How to Open Fastweb Ports Files

Your telephone operator is Fastweb, you can say you are quite satisfied with the services offered and in particular you cannot complain about your Internet connection. However, there is one thing that just doesn't go as it should: excessive slowness in downloading files when you use programs such as Torrent or eMule. If this is indeed the case, know that fortunately there is a solution to everything and that the solution is just around the corner. In fact, to cope with it you just need open Fastweb ports.

In other words, it is very likely that the communication channels that some programs, such as those used for P2P, use to download files from the Internet have not yet been opened on the router in your possession. Opening Fastweb doors therefore represents the solution to everything.

How do you say? Worried about not being able to do this? Well, don't be afraid, opening Fastweb doors is a very simple procedure to carry out and you can also count on me. So if you are willing to find out how to open Fastweb doors, I suggest you get comfortable and focus for a few minutes on reading this guide. Surely in the end you can tell yourself more than satisfied with the result obtained.

In order to open Fastweb ports you must first access the control panel of your modem. To do this, start the web browser installed on the computer you prefer, type the IP address of the router in the address bar and then press the button Submit sulla tastiera of the computer.

If you do not already know the IP address of your router to find out you can try to take a look on the back of the device, a label with the data in question should be attached to it. Otherwise the IP address could be written on the router user manual included in the sales package. If the IP address of the router is not indicated either on a possible label stuck on the device itself or on the user manual, you can locate it directly from the computer.

If you are using a computer with Windows installed you can know the IP address to access the control panel of your modem by typing cmd in the search field accessible by clicking on the button Start on the taskbar or in the appropriate field accessible from the top right of the Start Screen. Then press Submit to start the program that has been selected automatically. In the window that will open at this point, type the command ipconfig and then press the button Submit on your PC keyboard to get the complete list of addresses related to your connection. The IP address of the router is the one you find indicated next to the item Default gateway.

If, on the other hand, you are using a Mac you can know the IP address through which you can access the router control panel by going to System preference (you can find the icon on the Dock, in the folder Applications or you can access it using the Launchpad) and clicking on the item Network. In the window that opens, select the name of the connection in use and click on the button Advanced which is located at the bottom right. At this point by pressing on the card TCP / IP you will find the address you need to connect to indicated next to the wording router.

Now that you have identified the IP address of the modem, that you have typed the latter into the address bar of the web browser and that you have pressed the button Submit on the keyboard you should finally be able to log in to the control panel of your router.

Please note that you will be asked to enter a username and password to access the router's control panel. Generally the combination to use is admin / admin o admin / password but there are cases where you need to enter other data. If so, you can take a further look at the router's user manual to find out the right combination to exploit. In case you have difficulty in identifying the router username and password you can consult my guide on how to find the modem and router password.

Now that you have finally managed to log in to the modem control panel you can finally take the real action and open Fastweb ports. However, considering that the configuration panels vary from router to router, you have to be good at finding the screen where the firewall settings are on your own. Please note that these settings are generally found right next to the wording firewall or in correspondence with items such as Virtual Server o LAN configuration.

For example, if you own the router Technicolor TG582n provided directly by Fastweb you have to click on the item Toolbox placed on the right and then up Sharing games and applications.

From this moment on, the procedure to be put into practice to open Fastweb ports is good or bad the same for all modems. In fact, to open Fastweb doors just type the number of the door to open in the fields Public door e Local port or Initial port e Final door and save the settings by clicking on the appropriate button on the panel.

To know which doors to open, all you have to do is access the settings of the program you would like to act on and check which ports the latter uses to function. If you are interested in knowing more details about this procedure I suggest you take a look at my guide on how to open the doors of eMule and the one on how to open the doors of uTorrent. If, on the other hand, you want to know which ports to open to use specific consoles and certain games, just click here to consult the appropriate web page on the official Fastweb website.

Finally, know that for some routers a list of programs is available directly in the control panel for which you can open the ports simply by selecting them.

For example, with the Technicolor TG582n router provided directly by Fastweb once you have accessed the section Sharing games and applications just click on the item Assign a game or application to a local network device, choose the program for which you want to open Fastweb ports by clicking on the appropriate drop-down menu available under the item Game or application, press on the drop-down menu located under the item Peripheral to select the device part of your network for which you want to authorize the use of the ports in question and then press the button Add placed sideways.