How to Open an Ebay Shop Files

After reading my guide on how to sell on the internet, you have located in eBay the solution that best suits your needs. However, by reading the guidelines of the famous shopping site in greater depth, you have discovered that to sell in large quantities it is preferable to open a virtual shop that allows you to create your own personalized showcase, access sales data through special tools and, above all , increase the number of free monthly advertisements, thus reducing the costs associated with advertising fees. Unfortunately, however, being still a beginner in the use of eBay, you were unable to create your store and, now, you no longer know where to turn your head to succeed in your intent.

Did I guess? Then no problem: if you want, I'm here to help you! If you give me a few minutes of your free time, I can explain how to open an eBay store also indicating the main differences between the available subscriptions. In fact, on the famous online shopping site it is possible to choose the type of store that best suits your needs: users who are entering the world of sales for the first time can choose a cheaper subscription with a reduced number of free advertisements available monthly. ; more experienced users, on the other hand, can choose more expensive solutions but which, at the same time, allow them to increase their sales volume, with the possibility of having unlimited free advertisements.

How do you say? Are you looking forward to learning more about the topic and creating your store? So let's not waste any more time chatting and let's get to the heart of the matter immediately. Make yourself comfortable, take all the time you see fit and dedicate yourself to reading the next paragraphs. Follow the directions I am about to give you carefully, choose the type of store you are interested in and I am sure that, in no time at all, you will be able to publish your sales advertisements in your online store. All that's left for me is to wish you good reading and a big good luck for everything!

Preliminary Operation

Before explaining in detail how to open an eBay store, it will be useful to know that to sell an item on the famous online shopping site you need an account.

If you have never registered on eBay, connected to the official website of the service, click on the item Subscribe present at the top left, enter the required data in the fields Name, Surname, Email e Password and click sul pulsating Sign up.

If you don't have a computer available, you should know that you can create an eBay account using the app for Android and iOS devices. After downloading it from the store of your smartphone or tablet, start it and tap on the item Subscribe. In the new screen that appears, choose the option Continue with Facebook to register with your Facebook account or Continue with Google to use a Google account.

Alternatively, tap on the item Usa email, insertion and date richiesti nei campi Email, Name e Surname e pulsing sul pulsating Continue, then enter the access key to be associated with your account in the field Password e pulsing sul pulsating Create account.

Selling on EBay Without a Shop

Dopo aver creato il tuo account, sei soon per sell on eBay and you can do it even without opening a shop. In fact, the famous online shopping site allows all registered users to create sales advertisements for free, withholding a final commission on the sale price of 10%, excluding shipping costs (up to a maximum of 200 euros).

All you need to do to list an item on eBay without opening a shop is to click on the item Sell at the top left, enter the title of your listing in the field Create a descriptive title for your ad e pigiare sul pulsating Sell. Then select the category of your interest and click on the button Create new listing to create a new listing on eBay (or on the item Sell ​​a similar item to clone an advertisement already present).

After specifying the condition of the object, enter the required data in the sections Title, Aggiungi photoDetails, DescriptionSet a price e Shipping and click sul pulsating You are selling at the rates shown to publish your sales ad.

If you prefer to create an ad from smartphones and tablets, after starting the eBay app, select the item Sell present in the menu below and presses the button Sell ​​an item. In the new screen that appears, enter the description of the item to sell in the field Describe the object or tap on the barcode to scan the barcode of your product and automatically create the sales advertisement with the main data of the same.

In the first case, check for an advertisement of a product similar to yours, tap on it and press the button Sell ​​a similar item, otherwise select the item Create a new listing and proceed to enter all the required data. Once the ad creation is complete, press the button You are selling at the rates shown And that's it. To learn more, you can read my guide on how to sell on eBay as a private individual.

Costs to Open an EBay Store

If your intention is to sell in large quantities, then you need to open a shop on eBay. At the time of writing this guide, there are three types of stores available.

  • Basic Shop (23,79 euros / month): is the recommended solution for novice sellers. Includes 300 listings in the "Buy It Now" format and 20 in the "Online Auction" format. To open a Basic Shop you need to have a personal or business eBay account linked to a PayPal account. The first two months of registration are free.
  • Premium shop (48,19 euros / month): to open a Premium store you must have a business account, have connected your PayPal account and a credit card and have obtained an average seller score of no less than 4.4 in each of the four areas for 1 year. With a Premium Shop you can create 10.000 "Buy It Now" and 50 "Online Auction" listings and you can create international sales announcements.
  • Premium Plus shop (182,39 euros / month): in addition to a Business account and having verified your account by entering the data of a credit card and your PayPal account, to open a Premium Plus store on eBay you must have obtained on average a seller score of not less than 4.6 in each of the four areas for 12 months. By activating the shop in question, it is possible to create advertisements in the "Buy it now" format without limitations and 250 advertisements in the "Online Auction" format.

To learn more about the subject and to know all the sales commissions on the final value (which vary from shop to shop and according to the category of the product sold), you can consult the Rates for professional sellers section of the eBay website.

Open an EBay Store

For open an eBay store, it is necessary to proceed from a computer. In fact, this option is not allowed either by using the application of the famous online shopping site or by proceeding through the browser of your smartphone or tablet.

Furthermore, it will be useful to know that if your intention is to create a Premium or Premium Plus store, you will first have to “transform” your personal account into a business account. Then connect to the eBay main page and, if you have not already done so, log in to your account by clicking on the item Log in at the top left and entering your login details in the fields Email or username e Password.

Now, click on the entry My eBay at the top right, select the tab Account and choose the item Personal information present in the box on the left. On the newly opened page, click the option Modification related to the item Account type, put the check mark next to the writing Account business e pigia sui pulsnti Submit e OK to confirm your intention. the message Your account has been changed to business will confirm the transition from personal to professional account.

You are now ready to open your own shop. Then click on the entry My eBay, select the scheda Account and, in the new open page, choose the item Subscribers present in the box My Account in the left sidebar. Then locate the section EBay stores and click on one of the items Modification related to options Base ShopPremium shop e Premium Plus shop.

If you haven't entered your contact information yet, enter it in the fields Enter the address, POSTAL CODE, City, Province e Mobile phone number e pulsing sul pulsating Continue. On the newly opened page, if you see the message We are unable to process your subscription. To sign up, you must first have an active seller account, it means that you have not yet associated a payment method with your account.

Then click on the item active seller's account, choose the payment method to associate with your account between PayPal e Credit card, enter the data in the appropriate fields and press the buttons Go to PayPal e Accept (if you have chosen PayPal) or Accept (if you have entered your credit card).

Once you have completed entering your payment method, put the check mark next to one of the options between Base Shop, Premium shop e Premium Plus shop to indicate the type of shop you want to open, enter the name in the field Store name e pulsing sul pulsating Continue. Premium, quindi, sul pulsating Sign up with subscription fee And that's it.

You must know that, by opening an eBay store, the automatic renewal of the monthly subscription chosen during registration is automatically activated. To deactivate it (and consequently close your shop), click on the item My eBay, select the voice Account, scegli l'opzione Subscribers and, in section Active subscriptions, presses on the voice Unsubscribe.

On the new screen that appears, make sure there is a check mark next to the item Unsubscribe relating to all active services and confirm your intention by pressing the button Unsubscribe.