How to Read Word Documents on Ipad

Now that you know how to install programs on iPad, you will surely want to learn more and download all the applications you need to work comfortably on your tablet. If you agree, I would start with a nice program for viewing documents, a universal solution that can make you read Office files directly on your iPad without having to spend a fortune.

I mean Documents, an excellent free app that allows you to view Word, Excel files, documents produced with OpenOffice and simple text files on iPad without major problems, also offering the possibility to download documents from Google Docs and to easily exchange files with the PC via Wi-Fi. If you want to find out how to read word documents on iPad using it, that's all explained in detail.

Be vuoi scoprire how to read word documents on iPad, you must first connect to the Apple App Store and download Documents. To do this, you can directly launch the App Store from iPad and search Documents Free (Mobile Office Suite) or connect to the App Store page that I just linked to, click on the button View in iTunes and download the program by synchronizing iPad with your computer.

For read Word documents on iPad you must first upload the files to read on the tablet. In this operation, Documents incredibly facilitates the user's life by allowing to exchange files with the PC via Wi-Fi. To start the transfer of documents from PC to iPad via Wi-Fi (provided you have an active Wi-Fi connection and that both the computer and iPad are connected to the latter), all you have to do is press the button with the Wi-Fi icon located at the top right of the main window of Documents and touch the button OK.

Now, open any browser on your PC (I used Chrome, but they should all be fine) and connect to the address shown in the center in the main Documents window on iPad (eg. On the page that opens, you can easily upload your Word, Excel, etc. documents. on iPad by simply clicking on the button Shop by Department, selecting the file to transfer and clicking Submit.

It's done! Once you have transferred the files you want from your PC to your tablet, you can read Word documents on iPad simply by starting Documents and touching the name of the document to consult. Despite some minor viewing problems here and there, you can enjoy any Word document (including the DOCX ones of Word 2007 and 2010) directly on iPad without spending a cent and without necessarily having to be connected to the Internet.