How to Open Mp4 Files

Have you downloaded some videos in MP4 format from the Internet but when you try to open them by double clicking on their icons you can't see them? Weird, really weird. Also because MP4 files are now very popular and are supported by all major multimedia players. Anyway, don't worry, I can help you understand how to open MP4.

Assuming that obviously there is something wrong with the associations, that is, to put it simply, your operating system has "forgotten" what is the right program to run when you double-click on a movie of this type , you do not have to worry as it is an easily solved problem even for those who, a bit like you, do not consider themselves to be exactly a great expert in computer science. my word.

So follow the instructions below and you will discover, in no time at all, how to open MP4 with media players already installed on your computer or with excellent free software that can be downloaded directly from the Internet. I am more than sure that in the end you will be able to tell yourself satisfied and that in case of need you will also be ready and willing to explain to your friends in need of receiving a similar tip how to deal with this small problem. That said, let's roll up our sleeves and get to work right away!

Reset MP4 File Associations

For starters, let's see how to restore correct associations for MP4 videos on Windows e OS X, that is, how to tell the computer with which program it should open files of this type. It is a quick, easy procedure that does not require any technical knowledge.


If you are using a Windows PC, you can restore the correct associations for videos in MP4 format by first right-clicking on any video in the aforementioned format and then selecting the item Property give the menu to compare.

In the window that opens, press the button Change ... and select the media player you want to play MP4 files with: Windows Media Player or any other software suitable for the purpose. If you do not see the name of the program you intend to associate with the MP4 files in the list that is proposed to you, click on the button that you find corresponding to the item Other options, select Look for another app on this PC and choose "manually" the executable file of the program (eg. C:> Programs> Windows Media Player> wmplayer.exe per Windows Media Player).

Afterwards, try to open MP4 by simply double clicking on the file you intend to play. Having restored the correct associations for the videos, the movie should open in Windows Media Player.


If you are using a Mac, you can restore the correct associations for MP4 movies by clicking on any video in the format in question and then pressing the key combination cmd+i on the computer keyboard to call up the file information window.

Then expand the section Open with:, select the application you want to associate with MP4 files from the drop-down menu below and press the button Edit everything ... per salvare i Cambiomenti.

Then try to open MP4 by double clicking on the file you intend to play. Having restored the correct associations for the videos, the movie should start QuickTime Player. Since it wasn't that hard?

Programs to Open MP4

Now that you have restored the correct associations for videos in MP4 format, I want to point out below those that in my humble opinion represent some of the best programs around thanks to which it is possible to open videos in the above format in a simple and fast. So choose the software that you think will do the most for you and install it on your computer, Windows or OS X.


If you can open MP4 without problems with Windows Media Player or QuickTime Player but go in search of a more complete and versatile software, I highly recommend you to try VLC. Haven't you ever heard of it? Well, now I "enlighten" you right away! It is a universal media player that can play most audio and video file formats without resorting to codecs. It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and even with portable devices (but we will see this later!).

To download VLC on your computer, click here so that you can immediately connect to the program's website and then click on the orange button Download VLC.

Then wait for the software download to start and complete then, if you have a Windows PC, open the media player installation package (eg. vlc–2.2.3-win32.exe) and click on first Yes and then OK, Then forward three consecutive times, then on Install and to conclude on end.

If you are using a Mac instead, open the package dmg which contains VLC and drag the software icon to the folder Applications OS X: that's it!

At the end of the installation process, start VLC and wait for the software window to be visible on the screen.

Subsequently, if you are using a Windows PC, select the item Open file from the menu Media and choose the video in MP4 format you intend to play. The commands to pause playback, scroll through the various points of the video, adjust the volume and so on you can find them all in the toolbar located in the lower part of the software window.

If you are using a Mac, click on the item to open MP4 Fillet attached at the top left of the menu bar, select Open file ... and choose the video you want to play. As on a Windows PC, the commands to pause playback, scroll through the various points of the video, adjust the volume and so on, you can find them all in the toolbar located at the bottom of the program window.

To set the program as the default media player, instead, follow the instructions I have provided you in the previous lines.

Media Player Classic Home Cinema

Was VLC not to your liking? Do you use a computer with Windows installed and are you still looking for a program that allows you to open MP4? Well, if that's the case, I suggest you resort to using Media Player Classic Home Cinema. It is another excellent free and open source media player that makes essentiality its main strength: its spartan interface, which closely resembles that of the old versions of Windows Media Player, is very simple to use and allows you to Quickly access many advanced features (such as audio equalization, subtitle management and much more).

To download Media Player Classic Home Cinema on your PC, click here to connect to the program's website and then press the button MPC-HC – Download Now! which is located at the top. Then start the installation package named MPC-HC.xx.exe) and first click on Yes and then OK e forward. So put the check mark next to the item I accept the terms of the license agreement and complete the setup by pressing in sequence on forward five consecutive times, Install e end.

Good. Now you just have to start Media Player Classic, select the item Open file from the menu Fillet (top left) and choose the MP4 video to play. Good vision!

App to Open MP4

In addition to the "classic" programs, I also want to show you what I believe are the best apps of the genre for iPhone / iPad and for smartphones and tablets Android and thanks to which you can open MP4 without problems even from your mobile device.

As already pointed out above, videos in MP4 format are supported by all major media players. This is therefore true not only for computers but also for smartphones and tablets, where there are many apps that allow you to view this type of movies without the slightest problem. If you want I recommend some of the best but, again, there are plenty (including those included by default in systems like iOS and Android).

  • VLC - As I already mentioned, VLC is also available for iPhone / iPad and for Android. Its mobile version, which is also totally free, is not yet as complete and functional as the desktop one, but in the free environment it is certainly very interesting. The application supports network streaming, hardware decoding (only for a selected number of devices) and is capable of playing all major video file formats (including MP4, of course). You can download VLC for Android by clicking here while you can get the iOS version by clicking here.
  • Infuse - It is one of the very few iOS players to have AC3 / DTS audio support. The basic version of the app, which only supports files in MP4 format and does not allow you to play audio in DTS format, is free while the full version (which has a billion more features) costs 9,99 euros. You can download Infuse for iOS by clicking here.
  • OplayerHD Lite - This is another great player thanks to which you can open Mp4 on iPhone and iPad. The application is free and can play almost all videos in MP4 format without problems but, it should be emphasized, it displays an advertising banner at the top of the display that can be removed, if necessary, through an in-app purchase of 4,99 , XNUMX euros. You can download OplayerHD Lite for iPhone by clicking here while you can download the app version for iPad by clicking here.
  • BS Player FREE - It is one of the best free players for Android devices, no ifs and buts. BS Player FREE allows you to play the videos present in the local network, supports hardware decoding and in addition to the files in MP4 format, it allows you to open the vast majority of the types of videos currently present on the square. In short, it is a real godsend. You can download BS Player FREE for Android by clicking here.