How to Read Epub on Pc

You recently downloaded a book in ePub from Internet. All happy, you tried to open it on your trusted computer but, unfortunately, you have not yet been able to view its contents because, apparently, none of the programs installed on the PC are suitable for the purpose, so now you would like a little help to know how to read ePub on PC. No problem: you have found the guide that's right for you! In the next few lines, in fact, I will explain everything you need to know to be able to read ePub files on your PC.

Don't worry, all the operations you need to perform are not complicated at all. Before explaining what you need to do to be able to read ePubs on your PC, however, it is my duty to explain to you what ePub files are. If you've never heard of it, know that ePub files (short for electronic publications) are nothing more than electronic books that use an open XML-based standard to provide the user with dynamic text for viewing on eBook readers. , installed on smartphones, tablets and, of course, also on computers.

Having clarified this, if you intend to find out what you need to do to be able to read the ePub files on your computer, I suggest you take a few minutes of free time and dedicate yourself to reading the following lines. I already anticipate that, in order to read ePub files on a PC, it is necessary to use some special programs and online services. Below I will show you the best ones (all 100% free), both for Windows and for macOS, and I will explain, step by step, how to use them. Feel free to choose the resource you think may be best suited to your personal needs. There is nothing left for me to do but wish you a good reading both for this tutorial and, of course, for that of your digital books!

Programs to Read EPub on PC

If you want to know how to read ePub on PC using gods programs ad hoc, possibly free, let me list someone who can do for you.

Caliber (Windows / MacOS / Linux)

caliber it is without a doubt one of the best programs currently on the market for reading digital books on the PC. It is a totally free and open source software that allows you to read and manage digital books on all major desktop platforms: Windows, macOS and Linux.

To download Caliber, the first thing you need to do is to connect to the download page of the program and then press the nome of the operating system installed on your PC. In this case, if you are acting from a PC Windows, you need to click on the links Windows > Download calibre, press the button Run located at the bottom (in the browser window) to open the file .exe and then click on the button Yes. After that, complete the software installation following the procedure you see on the screen: put the check mark on the item I accept the terms in the License Agreement e pigia his install, Yes e Finish.

If you use a Poppyinstead, presses on the link MacOS and, on the page that opens, click on the link Download calibre. Then open the file .dmg just downloaded, drag the Caliber icon into the folder Applications macOS and then right-click on the program icon and press twice in a row on apri to "bypass" Apple's restrictions on software from non-certified developers (this is only necessary at first start).

After installing and starting Caliber on your computer (Windows or macOS), you must select the interface language (eg. Italian), press on forward, select the ebook reader you prefer (eg. Generic, etc.) and press the button end. At this point, you will find yourself in front of its main window: press the button Add books located at the top left, select the ePub file to import into the application and double click on the title of the book to read to view it directly on your computer. Easier than that ?!

FBReader (Windows/macOS/Linux)

FBReader is another very famous free and open source e-reader, characterized by a “clean” and intuitive interface in Italian, which facilitates the reading of ebooks and their organization in a real digital library. The program is multi-platform - as it is available for Windows, macOS and Linux - and is also available as an app for Android and iOS devices.

To download FBReader, connected to its official website, open the menu FBReader located at the top and then click on the name of the operating system in use on your computer by selecting one of the options that are proposed to you in the drop-down menu (eg. for Windows, for Mac OS X, etc.). In the new page that opens, click on link to download the software located at the bottom of the page.

Once the download is complete, if you are working from a PC Windows, open the file .exe you downloaded and install the program by pressing the buttons YesNextinstallClose. Then start the software by double clicking on the shortcut that was created on the desktop.

Su Poppyinstead, open the package .dmg that you downloaded earlier, drag the FBReader icon into the folder Applications macOS, right-click on the program icon and click on apri twice in succession, so as to start the program "bypassing" the limitations imposed by Apple against software from non-certified developers (this is only necessary at the first start).

Once FBReader is installed and started, you can open ePub files by simply pressing the green button (+) located at the top left and selecting the file you want to open. To adjust the preferences relating to the color of the pages, the fonts used, etc., you must instead press the symbol of thegear and adjust the display settings as you see fit. To navigate within the digital content, however, you can scroll with the mouse wheel, use the arrows on the keyboard or those found at the top of the FBReader window.

Apple Books (macOS)

If you have one Poppy and you are looking for a solution by which to read ePub on your computer, I suggest you resort to the use of Apple Books (known as iBooks up to macOS High Sierra). This is the application available “standard” on all Macs, thanks to which it is possible to read books in digital format (including PDF documents) directly from the computer screen. Please note that Books / iBooks is available starting with macOS 10.9. Therefore, if you have an older version of the operating system you will not be able to use this application.

If you have a Mac compatible with Books / iBooks and you have downloaded an ePub file, in order to read it, all you have to do is double-click on it (as long as you have left Books as the default e-Reader, otherwise you will have to right click on the file and select items Open with> Books (default) from the menu that opens). The application will open automatically and you can dedicate yourself to reading your book. To browse the ebook, just use the directional arrows on the keyboard or the right and left scrolling controls on the mouse, trackpad or Magic Trackpad.

If you wish, you can also add notes, highlight text, underline and much more simply by selecting the portion of text that interests you with the mouse cursor and then pressing on the colored dots or on the wording Add note give the menu answer.

I also remind you that the application is installed by default also on iPhone and iPad. By logging in to the latter with the same Apple ID, all changes made to the library on Books will be automatically synchronized on all devices. Convenient, right?

Read EPub on PC Online

If you want read ePub on PC online, perhaps because you do not intend to install the programs that I presented in the previous lines on your PC, you can also contact some free services, which can be used directly from all major browsers. One of the best on the square, if not the best of all, it is  MagicScroll: this is an online service that allows you to upload ePub files from your computer and read them directly online using your favorite web browser.

To read an ePub file on the PC with MagicScroll, you must first connect to the program's home page, click the button + Add a Book to Your Library located at the top left and select the ePub file you want to read. You may not believe it, but at this point the most is done! In fact, all you have to do is wait for the upload process of the file in question to be completed and dedicate yourself to reading your ePub.

To browse the digital book you have uploaded, you can use both the mouse wheel and the appropriate commands you see on the screen. If you prefer, you can also dedicate yourself to reading the book in full screen, while by clicking on the relative buttons that are present on the page, you can add a bookmark and change some settings for using the service and reading the ePub file.