How to Locate an Ip Address

The (pseudo) computer experts who are easy to meet on forums or chats as well as at the bar behind the corner tell of all the colors. An urban legend, which is good to unmask immediately, is that it is possible to find the name and home address of a person by knowing his IP. With magical rites, I add, since this is not possible.

So trust me, whoever tells you that they can find your home address by knowing your IP is making fun of you and a lot. When we connect to the Internet, our provider (eg TIM or Infostrada) assigns the device in use a unique IP address, which identifies it on the Internet. This IP is constitutive of a group of four numbers, between 0 and 255 and separated by a period (e.g. Only the provider that offers us the connection to the Internet and the judicial authorities can trace, on the indication of the telephone operator, an IP address, used at a precise moment, to a natural person (the holder of the subscription or telephone line).

Holding with all this, the only thing that we "mere mortals" are allowed to do is to locate an IP address obtaining generic information relating to the area in which the control unit to which the reference connection belongs is present. In fact, there are special tools used for this purpose even if, it is good to keep this in mind, they do not allow you to know the street, house number and perhaps even telephone number and name and surname of a person. However, this does not take away the fact that they can be interesting. For more learning, read on, find more details about it right below.

Find an IP Address

In this article of mine, as anticipated at the beginning, we will find out how to locate an IP address taking into account the above limitations. Before doing this, however, it seems only right to explain to you, at least briefly, how to find an IP.

With specific reference to the possibility of locating an IP, the address of your interest is only and exclusively that external, that is the one with which a given connection to the Internet is identified on the network. A public IP address can be either static (i.e. that never changes) that dynamic (i.e. that it is modified on a regular basis or at each new connection).

To find another person's IP address, you have various systems at your disposal. Among the most accredited is the possibility of using the service of e-mail employed by the subject of interest. More precisely, you just need to extrapolate the sender's IP address by consulting theheader of received messages, i.e. the report in which all the technical details of the e-mails that have been received are indicated.

To identify the IP address of the sender of a mail message, you must therefore open the received email and follow the instructions you find below according to the client or the Web mail service you are using. In all cases, the sender's IP address is the one shown to you next to the string Received: from of the report.

  • Outlook Express - Select the item Property from the menu Fillet and, in the window that opens, go to the card Details and click on the button Original message.
  • Apple Mail - Select the reference email, select the item Vista from the menu bar, move the cursor to Message and choose the item Source format.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird - Select the item Source of the message from the menu View.
  • gmail - Click the button with the arrow located at the top right of the message box and select the item Show original give the menu check if you press.
  • - Open the reference mail message and then click on the drop-down menu at the top right next to the button Reply then select the option View message source give the menu check if you press.
  • Yahoo Mail! - Open the email of your interest, click on the menu Other. which is located at the top on the right and then on View full header.

Please note: For senders using Web mail, the IP address may be replaced by that of the mail service servers and therefore no longer corresponds to the real one. In such a case, the system in question could therefore prove ineffective.

Those who own a blog or a place, can use another good way to find someone else's IP address. If anyone has left one or more Comments on the site just take a look at the related information, more precisely those reported under the relative name / nickname (I refer mainly to the platform WordPress) and it's done.

For your knowledge and if you are interested in learning more, I would like to point out that IP addresses also exist private but, unlike those I have just told you about, they allow only and exclusively to identify the devices present within the same network. To learn about it as well as how to find an IP address in general, you can rely on my article dedicated to the subject.

Tools for Locating an IP Address

Understanding how to find the IP address of others, let's now come to the real heart of the matter and try to understand how to perform the location. As anticipated at the beginning of the article, you have several tools from yours that you can exploit for the purpose in question, usable both directly online and in the form of an application (in the specific case of smartphones and tablets). Let's see immediately which ones and above all how to use them. Oh, I almost forgot, they are all cost-free and very simple to use.

