How to Publish Files on the Web

You find yourself having to deal with a technological problem that you absolutely cannot manage: you have to transfer a document to a series of people but the list of recipients is immense. You thought about sending this file by e-mail but, unfortunately, the file exceeds the preset size. Even if you want to, it's impossible to upload it as an attachment and email it. You absolutely must be able to perform this operation and you are therefore a bit panicked because you don't really know what to do anymore.

Don't worry, I understand you, it happened to me too: what you are facing is a rather common problem and, fortunately, it is easy to solve. The simplest way to send a file (or more than one) to a number of recipients is to upload it to a cloud storage space free. By uploading this file to the Internet, recipients, by connecting to the address you provided, will be able to download the document at any time. However, it must be said that there are several services that allow you to upload files to the Web; many are free but have some limitations, such as a limited download in time, others still offer a limited storage space, which can only be expanded upon payment of a subscription.

Having made these necessary premises on the possibilities you have available to upload a file via the Internet, what I will provide you in this tutorial will be a detailed explanation on which tools to use. Furthermore, for each service indicated, I will guide you step by step in using it, so that you will not have problems understanding how to use it. All clear? Yes? Very well, then I just have to wish you a good reading and a good "job".


  • WeTransfer
  • Google Drive
  • Mega
  • Other services for publishing files on the web


If you want to upload a file to the web because you need to send it to a variety of people, then the first tip I want to give you is to use WeTransfer.

If you have never heard of it, know that it is an excellent tool that can be used online free and even without registration.

The operation of this service is quite simple: you will have to upload the document to be sent within the platform and then choose whether to share it via email, indicating the recipient's email address, or whether to create a shareable link that refers to the website of WeTransfer allowing to download the file to all those who own it.

As already explained this service is free but it offers some advanced features upon subscribing to a subscription which, however, is optional.

To use it without paying you will have to connect to its official website and press the button Take me to the free version. After that, once you have pressed the button Accept to accept the conditions of use of the service, you will have to press the button Add files.

This way you can choose from your computer the documents to upload online. In its version free, WeTransfer supports uploading files up to a maximum size of 2GB.

To send the file via e-mail address you will then need to fill in the text field Send an email to. If you want to get a shareable link, press the button with the three dots symbol and then tick the entry link.

Once you have filled in all the text fields of the service, you will need to upload the file and press the button Transfer. In case you have chosen to generate a hyperlink you can see it on the screen and you can copy and paste it wherever you want.

If you choose to send the file via email instead, it will be sent to the recipient as soon as you click on the button Transfer.

The recipient you have indicated will receive a message from WeTransfer informing them of the availability of a file to download, providing all the instructions to do so. The file will still be available for download for a limited time.

If you wish, you can also use WeTransfer from mobile devices by downloading the free application for Android and iOS.

Google Drive

An excellent cloud storage tool that allows you to upload files to the web to be able to share them is definitely Google Drive.

This is the well-known service developed by Google which is also accessible from mobile devices by downloading the application free for Android or iOS.

Being a cloud storage service, Google Drive has no limitations regarding the ability to download the file. Once uploaded, it remains available for sharing and downloading until you decide to delete it.

To use Google Drive, however, it is necessary to have a Google account; consequently if you do not have and do not know how to create it, I refer you to reading my guide dedicated to the subject.

If, on the other hand, you already have a Google account and want to know how to use Google Drive to upload a file online and share it, go to its official website and log in indicating the login data such as email address e password.

After that, once logged in, you can start using Google Drive to upload files or folders. Then press the button New located at the top left and choose whether to press the button Cartoon of file o Upload a folder depending on the type of content you need to share.

The file or folder you have selected will be uploaded to this cloud storage service whose space free is 15 GB. Everything you upload to Google Drive will be visible in the section My Drive and you can access it at any time even from mobile devices through the application you downloaded on your device.

To share a file via Google Drive, you will need to click on the file or folder to share to select it and then press the button with the symbol of a little man.

At this point, in the text field that you will see on the screen, in correspondence with the wording Share with other users, you will need to type the email address of the person with whom you want to share the file.

Alternatively you can get a shareable link by pressing the button Get shareable link. In this way, anyone with this link will be able to view and download the file in question.

If you want to learn more about how Google Drive works, as a cloud storage service, I recommend reading my guide dedicated to the topic.


Mega is a website dedicated to file sharing and archiving that I recommend you use if you want to upload a file to the web to share it with other people.

This website can be used for the purposes set by you only after registration. Registered users, on the other hand, also have the option of obtaining free and variable storage space up to 50 GB in size. If you want to use Mega you will then have to create an account free.

Go to the official website of this service and press the button Create an account indicating, on the next screen, all the required data, placing the check mark relating to acceptance of the terms of the service and then pressing the button Create an account. Once you have registered you will need to verify your account by pressing the confirmation button that will be sent to you via email.

As for the use of the service, you will have to press the button with the symbol of a speech bubble from the left sidebar and then import the files by dragging them into the box you will see on the screen. As an alternative to drag & drop then press the buttons Upload file or Upload folder.

Once the file has been loaded into Mega, press the button with the three dots symbol and from the drop-down menu you will see on the screen, press on the item Get link and accept the copyright notice that you will see on the screen.

At this point you can choose whether to press the buttons keyless link o link with key; Mega offers the possibility to add a decryption key to possibly protect the download.

If you want to know more about how Mega works, I refer you to reading my guide dedicated to the topic in which I told you in more detail about all the tools offered by this service.

Other Services for Publishing Files on the Web

Have you read carefully all the information I have given you in this guide and would like to know more about the possibilities that are available for free for uploading files on the Web?

Would you like to know other similar Internet sites to fulfill the purpose you have set for yourself? No problem, I can still help you. In fact, I want to indicate below which other services I recommend you use for sharing documents over the Internet. I am sure that they will do for you and that, with my indications, you will have no problems using them. Let it bet?

  • Dropbox: famous service dedicated to archiving and sharing documents, Dropbox has undergone considerable development, also thanks to the constant support and implementation of many new features, in addition to the main one. You can then use it to upload files to the Internet and share them quickly and easily. The application for Android and iOS is also available and, to learn how to use it, I refer you to my guide dedicated to the topic.
  • OneDrive: is Microsoft's cloud storage service, the equivalent of Google Drive. Its use is free with limited storage space for free accounts. It can be used to upload files to the web and share them with other people. I therefore refer you to reading my tutorial to understand in detail how OneDrive works.