How to Put Music on Ipod

You have just received an iPod as a gift, you connected it to your computer to copy on it some music that you downloaded from the Internet but you were unable to complete the operation because the device is not recognized by the computer or because you have no idea which buttons and commands to use to do this? If the answer is yes, don't be alarmed, they didn't give you a faulty device. You just have to learn how to put music on iPod correctly, and that's why I'm here today.

Give me a few seconds of your time and I'll give you a hand in this first approach with the Apple multimedia player. No, fear not, you won't have to do anything too complicated, you have my word. Contrary to appearances and beyond what you might think, putting music on iPod is in fact an extremely simple operation to carry out. You just need to know where to put your hands and that's it, be on PC Windows that of Poppytrust me.

So if you are really interested in finding out how to proceed to put music on iPod, I suggest you take a few minutes of free time, sit comfortably in front of your computer and concentrate on reading this tutorial. I am sure that in the end you will be able to tell yourself more than satisfied and that if necessary you will also be ready and willing to explain to your friends in need of receiving a similar tip how to proceed. What do you say, we bet?

Before explaining what you need to do to be able to put music on iPod I would like to point out one thing right away: regardless of the iPod model in your possession, the procedure that must be carried out to load the music is practically always the same, in all the cases.

That said, if you want to learn how to put music on iPod it is essential that it be present on your computer iTunes. If you've never heard of it (which is quite unlikely), iTunes is Apple's multimedia software that allows you to manage your music library on your PC and synchronize it with the portable devices of the Cupertino house, such as iPhone, iPad and iPod. iTunes is included “standard” on all Macs and must be downloaded and installed separately on Windows computers.

So if you are using a computer equipped with Microsoft's operating system and you have not yet downloaded iTunes click here to connect to the official Apple website and download the program by clicking on the button Download.

Then open the installation package iTunesSetup.exe that has been downloaded to your PC and click in sequence on forwardInstall e Si for two consecutive times. Finally, press on end. If you need more details about the procedure to follow for downloading and installing iTunes I suggest you read my guide on how to download iTunes for free.

Also keep in mind that in order to put music on iPod it is essential that the music tracks of your interest have been added to the library iTunes music. If you have not already done so and / or if the songs have not been purchased through iTunes Store, just press on the voice Fillet located at the top left of the iTunes menu bar, select the item Add to library ... attached to the menu that is shown to you and choose the song or songs or the folder that contains the files of your interest. In the case of CDs, you just need to insert the media into your computer's disk reader, wait for the appropriate message attached to the iTunes window to appear, asking you if you intend to import everything into the program library and press the button Si. For more details you can read my guide on how to add songs to iTunes where you find extremely detailed information on what to do.

Then, connect the iPod to the computer using the supplied cable, wait for iTunes to start automatically and wait a few moments for the device icon to appear at the top of the iTunes main screen. At this point, click on the button for your iPod and select the section Music from the left sidebar to access the control panel from which to manage the music on the player.

Depending on your needs and the space on your device, you can choose whether to copy the entire music library you have on your PC to iPod or to synchronize only certain albums, playlists or artists selected "manually". In the first case, just put the check mark on the boxes next to the items Sync music e Whole music library then click on the buttons Apply e Synchronize. In the second case, instead, you have to put the check mark on the box next to the item Selected playlists, artists, albums and genres and use the boxes below to select the playlists, albums, music genres or artists you want to transfer to iPod.

In both cases, if you wish, as well as putting music on iPod you can include any video clips on your computer and you can enable a special option that allows you to fill any empty space left on the device with songs of sufficient capacity. To sync the video clips on your iPod, check the box next to the item Include video clips that you find attached to the section Music iTunes before pressing the button Synchronize while as regards the other functionality, make sure you have checked the box next to item Playlist, selected artists, albums and genres in the section Music of the iTunes window and then put a check mark on the box next to the item Automatically fill free space with songs, always before clicking the button Synchronize.

Now that you have made your choice, every time you sync iTunes with iPod, all new songs added to your computer's music library will be automatically copied to the Apple player based on the selected criteria (any song if you have chosen to sync the whole iTunes library or just the new songs of the artists / genres you have selected). Easy, right?

After completing all the procedure by which to put music on iPod, you will see a special warning appear in the upper center of the iTunes window. Afterwards, you can then disconnect your iPod from your computer. To do this, press the button Eject which is placed in the left part of the iTunes window next to the name of your iPod then disconnect the device cable from both the latter and the computer.

Now that you have finally figured out how to go about putting music on iPod, there is one last thing you need to know and that I think you should consider before starting to listen to music with Apple's portable multi-media player: if you have a iPod Touch equipped with one of the most recent versions of iOS you can also use advanced services such as Spotify, the most famous streaming platform in the world which through its Premium plan (9,99 euros / month) also allows you to download music tracks locally and listen to them offline.

To activate the local playback of Spotify songs and, consequently, to put music on iPod using this service, all you have to do is download the relevant app, start it, create an account, subscribe to a Premium subscription and create a playlist with all songs to play offline.

To create a playlist follow the steps below. In the case of albums, look for them, press the button Save present under their cover image and move up ON the relative levetta all'opzione Available offline. Once the download is complete, you will find your albums by accessing the section Your music of the app and then pressing on Album. As for playlists, first find a song or album to add to your playlist, press the button (...) placed next to its title and select the item Add to playlist from the menu that opens. At this point you can choose whether to add the content to an existing playlist or create a new one. Afterwards, go to the section Your music of the app, presses on the item playlist, select the playlist to save offline and then move to ON the switch for the option Available offline.

If something is not clear to you and / or if you need more details about how to put music on iPod through Spotify you can consult my guide on how Spotify works that I published some time ago on the blog. Take a look and you won't regret it.