How to Open Iphone 5 Files

Recently your trusty iPhone 5 has begun to give you some problems and would you like to understand how to repair it with your own hands, therefore going to replace specific components? Yes? Well, if that's the way it is, know that once again you can count on me. In fact, I can explain to you everything that is possible to do to succeed open iPhone 5 without having to contact specialized technicians and without having to bring your device to service.

Before explaining what steps to take to be able to open iPhone 5, however, I would like to emphasize the fact that carrying out this operation is not exactly simple and within everyone's reach. Also keep in mind that for the success of the entire procedure it is good to have a high dose of attention and concentration. I would also like to clarify that to open iPhone 5 you will need to have a whole series of special tools at your disposal. If you do not have the necessary equipment, I invite you not to improvise and not to use makeshift tools!

Having clarified this, if you are really interested in understanding how to proceed to be able to open iPhone 5, I suggest you grab your iDevice, sit comfortably and dedicate part of your free time to reading the following lines. I am sure that in the end you will be satisfied and that if necessary you will also be happy to explain to your friends the need for similar tips how to proceed.

Before showing you how to open iPhone 5, however, there is another very important thing that you should know and which you should take into account: if your iPhone is still under warranty, its opening will inevitably lead to its forfeiture. . If you do not know if your device is still under warranty or if it is covered by AppleCare + click here to connect to the verification web page and provide the serial number of your device and the other data requested on the screen. If you need more details about it, you can then console my guide on how to check the iPhone warranty.

To understand how to open iPhone 5 in order to be able to carry out repairs of specific components of the same I suggest you rely on the step by step instructions on the website iFixit. If you have never heard of it, keep in mind that this is a website that illustrates in an extremely detailed way all the disassembly operations of the iPhone based on the components you want to act on. The site is also chock full of images and lists for each operation to be performed the necessary tools to be used to complete the job correctly. Most of the information available is in Italian, especially for some details and some tutorials available only in English which, fortunately, are still easily accessible even by those who are not a perfect connoisseur of the language.

To find out how to open iPhone 5, the first operation you need to perform is therefore to click here to be able to immediately connect to the section of the iFixit website dedicated to the iPhone model in question. Once the web page is displayed, select the component of the iPhone 5 on which you intend to go to act (for example Battery for the battery, Modulo display for the screen, Replacing the home button on an iPhone 5 for the home button and so on) in order to display the page with detailed instructions on how to open the Apple-branded smartphone.

For each guide on how to open iPhone 5 on the iFixit website, there are also several comments from other users who have tried to disassemble the iPhone or who are in any case interested in it. In case of doubts about a specific operation to be performed, I therefore suggest you give one look at the section Declarations present under each guide, you may find one or more comments left by other users in the same situation as you and therefore you could get the help you need instantly. Alternatively, you can leave a comment under the reference guide yourself and wait for a response from a third party or even from the iFixit team itself.

As for the tools necessary to carry out the disassembly operation, you can immediately find out which ones to use by taking a look at the top right of the page relating to the component on which to act, under the heading Means and / or Components detected. In most cases, the tools indicated to open iPhone 5 are screwdrivers, suction cups, tweezers to handle the smallest electronic components and little else. As I told you in the previous lines, it is essential to find and use everything you need that is indicated in order to avoid the onset of problems and to perform the steps shown in the various guides perfectly. If you do not know where to find the necessary equipment indicated to open iPhone 5, you can also purchase it directly on the iFixit website, by clicking on the name of each tool or by clicking here to access the section Parts & Tools Warehouse of the site. Alternatively you can click here to buy what you need on Amazon.

In addition to photos and textual instructions on how to open iPhone 5, numerous videos are also available on iFixit that show in detail how to remove the various components of the phone.

However, keep in mind that even on YouTube there are many videos that illustrate how to disassemble the Apple smartphone. For example, you can click here to take a look at a slew of video tutorials that show how to proceed to open iPhone 5. Alternatively, you can perform a search on YouTube by typing, in the search bar attached to the portal, keywords of the type disassemble iPhone 5 batterydisassemble camera iPhone 5 and so on based on the exact operation you intend to perform on your iPhone. Then press the video of your interest to start playing it. In all cases, try to carefully choose the most reliable films and do not make rash operations.

For example, in this video of just under ten minutes it is explained, in an extremely precise way, how to open iPhone 5 in order to replace the battery. The operation is performed using a small screwdriver, a suction cup and a plastic lever. We start by unscrewing the small rear screws of the phone (where there is the dock attachment) and continue by removing all the other parts. Then the battery is also removed and replaced with a new one.