How to Pay F24 Online

After spending nearly an hour standing in line at your hometown post office, you found that you can fill out and pay for the model F24 even independently via the Internet. Despite the detailed information provided by the postal operator, however, you were unable to send your F24 online and now, fearing having to re-queue at the post office, you no longer know where to turn. Did I guess? So do not resign yourself and let me give you a hand to succeed in your intent.

If you give me a few minutes of your free time, I can explain how to pay F24 online by relying on one of the services available on the Web. Yes, you read that right: to fill in, send and pay for your F24 there are various solutions for all needs. Using your bank's home banking service, you can fill in the F24 form and pay it by direct debit; alternatively, you can choose the services Pay online e F24 Web available, respectively, on the websites of Poste Italiane and the Agenzia delle Entrante. Convenient, right?

If you agree, let's not waste any more time chatting and let's get to work immediately. Take five minutes of free time and read the next few paragraphs carefully. Identify the payment solution you prefer, try to put into practice the instructions I am about to give you and I assure you that the queue at the post office to pay your F24 will be just a distant memory. All that remains for me is to wish you good reading and a big good luck for everything!

Pay F24 with Home Banking

The simplest solution for pay F24 online is to rely on the service of home banking of your banking institution. The service can be used either by accessing the bank's website using the computer browser or by downloading the appropriate application for smartphones and tablets.

The procedure for making the F24 payment from home banking is almost the same for all banks. Then connect to your bank's website and click on the button Customer area, then enter your login details in the fields Client code e PIN e pulsing sul pulsating Log in. For the detailed procedure, you can read my guide on how to access the online checking account.

Now, click on the entry Operations and presses on the option F24 and other taxes, then make sure the item is selected F24 and click on the model to pay choosing from F24 Simplified, F24 Ordinary, F24 Excise e F24 Identification elements.

If your bank has an agreement with your Municipality, enter the identification code in the field Operation identifier to fill in the F24 form automatically, otherwise proceed with the manual compilation of the form by entering the requested data. Then enter your details or those of the taxpayer (if different from you) in the fields Tax Code, Surname, Name, Birthdaybirthplace e Gender.

If you are filling out a F24 SimplifiedIn section Reason for payment, enter the data shown in the hard copy of your F24 in the Section fields, Tax code, Body code, Ravv., Property varied, Acc., Sale, Art. Imm., Installments / month reference, Reference year, Deduction, Payable amounts paidCredit amounts offset.

If, on the other hand, you have chosen one of the other models, select the tribute section of your interest (Tax section, INPS Section, Regions section etc.) and enter the data in the appropriate fields. Therefore, indicate the date on which you intend to make the payment in the field Date and click sul pulsating Save to save the F24 model as a draft or press the button Continue to continue with the payment.

On the newly opened page, check that all the data previously entered is correct and click on the button Confirmation to proceed with the payment. To confirm the operation, enter the random code generated by the digital key that you received when you opened the account or use the confirmation system via your smartphone if you have previously activated this feature.

If you prefer to pay F24 online using your smartphone or tablet, start your bank's application (or download it from your device's store if you haven't done so yet) and log into your account. Now, tap the ≡ button to access the menu, press the item Operations and payments e seleziona l'opzione F24 and other taxes.

So choose whether to pay a Simplified F24 or F24 ordinary and frame the paper document with the camera of your device to automatically report your data in the online model. If, on the other hand, you do not have the hard copy of your F24 available, tap on the item Fill in manually and indicate the date on which you intend to make the payment by selecting it in the field Payment date.

Then enter your personal data in the section Taxpayer typing them in the fields Tax Code, Surname, name or company name social, Name, Birthday, Gender, birthplace e County of birth, then enter your address data in the fields Common, Province e Street Address.

Now, choose the section of your interest according to the taxes you have to pay and the model chosen. For example, if you are filling in a F24 Ordinary, fai tap sul pulsating + related to the section of your interest between Tax section, INPS Section, Regions section, IMU section and other local taxes e Section other social security and insurance institutions and enter the required data in the fields Deduction, Body code, Ravv., Acc., Sale, Reference year etc.

After entering all the required data, tap the button Continue present at the top right, check that the data entered are correct and press the button again Continue. To complete the payment, enter the code shown on the digital key in your possession or follow the instructions provided on the screen if your bank uses a different security system.

Pay F24 with Pay Online by Poste Italiane

Pay F24 with Pay online by Poste Italiane is another solution to consider. By creating an account on the Poste Italiane website, it is possible to access the service that allows you to pay postal bills, car tax and the F24 model.

