How to Open a Rar File with Windows 8

You just bought a new tablet or computer equipped with Windows 8 / RT, you need to open a RAR file that was emailed to you and you don't know which application to use? Then don't think twice and try installing Unpacker.

As its name suggests quite easily, Unpacker is a free application for Windows 8 / RT that allows you to extract all major compressed archive formats: not only RAR files, but also ZIP, 7Z and many others. It is very easy to use and also supports password protected archives. Here how to open a RAR file with Windows 8 using it.

Be vuoi scoprire how to open a RAR file with Windows 8, the first step you need to take is to start Internet Explorer, connect to the Windows Store Online dedicated to the free Unpacker application and click on the button View in the Windows Store (located in the left sidebar).

At this point, you will be automatically redirected by Internet Explorer to the Windows Store. Then press the button Install (present in the left sidebar), log in with your Microsoft account (if required) and wait for the application to be downloaded and then installed on your computer / tablet.

Once the installation is complete, you can open a RAR file with Windows 8 simply by starting Unpacker from the Start Screen and clicking on the button Open files. Go to the folder containing the archive you want to extract, put the check mark next to its name and press the button apri to start opening. If you are trying to open a multi-volume archive (i.e. made up of multiple numbered RAR files), be sure to select them all.

When the extraction is complete, the list of all the files contained in the selected RAR archive will appear. Then put the check mark next to the ones you want to extract, select the folder in which to copy them from the drop-down menu Unpack location and click on the button Unpack to start saving. Alternatively, you can select a single file and open it directly by pressing the button Open. In the case of password protected archives, before opening or extracting the documents contained in the RAR file you will need to type the correct keyword.

After extracting a RAR archive with Unpacker, to select new files to open, right click anywhere on the screen and select the icon Open which appears at the bottom right. To browse through the folders on your computer from the Modern Windows interface and thus consult the files extracted with Unpacker, use a file manager such as Metro Commander.

If you are not interested in using applications for the Modern Windows environment but prefer to move towards more traditional programs, read my guides on how to extract RAR files, how to extract RAR files with password and how to extract RAR files in several parts and you will find all the information you need.