How to Open Ps4 Files

Thanks to PlayStation 4 you spent a lot of time playing your favorite video games, having fun with your friends and completing tons of challenges. However, electronic devices also need maintenance over the years. This can result from a build-up of dust, or from a defective component that needs to be replaced. If you heard strange noises while playing on the PS4, or saw a lot of dust in the vents, don't be scared!

This type of situation is completely normal, especially if a device, such as a console, is used for a long time. In case you need to take a look inside the PS4, know that you've come to the right place! Thanks to my advice, you will understand in a short time how to open the PS4 and verify its conditions without compromising its integrity.

How do you say? Can't wait to get started? Then all you have to do is get comfortable and carefully read everything I am about to tell you. You will see that opening the PS4 is a simpler operation than it seems. So I just have to wish you good reading and wish you a big good luck!

Preliminary Information

Before we proceed and show you how this is possible open a PS4, I would like to give you some preliminary information in this regard.

As I told you before, with the passage of time even a PS4 needs maintenance, which can be useful to solve problems of dirt or technical failures. If, therefore, you feel that the console is overheating or that it produces suspicious noises, know that it is necessary to intervene.

What you need to know, however, is that by carrying out these operations, or by physically opening the console, unfortunately you will go to void its warranty. This means that, in the event of a breakdown, the console can no longer be taken over by Sony support, or by the retailer from which you purchased it. The only thing you can do about the console's internal hardware without voiding the warranty is to change the hard drive.

If, despite this, you are still convinced to continue, be sure to implement all preliminary operations necessary to do a good job. Before opening the PS4 first make sure the console is extinguished and therefore it is not simply in rest mode: if you have any doubts, or do not know how to perform this check, read my article where I explain how to turn off the PS4. Then make sure to unplug the power cord and HDMI cable connected to the TV.

Also, to open the PS4 you need to know that you will need the right equipment: a T8 screwdriver o T9 it's a Phillips screwdriver with 3 mm tip.