What Is My IP Address (Online)

The first resource I want to suggest you turn to to locate an IP address is What Is My IP Address. This is an online service that allows you to obtain very detailed information about a specific IP by indicating the telephone company that provides the Internet connection and the geographical position of reference.

You ask me how to use it? Well, believe me, it takes a lot longer to explain than to do. In fact, you just need to visit the service page, type in the search field in the center of the page the IP address you want to know more about and click on the button Get IP Details place on the side.

On the page that you will subsequently see appear you can then view all the information relating to the IP previously entered including the provider, the type of IP, the continent, the country and the city of reference, the geographical coordinates and the postal code. You can also view the geographical position of the IP directly on the map, the one you find at the bottom of the screen. (Online)

Another good web service you can turn to for information referring to the location of a given IP address along with other miscellaneous details is The operation is good or bad the same as that of the above service with in addition the availability of a practical tool to know the distance between a given IP and another.

In order to get information on the location of the IP, the first step you have to do is to connect to the home page of the service, type in the search field that you see at the top right of the reference IP and then click on the button with the magnifying glass which is always on the right.

On the page that you will later see appear you will be able to know details such as city and country related to the IP address, the reference ISP, the local time etc. There is also a map with a placeholder on it indicating the geographical position of the IP based on the data identified.

If, on the other hand, you want to know the geographical distance that exists between a given IP address and another, click on the item IP Address Distance that you find at the top, on the black bar, and fill in the fields below the items IP address #1 e IP Address #2 typing the two IP addresses of interest and then click on the button Show Distance.

On the page that will then open you will find indicated how much distance there is between the two addresses and how long it takes to go from one point to another by walking, running, cycling, driving and flying. There is also a map indicating the thing.

IP Checker (Android)

If you are working on a mobile phone and if your own is a smartphone or an Android tablet, instead of using one of the aforementioned web services, I recommend that you appeal to the use of a specific application: IP Checker. It is free and allows you to locate an IP as well as to obtain all the other details of the case that are related, to detect your address and to receive useful information also in this sense. The application also integrates other useful tools to find other devices connected to the network in use and to directly access the modem configuration page.

To use the application, first download from the Play Store. To do this, you can tap directly from your smartphone or tablet on the link I just provided you and then press the button Install and on that Accept in the screen that appears or you can search it yourself by typing the name in the appropriate field of the Play Store, selecting the relevant result from those available and pressing the buttons to download.

Then start IP Checker by tapping on the relative icon that has been added to the Android section where you can find all the applications (the drawer) and stop on the button IP Tracker in the screen that is shown to you. Now, type the reference IP address in the field affixed to the center of the diagram and then press the button Search.

In the screen that you will later see appear you will be able to view information such as: hostname, city, region, country and organization of reference. Then tapping on the item View on map at the bottom of the screen you can view the area to which the IP address in question belongs directly on Google Maps.

IP Locator (iOS)

If instead what you are using is an iOS department I suggest you try the application IP Locator, free and very easy to use. As the name implies, it is an app that once launched allows you to locate an IP address and learn more about it.

To serve, first download from the App Store. To do this, you can tap directly from your smartphone or tablet on the link I have just provided you and then please click on the button Ottieni / Installa in the screen that appears or you can search it yourself by typing the name in the appropriate field of the App Store, selecting the relevant result from those available and then pressing the buttons to download.

Then, open IP Locator by pressing on its icon that has been added to the home screen and then stop on the button IP Location which is at the bottom and enter in the appropriate field on the screen, what you find under the heading Enter Search IP or Domain Name the IP address for which you would like to receive more details. Then stop on Location IP and wait a few moments for the relative response to be provided.

In the screen that will subsequently open you will be able to view details such as reference city, region, state, postal code and geographic coordinates as well as information relating to the ISP, local time, connection technology used and much more.

If you prefer, you can also change the language of the app from English to Italian (but, I warn you, the translation is far from perfect), tapping on the button Language in the upper left part of the IP Locator main screen and selecting Italian from the menu you see appearing.