of the screen in the new web page that has opened. Now, open the file mac_drw_free.dmg just got it, drag the EaseUS Data Recovery icon to the folder Applications and then start the program by double clicking its icon in the folder Applications. If in doing so you get a warning on the screen stating that EaseUS Data Recovery is from an unauthorized developer, right-click on its icon in the folder and select apri give the menu that comes mostrato.

At this point, regardless of the operating system in use, select the location on your computer where the corrupt or damaged file or files you want to recover are saved, click the button Scan located at the bottom and wait for the procedure to be started and completed (you can follow the progress using the appropriate bar at the top).

When finished, select the file you want to recover from the list on the right and then click the button Recover, indicate the location on your computer where you intend to save the recovered version of the selected file or files and then press the button Bene. The original file will neither be removed nor overwritten.

If you can't find the file to be recovered at the first try, you can help yourself by using the appropriate filters (Graphs, Audio, Document etc.) located in the upper part of the program window. If, on the other hand, before recovering a specific file you want to preview it, just select it and click the button Preview (the one with the eye) located in the lower right part of the software window.

File Repair (Windows)

As regards the Windows universe only, the software is also available File Repair. The program is usable in different variants, each of which can be used to repair this or that type of file. For example, there is the variant suitable for repairing PDFs, the one for images, the one for Word files and so on. All variants of the program are paid but can be downloaded and used at no cost for a trial period. Operation is almost similar in all cases: you need to select the file to be repaired, start the procedure and wait for the operation to complete. To find out more, keep reading.

To download the program on your PC, connected to the main page of the File Repair website, click on the button Download – File Repair software located at the top and then click the button Download Free Trial that you find in correspondence with the variant of the program useful for repairing the type of corrupt or damaged file on which you intend to act. Now fill out the form that is shown on the screen by typing your name and your email address in the appropriate fields then type the security code that you find at the bottom in the empty field below and click on the button Submit. To show you how File Repair works, I have chosen to download the variant of the program to repair PDF files: PDF File Repair.

When the download is complete, open the file you just obtained (eg. pdf-xxxxxxx-setup-sd.exe) to start the installation procedure and then put the check mark next to the item I accept the terms in the License Agreement and click on the button install. Then click on Si and then presses the button Finish.

At this point, click on Start button, look for the newly installed software in the menu that opens and start it. In the program window that will be immediately shown on the screen, click on the button Start Recovery Wizard to start the free trial period of the program, select the damaged or corrupt file on your computer from the new Windows Explorer / File Explorer window that opens automatically, click on apri and then press on Next twice in a row and then click on the button Start.

The file recovery process will therefore start (the duration is variable and also depends on the weight of the selected file) and at the end you will be shown a summary screen of the operations carried out. You will find a copy of the recovered file in the folder Documents of your computer to which you can eventually access it from the program window by simply clicking on the link next to the wording Location of Recovery Results:.

Online Office Recovery (Online)

Don't you have the slightest intention of installing new programs on your computer but are you still looking for some tool that allows you to recover corrupt files? Then rely on Online Office Recovery, a Web service that, as I already mentioned at the beginning of the guide, is perfectly compatible with all the most popular Web browsers and allows you to recover PDF documents, Word files and many other types of files in a few moments.

The only flaw of this service is that in order to download and open the repaired files it would be necessary to purchase special passes while without spending even a penny it is only possible to download a demo which in most cases is more than enough to get an idea about it. the content of a specific file but, of course, it all depends on what the individual needs are.

You ask me how to use it? Nothing easier! First of all connected to the main page of Online Office Recovery and then click on the button Open file… / Choose file and select the file you are interested in going to act. If the file is protected by a password, press the link Click here and type the relevant keyword in the empty field displayed on the screen.

Then click on the button Safe charging and repair located at the bottom, wait a few moments for the procedure to be started and completed then you can choose to download the demo version of the file or purchase a paid pass for the service (and then open the corrupt file without limitations) simply by clicking on the links on the right.