How to Open Dat Files with Ipad

I've already told you about dat files and how to open them on your PC. This is a fairly easy task to complete… but what if you get one while you're out and about with your iPad and don't have a computer handy? No problem.

There are handy apps that allow you to open winmail.dat files directly on the Apple tablet, and they are all very simple to use. Thanks to them, you will be able to consult the texts and files contained in dat files, whether these are photos, PDFs or Office documents. For all the details, here how to open dat file with iPad step by step.

If you're interested in finding out how to open dat file with iPad, I suggest you try the Winmail.dat Viewer application that allows you to open the dat files received via email for free and to discover their contents.

It is ideal for reading the content of textual data, but unfortunately it does not allow you to open any photos or PDF documents embedded within the file. To view them, you need to purchase the full version of the app which costs € 3,59.

How is it used? Nothing simpler. After downloading Winmail.dat Viewer on your iPad, open Mail (or the e-mail client you use on the tablet), select the e-mail that contains the Winmail.dat file whose content you want to discover and press the attachment icon.

Select quindi la voce Api in Letter Opener from the menu that appears and Winmail.dat Viewer will automatically open and show you the textual content of the selected dat file. Below, however, you will find the icons of the documents embedded in the dat file: photos, PDF documents, web pages, etc. To open them, as mentioned above, you will need to purchase the full version of the application.

Another app for open dat file with iPad, which also allows you to view the documents embedded in the latter, is Winmail File Viewer which costs 1,79 euros. Its operation is similar to the one just seen for Winmail.dat Viewer.

You must therefore open the email client you use on your iPad (eg. Mail), select the message presenting the file winmail.dat as an attachment and click on its icon. Then select the item Apri in Winmail from the menu that appears and you will see the contents of the dat file. Easier than that?