How to Put Full Screen on Pc

Your boss has asked you to work on an important text document and, to try to do everything in the best way, you want to avoid any possible distraction while writing it on the PC. Considering the circumstances, you have therefore well thought of enabling the display of your favorite writing application a full screen… But you couldn't find the right option to do it.

How do you say? Things are exactly like this and would you like to understand if I can help you? Of course yes, God forbid! If you dedicate a few minutes of your precious free time to me, I can in fact explain, in a simple but still detailed way, how to put internal screen on PC, on both Windows and macOS. I anticipate that, contrary to what you might think, it is not complicated at all.

Then? May I know what are you still standing there? Take a few moments just for yourself, position yourself comfortably in front of your trusted computer and immediately start to devote yourself to reading the instructions that you find right below. I am sure that, in the end, you will be able to tell yourself very happy and satisfied with what you have learned, as well as, clearly, that you have finally succeeded in your intent.

Preliminary Information

Prima di enter the live tutorial, walking to spiegare how to put full screen on pc, it seems only right to provide you more information about the functionality in question.

Full screen mode, you need to know, is a feature, available on both Windows that of MacOS for almost all of the programs, which allows you to open the contents of a given window in full screen using every inch of the monitor, thus avoiding distractions from any other open windows and without displaying anything else on the computer monitor (except any notifications).

It can also be very useful for improving the performance on small screens of portable PCs, on HD televisions or, much more simply, for personal viewing needs. Obviously, it is also widely used when the PC is used for gaming.

That said, to enable the full screen mode, just take advantage of a special one button o command present on almost all the windows. When the button or command is not available, some can be used instead key combinations ad hoc.

For more details, read on: everything is explained below.

How to Put Full Screen on PC

Having made the necessary premises above, let's take action and find out what exactly needs to be done to be able to put the full screen on PC. Below you will find explained how to do this on both Windows that of MacOS. As I told you at the beginning of the guide, it is very simple, do not worry.


Stai using a PC with your installato Windows, to put the full screen on a PC, regardless of whether it is a desktop or portable station, what you have to do is open the program of your interest, wait for the relative window to be visible on the screen and click on button, to activate the mode in question (usually it is the one depicting a rectangle with open corners or a double arrow) located in the upper right corner or on the toolbar. Alternatively, you can invoke the function from menu of the application used.

Unfortunately, I cannot be more precise, as each program can have its own functions. Also consider that for some software the full screen command not available, so if you can't find it, this could also be the reason.

Anyway, to give a practical example, if you are using the browser Chrome, to activate the full screen mode you have to click the button with i three dots vertically located at the top right, locate the item Zoom in the menu that opens and click the button with the rectangle with the open sides that you find in his correspondence.

When full screen mode is enabled, the toolbar and menu bar of the program and the taskbar Windows are not visible. To be able to view them again you will need to move the mouse pointer to the top or bottom of the screen respectively.

In addition to this, as I mentioned earlier, you can enable full-screen viewing using the appropriate keyboard shortcuts. To be precise, for almost all of the browser and software, you can use the key F11, while for applications for Windows 10 downloaded and / or available through the Microsoft Store the combination to use is Windows + Shift + Enter.

When you deem it appropriate, you can disable the use of full screen mode by moving the mouse pointer to the top of the screen, waiting a few moments for the toolbar e / o la menu bar are visible again and clicking on button previously used to activate the aforementioned mode (generally it is the one depicting a rectangle with open corners or a double arrow) located in the top corner.

Alternatively, you can press the key Esc on the keyboard or use the key combinations also used to activate the function, i.e .: F11 or Windows + Shift + Enter (only on Windows 10 and only for what concerns the applications download and / or available from the Microsoft Store).


Stai using MacOS, I inform you that, regardless of whether yours is a desktop or laptop Mac, to activate full screen mode all you have to do is start theapplication of your interest on the computer, wait for the relevant window to be visible on the screen and click on green circular button that you find in the upper left part of the same. Alternatively, you can use the key combination ctrl+cmd+F.

Once the application of your interest is displayed in full screen, the only thing visible will be the contents of the window. If you need to view the relative toolbar, move the mouse pointer to the top of the screen, to hide it again, instead, move it away.

If you then need to enable the display of the Dock bar, move the mouse pointer to the bottom of the screen or to the right or left side (depending on where you have chosen to place the Dock) and this will be immediately visible. To hide it again, move the pointer away from the position you brought it to.

Of course, the fact that full screen mode is enabled doesn't preclude you from move from one application to another. To do this, swipe left or right on the mouse or trackpad surface using tre dita And that's it.

If this may interest you, I inform you that when the full screen mode is enabled, you can also choose to take advantage of the mode Split View, which allows you to view two applications in full screen at the same time, dividing the space of the monitor in half. To use it, click on green circular button that you find in the upper left part of the application window of your interest and continue to keep clicked for a few moments, then choose whether to place the window in the right or left half of the screen.

At this point, select, using Mission Control, the macOS tool that offers an overview of all open windows and allows you to quickly recall them, which is activated automatically in the other half of the screen, the window of the other application you want to open in full screen and that's it . Next, you will find a full screen application in the left half of the display and a full screen application in the right half.

If you want, you can adjust the space dedicated to the screens of each application using the cursor place in the dividing line in the center of the screen. To do this, click on it and, continuing to hold down, drag it to the right or left, depending on your needs.

If you have already activated full-screen mode for a given application, you can also quickly choose which other program to use in Split View mode, again via Mission Control. In that case, the first thing you need to do is enable Mission Control display by pressing the dedicated button on the Mac keyboard (on most Apple computers this corresponds to F3, in any case it is placed in the upper part of the keyboard and is marked by the drawing of three open windows). Alternatively, click theMission Control icon (Quella with the black background and the three open colored windows) that you find on Dock bar or in Launchpad.

Then, drag the second application window onto the window of the one already open full screen visible on the space bar (above), choose whether to place it on the right or left and that's it.

When you see fit, you can turn off full screen mode (and exit Split View mode, if enabled) by simply moving the mouse pointer to the top of the monitor and clicking the button again. green circular button located in the left corner.

Alternatively, you can use the key combination ctrl+cmd+F, i.e. the same one you used to enable the mode in question, or you can press the key e on the keyboard.

How to Put a Game on PC in Full Screen

You use the computer to play and you want to know how to put a PC game on full screen? Well, I inform you that i buttons, the commands and keyboard shortcuts to use in this case are the same as I indicated in the previous lines, as regards Windows and macOS, for all the other programs. Some computer games, then, offer the possibility of enabling the aforementioned functionality directly from the related ones options and settings.

Once activated, the full screen mode can always be disabled using the commands, buttons and key combinations that I have already indicated to you in the previous lines, or by using dedicated keyboard shortcuts. In the specific case of Windows, you can try with combinations Alt + Tab or Alt + Invio.

As for the side MacOSInstead, you can try the following key combinations: cmd+H, cmd+tab or cmd + alt. Further useful information about this can be found in my guide on how to minimize a game.