If you think this is the most convenient solution to pay your F24 online, connected to the Post Office website, click on the item Online services e seleziona l'opzione Pay F24 from the menu that appears. Then enter your login details in the fields Username e Password e pulsing sul pulsating Log in to log into your account. Alternatively, you can authenticate via SPID by clicking on the item PosteID and entering your data in the fields Enter email e Enter password. To learn more, you can read my guide on how to get the SPID.

If, on the other hand, you do not yet have an account on the Poste Italiane website, click on the item Subscribe, enter your personal data in the fields Name, Surname e Tax Code e pulsing sul pulsating Continue. In the new open page, make sure that the data shown in the fields Born inIn the province ofBirthdayState of birth e Gender are correct, put the check mark next to the item I'm not a robot to verify your identity and click the button Confirmation. Within a few moments you will receive an SMS with a control code: enter it in the field Confirmation code, pigia sul pulsating Confirmation and continue with the registration.

Then enter your data in the fields Email e Password, click here Confirmation, put the check marks required to accept the terms of service and press the button Confirmation for two consecutive times. To complete the registration and activate your account, click on the activation link contained in the email received at the above address.

After logging in with your credentials, locate the section What you can pay and click sul pulsating Pay present in the box F24 models, then select the model of your interest from Ordinary, Simplified, excise duties e With identifying elements e pulsing sul pulsating Continue.

In the newly opened page, indicate how to send the F24 form by selecting one of the items between Physical person e Legal person, then check that the data reported in section Contributors are correct and indicate the data required according to the taxes to be paid and the F24 model chosen.

If you want to set a payment date, put the check mark next to the option Do you want to postpone the payment? and indicates the date chosen in the field Payment date, then put the check mark next to the item I want to receive notifications via SMS to receive a free SMS confirming the payment and click on the button Continue.

In the new open page, make sure that the data previously entered is correct and presses the button Pay now to proceed with the payment. Then choose the payment method between Credit cardPostepay card e BancoPosta Online Account, enter your details (if you do not have any payment method associated with your account) and click on the button Pay now to complete the payment of your F24.

You must know that, at the time of writing this guide, with the application Post office for Android and iOS it is not possible to fill in and pay for F24 forms. However, by accessing the Poste Italiane website through the browser of your mobile device, you can make the payment by following the procedure described above for your computer.

Pay F24 with F24 Web

Among the solutions to pay an F24 online there is also F24 Web, the free online payment service made available byInland Revenue.

To pay your F24 with F24 Web, connect to the Revenue Agency website and click on the item Reserved Area, dopodiché pigia sul pulsnte Log in present in the box Entratel / Fisconline and choose the access mode between Log in with SPID, Log in with agency credentials e Log in with smart card. Then enter the access data required to access your account.

If you do not yet have your login credentials to the Revenue Agency website, click on the item Not registered yet? e pulsing sul pulsating Registration with Fisconline, then put the check mark next to one of the items available between IndividualsIndividuals in possession of the National Service Card (Cns)Italian citizens residing abroad e Company and, more generally, all subjects other than natural persons (so-called Pnf), who present the declaration of withholding agents for a maximum number of 20 recipients.

Now, put the check mark next to the item I declare that I have read the legislation and click sul pulsating Request the PIN code. On the new page opened, enter your tax code in the field Tax Code, provide the data relating to your tax return, indicate yours total income e pulsing sul pulsating Submit to request the access PIN.

You must know that registering will not give you immediate access to the system. In fact, after requesting the access PIN, the system will immediately provide you with the first 4 digits of the code, while the last 6 digits (together with the password for the first access) will be sent to the address known by the Revenue Agency. If you prefer authentication via SPID when accessing via PIN but you do not yet have your digital identity, you can read my guide on how to obtain SPID credentials.

After logging into your account, click on the option Services for present in the sidebar on the left, select the item Pay from the menu that appears and click on the option F24 Web.

Nella nuova page aperta, pigia sul pulsating The compilation of the F24 form begins, put the check mark next to the model of your interest in new model F24 Standardnew model F24 Excisenew model F24 Payments with identification elements (ELIDE) e new model F24 Standard for payment with trade receivables pursuant to art. 28-quinquies of Presidential Decree 602/73 and click sul pulsating OK.

Now, enter the required data depending on the model chosen, verify the correct entry and enter yours IBAN in the appropriate field to pay by direct debit. Finally, enter your PIN code in the field Pin number and click sul pulsating OK to send the F24 model.